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September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
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The Seven Parts Of A Den Meeting

I thought it would be good to review these here at the beginning of the year so every one gets off on the right foot.  There is a neat device shown on the Pack Resource Page of the Cub Scout Roundtable Leadersí Guide to help you in planning your meeting.  If you are a S.T.A.R. (Scouter That Attends Roundtable) you should get the instructions on how to build an use it there.  CD

Before The Meetings Starts

Know what you are going to do.  Have all your props and supplies ready and your meeting planned.  Make sure your assistant knows what to do. 


While Cubs Gather

Pick a pre-opening activity from CS Program Helps, Baloo or another Scouting Book.



Have Den Chief, Denner or one of the boys you select gather the boys around the flag hold a simple ceremony.


Business Items

Whatís happening this month that you have to remind boys about??  Pack events, trips, meetings,

Activity (Craft, Game, Learning Or Similar)



My personal favorite is the Living Circle saying The Law of the pack and ending circle with Cub Scout Motto.  But if you do anything too much, the boys do tire of it.


After The Meeting

Send each boy home a note reminding them about their assignment or give the note to parents

I serve refreshments here.  Then if I want to talk with parents as they arrive the boys are occupied with the food.

Be sure to check out Den Meeting Planning in the Cub Scout Leadersí Guide for more complete descriptions of each of the seven parts.  Commissioner Dave

New Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Cub Scout Books have been issued in 2003.

The content of the current books have been updated for relevance to today's youth, appropriateness of content, ease of use, and perceived challenge to the reader.  BSA has maintained many of the elements in the books that have proven successful in the past, and have eliminated topics that have become dated and do not challenge today's Cub Scouts and their families.  Some specific revisions are as follows:

Integrated Character Connections (that draw on Cub Scouting's 12 Core Values) directly into selected requirements in each book.

Infused age-appropriate outdoor program activities into both the requirements and the electives in each book.

Enhanced the advancement and elective trails to create a progressively more challenging pathway that logically prepares boys for the next rank in Cub Scouting and prepares Webelos Scouts for Boy Scouting.

Reformatted and enhanced the Webelos handbook; particularly, the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award requirements.

In order to assist parents and leaders with the transition from the current handbooks to the new handbooks, BSA has created the following implementation plan.

The enhanced Wolf Bear and Webelos handbooks were released to the field in July.

The enhancements to the requirements in these books will NOT affect the advancement trails of boys who are using the current books. They are to continue using their current books until they have completed all requirements in these books (or have advanced to the next grade and started on a new rank.).

Based on availability, Cub Scouting youth members may use EITHER the old handbooks or the new handbooks. As boys enter the program or advance in rank by the dates indicated below, they will be required to use the new books.

Boys who become Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts after August 1, 2004, will be required to use the new book for the corresponding rank.

Boys who become Webelos Scouts after August 1, 2005, will be required to use the new Webelos Scout Handbook.

To help you out, www.usscouts.org has posted the new Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light rank requirements, and the new requirements for the Webelos Activity Pins  (along with the old ones in each case) on our site. There are links on the pages to the pages that show the old requirements, and what changed.



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