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September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Showman Activity Badge

Mental Skills Group

Circle Ten Council

The Showman Activity Badge offers a choice of puppetry, music, or drama. A WEBELOS can pick the area that suits him best. Showman Activity Badge is in the Mental Skills group.


        To instill an appreciation of the fine arts To expose boys to entertainment profession

        To expand the imagination and creativity of WEBELOS

        To increase boys' self-confidence in front of audiences

The Showman activity badge has something for every Webelos scout. For the natural actor there is drama, for the shy boy there is puppetry, and for every boy there is music. The aim of the badge is not to produce skilled entertainers, but to expose boys to theater and to music arts, to help them build self-confidence, and of course, to have fun. Everyone loves a show and most all boys have a generous chunk of ham in them and want nothing better than a chance to let it out. If you don't give them a chance under controlled conditions, they will take it when you least expect they want it.

The Showman activity badge gives them a chance to let out the hidden barely Shakespeare, Jerry Lewis, Leonard the Great or what ever happens to be their style. It allows them to express themselves musically be it kazoo or Steinway. Providing the entertainment for the pack meeting will be a challenge gladly met by Webelos Scout boys and the sillier the better! The badge covers most of the field of entertainment and acquaints the boys with ways of putting on various shows or skits. Making the props also can be used as part of the Craftsman badge. Every conscientious leader of boys is working to further develop the whole boy- physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally so he will be prepared to take his place as a well-adjusted member of his social group. The Showman badge offers the opportunity for a boy to develop his creativity and broaden his base of aptitudes.

The Showman activity badge has something for every boy. For the natural actor, there's drama; for the shy boy, there's puppetry; and for almost every boy, there's music. To earn this badge, the boys need to complete 4 requirements in one of the three areas. The aim of the badge is not to produce skilled entertainers, but to expose the boys to theater and music arts, to help them build self-confidence, and of course to have fun. This badge offers boys the chance to develop their natural abilities. This badge is a natural outlet for becoming comfortable with performing skits for others at den and pack meetings.



Movie Star Walk

This is best done in a large building with many obstacles. Divide the group into teams of six to eight people and tie them together at the wrist to form a "chain." Use long balls of colored string or yarn to layout a course. Have each team follow their colored yarn wherever it goes without breaking their chain or the yarn. The first team with their yarn completely rolled up and their chain not unbroken wins.


After discussing how things feel, everyone pantomimes an emotional reaction to feeling something and the others try to guess what he is feeling. Examples: Holding a snake, picking a prickly plant, hot sand on bare feet, something sticky.

Show Biz Buzz

Choose a number that the players cannot say aloud. For example choose number 5. Start off counting around the circle. When the counting reaches any number that includes a 5 or a multiple of 5, that player must name a television show instead of the number. Counting should be rapid. When a boy can't think of a show, he is out. No show can be repeated. Start off with an easy number like 5. When they become good at it choose other numbers. You may want to change categories as well. How about movies, musical stars, musical instruments?

Den Meeting Activities:

          Invite a drama coach to discuss stage directions and what they mean

          Invite a clown or makeup artist to demonstrate makeup for the boys

          Learn how to make sound effects for plays and skits

          Tape record the boys to show how different they sound on tape from what they are used to

          Let the boys create their own skits to perform in the den or at a pack meeting

          Video tape a play that the boys create, act in, and make costume for

          Design a puppet stage out of cardboard boxes

          Let them try their hand at making different types of puppets for plays

          Set up a shadow puppet screen for a play

          Ask the band director to show the boys the different instruments in the band

          Make homemade instruments for a den "band"

          Have a den meeting where the boys bring in their favorite music to listen to

          Perform a song with the den "band"

          Go to a play, recital, or concert

          Visit a rehearsal of a local play

          Visit a TV station or a recording studio



There is probably no other disguise that can change a person's appearance so quickly as a fine mustache. Behind a mustache you can be anybody- politician, detective, television star, or even the bearded circus lady. Dressing up is great fun, and every child should have a special drawer or box of old shoes, out-of-style hats, dresses, jewelry-and mustaches. Actually, a mustache can be the whole costume, as most of the time you really don't need an elaborate disguise. Still, if you think that the mustache alone isn't convincing, a large bath towel and a few safety pins can help round out your image. It's so fun to imitate life-being the "baddy" with a pencil-thin mustache curled up at the end, or maybe the "goody" with a big floppy mustache. You won't really feel the magic of your mustache disguise until you see yourself in a mirror!


Use heavy paper to make your mustache. If you want, you can glue yarn, fuzzy fabric, etc. to your paper mustache. The mustaches shown here are examples. You can copy them or make up your own. It's easy to invent a mustache. Draw the mustache pattern on a sheet of heavy paper like posterboard or file folder. Cut out the mustache, and try it on for size. Be sure to make the two little hook cutouts that attach to your nose. Experiment until you get the hooks just right so the mustache will stay in place. That's all there is to it. Now why not have a mustache party or maybe a mustache day?


In America, puppets brought theater to many folks. If they lived too far from the theater, they could take advantage of the puppet show. Help your boys recall the theater, and express themselves by making puppets. They can be made from empty spools, craft sticks, string, or whatever you have handy.






Thaumatropes By Barb Stephens A thaumatrope is a card with different designs on each side which, when the card is twirled , blend into one.

Create one or both of these nature thaumatropes. Enlarge graphics to desired size.

Cut out a pair of pictures. You can make then square or circular.

