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September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Davy Crockett And The Bear

Indian Nations Council

Choose two boys and have them stand in the middle of a large circle formed by the other boys.  One player is Davy and the other is the Bear.   Both boys are blindfolded (can use paper bags) and spun to disorient them.  Then the leader commands the hunt to begin.  As quietly as they can the two boys begin to move around in the circle, the Bear hoping to avoid Davy and Davy hoping to tag the Bear.  The other boys try to be as quiet as possible to give Davy a better chance.  If the Bear avoids Davy for a set amount of time, (use a kitchen timer), Davy chooses another Bear.  If Davy tags the Bear, the Bear chooses another Davy.

Twenty Questions

Indian Nations Council

Have the boys sit in a circle.  The leader selects one boy to  be “It” and think of a historical person that some of the boys should know.  The boys take turns, going around the circle beginning to the right of “It”, asking one question in order to guess of whom “It” is thinking.

Each question must be a yes or no question.  If by twenty questions no one has guessed correctly, “It” tells the name, and the boy to his right is the next “It.”  Should someone guess correctly, that boy be comes the next “It.”

Hero Relay

Indian Nations Council

Divide the boys into teams. Establish a starting line and a working place about fifteen feet away.  Give each member of the team a piece of a puzzle of a hero (can cut magazine picture into the right number of pieces). The team can order themselves any way they think best, but on the signal to race each boy in turn takes his piece to the work place, places it in the proper place with the others, and returns to tag the next boy on his team.  The first team to correctly assemble the puzzle and cross the finish line wins.

Folklore Celebrities Game

Viking Council

Cut out pictures of characters from American folklore stories and paste them on cardboard or another suitable way to display. Number the pictures for identification. Have boys guess their names. The boy with the most correct, is declared winner.

Bear Killing Contest

Viking Council

 (Davy Crocket is said to have killed bears "bear" handed) Give each player a loosely rolled newspaper. Blindfold and place them around the room. On the command "Look out for the bear!", have the players try to swat everyone else. Each player is eliminated as he is hit. The person remaining is the winner.

Davy Crockett Game

Viking Council

Have all the players except "Davy Crockett" form pairs and stand in a circle (or a designated play area). When Davy Crockett says, "face to face", the partners face each other. When he says, "back to back", or "side to side", his directions must be followed. If he says, "Davy Crocket", everyone, including himself, tries for a new partner. The one left out becomes Davy Crockett, and the game continues.


Dwarfs, Wizards & Giants

Santa Clara County Council

Similar to “Rock, Scissors & Paper,” except this game is played with your whole body, instead of just your hands.

Wizards zap Giants

Giants smash dwarfs

Dwarfs attack Wizards

Divide the players into two groups.  Each team huddles together to decide which character they will be at the line.  The entire team must agree on the same character:  Wizard, Giant or Dwarf.

The teams form lines (teammates shoulder to shoulder), facing each other across a centerline.  At the count of 3, both teams make the gesture representing their selected character. 

Dwarfs:   Raise hands to shoulder height and bend fingers forward.

Wizards: Extend one arm forward and wiggle fingers on extended hand as if casting a spell.

Giants:     Raise both arms straight up overhead and bend fingers forward.

The dominating team reaches across the line and tries to touch the opposing team as they attempt to escape by quickly moving backwards.  For example, if one team shows Wizards and the other shows Giants, the Wizards quickly try to reach over and touch the Giants.  None of the players may step across the line.  If a subordinate player is touched, he must leave his team and join the other side.  If someone goofs, and thinks his team’s character is supposed to beat the other team’s character and he reaches across and touches a member of the other team, he must join that team.  If a player makes the wrong sign (e.g., makes the gesture of a Wizard when the team had decided to be Dwarfs), he must also join the other team.

To make the game more intense, players can line up facing each other behind lines drawn approximately 3 to 4 feet apart.  Upon showing their characters, the dominant-character team chases the subordinate-character team, trying to touch them.   A “safe” line can be set at any distance you choose, depending on your field of play.  If a retreating player is touched prior to reaching the safe line, he must join the opposition.

The object of the game is to get everyone on the same side of the line.


Find The Princess Game

Circle Ten Council

Go on a "quest" to defeat a dragon or save a princess. Create an obstacle course around your house or yard that the children must conquer. They can climb over a "mountain" (outdoor play equipment or boxes); through a "cave" (open appliance box or tent) etc.

St. George And The Dragon Game

Circle Ten Council

Equipment:  2 easels, 2 pieces of poster board, 2 straight sticks, 2 needles, pins, balloons, 2 sets of cardboard armor (optional)

Draw a picture of a dragon on the poster board.  Next, attach the balloons to the dragon.  The dragons are set up on easels 6 feet apart at a designated distance from the starting line.  Attach the needle to the end of the stick to create dragon-killing lances.

Divide the den into teams.  One boy acts as a horse, while another acts as the rider.  On “go” one pair from each team rides to the starting line.  The riders put on their armor, pick up the lance, and remount their horses.  Then the charge begins!

Using the lance, the rider breaks one of the balloons on his teams’ dragon.  He has only one try.  When his attempt is over (whether successful or not) the horse gallops back to the starting line where they give their props to the next pair. 

The relay continues until the dragon is dead (balloonless).

Casey Jones Train Relay

Heart of America Council

Divide into teams (dens, if played at pack meeting). Line the teams up for a relay race. Have each team member lock arms around the player ahead of him. On signal, the teams race ahead in a joined line. If a line ("train") breaks, it must reform before proceeding. When a team returns to its starting position, the head of the line (engine) leaves the line and joins the end of the line as the number 2 player becomes the engine and leads the train for another sprint. This continues until the original engine is at the front of the line again. The first team to finish wins.

Johnny Appleseed Seed-Planting Relay

Heart of America Council

Using a heel-toe action each person in turn follows a line drawn on the floor by placing the heel of one foot against the toe of another. About every three feet he must stop and place a seed (use black beans to simulate apple seeds) in a small mouthed receptacle set about 1-1/2 feet on each side of the line. When the "Johnny" reaches the end, he runs back and touches the next person who plants his "seeds" in the same manner.  (Johnny Appieseed traveled the country barefooted; as a variation have the team members remove their shoes/socks and run the course barefooted. Explain why.)

Spearing The Ring

Heart of America Council

Fix a jousting target, using a large rubber or plastic ring hanging at about 6 feet in height. The boys gallop by on their stick horses, and in full stride, try to pick off the ring with their lance (a broomstick). Start with a large ring, and as boys are eliminated, use smaller rings.






Knights And Dragons

Heart of America Council

An equal number of knights and dragons are selected. The dragon's left wrists are tied to the knights' right wrists. Each dragon is equipped with a long green balloon for a tail, tied behind his back. Each knight wears a helmet with small visor and carries a rolled paper lance. A time limit is set (such as 3 minutes) and on signal, each knight tries to break the dragon's tail with his rolled paper lance. Each dragon tries to take away the lance from the knight. At end of time, team having most props left intact is declared winner.

Spoon Jousting

Heart of America Council

 May be played as a battle between two boys or a den battle royal. Give each boy two tablespoons and a small potato. The boy carries the potato on the spoon in one hand and uses the spoon in the other hand to try to knock the potato off his opponent's spoon. Meanwhile, he tries to protect his own potato.


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