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Baloo's Bugle


September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Achievement #2 Where I Live

This achievement lets the boys learn about their communities.  Learning about their communities will help them realize that when they take care of it the stronger it becomes.  And they develop a sense of pride of their communities becoming good citizens of where they live.


Family Activity 2F -

Together with your adult partner, look at a map of your community. The map can be one your adult partner has, or a map that your adult partner draws with you.  On that map locate your home, and find three places you like to go.  Places to find on the map could be your school, your place of worship, the place where you have your pack meetings, a store, a park or playground, or the house of a friend or a relative. If the choice is made to draw a map be sure to put this in their scrapbook.


Den Activity 2D -

This Achievement fits with the Citizenship Character Connection.  When we say the Pledge of Allegiance we show that we are proud to live in our country. If you are wearing your Tiger Cub uniform when you say the Pledge of Allegiance, give the Cub Scout salute and face the U.S. flag.  You do not have to take off your Tiger Cub cap if you are wearing one.  If you say the Pledge of Allegiance when you are not in uniform, remove your hat, and place your right hand over your heart.  When you salute or place your hand over your heart, you are showing your respect for the flag. Practice the Pledge of Allegiance with your den, and participate in a den or pack flag ceremony.

In discussing the Pledge of Allegiance, The Tiger Book stresses the point that “One Nation Under God” should be said as a continuous phrase without a pause in the middle.  From personal experience I know saying it this way (although hard at first) adds more meaning to the Pledge for me.  Please teach this to your Tigers (and all Scouts).  Thank You – Commissioner Dave


Go See It Activity 2G –

One of the easiest ways to get to know your community is to go out and “do the town.”  Understand that each community is different and you may not be able to do in one community that you could do in another.  The following is a list of suggested places besides the Police Station or Fire Station listed in the Achievement within many communities that the Tiger group could visit when working on this Achievement.

ü        Visit Town Hall.  Learn what services are available for others within your community.

ü        Visit a bakery, a restaurant or store.

ü        Have a scavenger hunt.  Plan the list of items that can be found locally.

ü        Plan a ‘make believe’ stay at home vacation.

ü        What other things can be done or visited in your area.

Other Achievement #2 Ideas

York Adams Council

Gathering: Have a map of your community spread out on a table. As scouts and their partners arrive, have them mark on the map the location of their home.  Compare distances between each Tiger and to the nearest store or local landmark of your choice.

Opening: For Tigers this is short and sweet.  Remember the new slogan you are learning in Scouts---KISMIF (Keep it simple, make it fun).  Ask a Tiger and his partner to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.  As group leader, explain the theme for this meeting and how you hope everyone will learn a little more about your community.

Information Sharing: Again this is as it sounds.

Share any information coming from the Pack, i.e. When is Pack meeting, what do the Tigers need to do to prepare, when the next meeting will be and who is running it. Should there be expenses for the group, now is the time that money should be collected.

Activity: Using the map, that now has the group’s homes located, start locating various other parts that make up a community. Go around the room and have each scout name another aspect of the community. Some of these may include: Fire Station, Police Station, Town Hall, Library, favorite restaurants, video store, personal place of worship, hospital or physician’s office, and more and more and more.  Take a minute with each suggestion and see if your group can tell you how this place helps the community.  Believe me the video store will have a totally different answer than the police station.

Now it is time to get away from the table.  Ask the boys to do an impromptu skit where they meet one by one on the street and each is going somewhere different.  See how many places within the community they wish to go.  This is the adult partner’s time to see the hidden hams within their boys.

Closing: Congratulate the Tigers for a job well done on their skit.  Remind partners of any future commitments and gather everyone in a circle for your closing comments.  This can be just a single statement of what your community means to you.  Thank everyone for coming and send them on their way.

Meeting Ideas

1. Draw a map of your community and include  places of interest as listed from the group.

2. Make fire chief and policeman puppets as found  in the Tiger Cub Resource book.

3. Play pin your town on the map, again described in the Tiger Cub Resource book.

4. Using a town map, plan and do a Town bike trip.

Tiger Theme Activities

Circle Ten Council

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars Craft

Paint stars yellow then sprinkled the stars with a translucent shimmer glitter to make them Twinkle.

In Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack threw some seeds and grew a giant beanstalk. Although that is just a fairy tale, part of it is true. Beans do grow from seeds. Have the boys plant their own beanstalk by following the directions below.

Jack's Beanstalk Craft

You will need:
1. Styrofoam cups or small clay pots
2. dirt, potting soil, etc.
3. 3-4 Bean seeds
4. water

Fill the cup/pot with soil about half way. Plant the seeds. Cover with soil until the pots are about three-quarters full.

Pirate Spyglass

Paper tube (paper towel or gift wrap)
Construction paper
Scotch tape
Optional: plastic wrap
Optional: Stickers for decorating



Take a small square of plastic wrap and cover one end of the paper tube. Secure the plastic wrap with tape. This is the glass lens for your spyglass Don't worry if it is not neat because you will be covering the edges of the plastic wrap in the next step.

Cover the outside of your paper tube with construction paper. (You choose the colors) Add a narrow strip of yellow around the end that has the glass (plastic wrap).

The Frog Prince Game

Tell the story to the boys. Then blindfolded them, and have them feel around in a wading pool for a gold ball, amidst other floating toys. The gold ball can be a racquetball spray painted gold.

Rumplestilskin Game

Relay to wind as much gold thread around a spool in 10 seconds as you can. Prize is chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.

Cinderella Relay

Boys line up, take off one shoe, and hop to the finish line, where there is a "glass slipper" (their missing shoe), and the prize is a licorice shoelace.



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