If you cut out square shapes, glue them both right-side-up on opposite sides of a pencil or straw. Place the pencil between your palms and rub your palms in opposite directions, back and forth.

If you cut out circular shapes, place one upside-down behind the other. Then poke a tiny hole on the sides of both papers and tie a string (about 6" each) into each hole. Now twirl the string so it gets cork-screwed. Then alternately relax the pull and tighten the pull on the string so it rotate










 Shoulder Strap Stage


Corrugated cardboard

Velvet to cover cardboard

Velvet or other material for straps

Cover cardboard with velvet.

Attach straps to cardboard and adjust size to fit person.

Curtain may be hung in front of velvet cover box if desired.

Puppets are manipulated through the holes.

Shape cardboard to desired size according to illustration. Cut holes in cardboard for arms.






Make Up

Homemade Make-Up Recipes

White Greasepaint-

2 tsp. of white shortening

5 tsp. of corn starch

1 tsp, of white flour

A few drops of glycerin

The ingredients can be mixed easily with a spatula. Store in a tightly covered container. To apply, start by cleansing face with cold cream or another cream cleanser. Then start spreading grease paint on face with finger tips. You want it thick enough to color the face but not so thick that the greasepaint cracks when you move the facial muscles. If it seems too dry to spread evenly, add a few drops of glycerin and mix well.

Brown Greasepaint

1 tsp. of white shortening

24 tsp. of unsweetened Cocoa

5 tsp. of corn starch

1 tsp. of white flour

A few drops of glycerin

Mix the same as for white greasepaint, You may need a little extra glycerin in this greasepaint because of the added ingredient. Remove with baby oil.

Translucent Colored Make-Up

In a small container, mix some liquid cleanser with powdered sugar, till desired thickness. Add food coloring to desired color. Make-up should be about the consistency of cold cream, so add powdered sugar till then. This-make-up can be applied with the fingers, but a more even coverage is achieved by using a small make-up sponge. This make-up allows the natural skin tons to be tinted, rather than totally covered up. It will wipe right off with tissues, or can be removed with baby oil, as most make-ups are. Again... this make-up, as well as most others, works best when applied to a thoroughly cleansed face that has been tissued dry.

White Face

Thoroughly cleanse face, then apply a thin layer of cleansing lotion or cold cream over areas to be made up. Dab a clean cotton ball into white cake eye shadow and pat on face. Try to cover face as evenly as possible with as many layers of powder as you need to get the desired effect.

Black Outlines

Black cake eyeliner works the best for most striking black details and dramatic outlining. Especially for clown make-up, large mouth areas and other details should be outlined in black first, and then colored in with the desired colors.

Indian Faces

Rather than using the very dark greasepaint for Indians, use a cosmetic cream or cake foundation just darker than natural skin color. Leave areas to be colored free of foundation, so the colors will show up better.

Sound Effects
West Michigan Shores Council

Sound can include three separate things: voice, sound effects and music.  The primary concern is that the audience is able to hear the show clearly.  For beginners a narrator can stand in front of the stage and tell the story to the audience.  Have the boys speak their lines loudly and project their voices past the stage area.  This takes practice.

Both sound effects and special effects will add another dimension to the play.  Be creative, but keep effect subtle.  Do not overuse any one effect.  Match the appropriate sound to your needs and situation.  Timing is important.

        Whistles, horns, clocks rattles and musical instruments add interesting sounds to a puppet show.  You can also use a record player, or tape recorder.

        You can make lots of sounds with a kazoo.

        Make bubbling sounds by blowing through a straw into a cup of water.

        To make a tremendous crash, drop a pan full of metal lids.

        Hit 2 cups on a tabletop to make sounds like a horse. 

        Use a cap gun for a loud bang.

        Rolling dried peas in a pan can sound like rain.

        Slam 2 books together to make the sound of a door closing.

        Shake and squeeze a plastic bottle of baby powder to make a puff of smoke.

        In a dark room, use a flashlight to make lightening.


Webelos Do Their Best
West Michigan Shores Council

Cast: 7 Webelos Scouts, Leader

Props: Desk, 7 Chairs, 7 Sheets of paper, 7 pencils.

Setting: All are seated and leader stands before them, passing out paper and pencil.

Leader: Boys, before we begin, lets review.  What is a 7-letter word with 3 Us in it?

Webelos #1: Gee, I dont know, but it must be unusual!  (Puzzled look on face!)

Leader: If April showers bring May Flowers, what do May flowers bring?

Webelos #2: Pilgrims.

Leader:  Can anyone tell me what a comet is?

Webelos #3:  Yes, a star with a tail.

Leader: Very Good!!  Now, will someone name a comet?

Webelos #3: Er, Er, Lassie?

Leader: (Shaking head in dismay) Boys, you may begin on your papers.

Webelos #4:  (Whispering to Webelos #5) I made 100 yesterday at school.  (Webelos #5 looks surprised) 30 on math, 30 on reading and 40 on spelling!!

Leader: (To Webelos #5) Did you look at his paper?  (Points to #4)

Webelos #5: Why??

Leader: The first 4 answers are the same but on the 5th answer he put I dont know and you put Me neither.

(To Webelos #6) Why did you make such a low grade on this?

Webelos #6: It must have been the room temperature.

Leader: Did you find the questions hard?

Webelos #7: Oh No!! Just the answers were hard!

Leader: After having observed the den and looking at your papers, I think you have done your best.  I would like to award the Showman badge at the next pack meeting.  Youve written a terrific skit.



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