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September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Johnny Appleseed Opening Ceremony


Have the pack meeting room set up as a "campfire", with the Cub Scouts seated on three-legged stools, on the floor, or on “sit upons” (If you have a Girl Scout to show you how to make them. My daughter taught me. CD) in a three-quarter circle with their families behind them on chairs. Set up an electric council fire In the center of the circle.  The opening in the circle will be the stage area. The Cubmaster (wearing a Johnny Appleseed costume(Pot for hat, sling holding apple seeds)) declares the campfire open, whereupon the council fire is lit. A Webelos honor guard presents the colors, leads the Pledge of Allegiance, and posts the colors behind the stage area.  The Cubmaster leads the group in singing the Johnny Appleseed Prayer

American Folklore Opening

Viking Council

Cub # 1:  American Folklore is more than just heroes; real and make-believe.

Cub # 2:  It is how the early settlers made clothing.

Cub # 3:  How they trapped for food.

Cub # 4:  How they worked.

Cub # 5:  How they played.

Cub # 6:  Folklore is about America.

Cub # 7:  Let us do an American thing.

Cub # 8:  Please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Across America

Santa Clara County Council

Cub # 1:              I traveled across America and many legends I did meet.

Cub # 2:              I rode the Pony Express from Missouri to California.

Cub # 3:              I saw Daniel Boone in Kentucky.

Cub # 4:              Met Davy Crockett at the Alamo.

Cub # 5:              Rode with Pecos Bill in New Mexico.

Cub # 6:              Looked for the Lost Dutchman in Nevada.

Cub # 7:              Walked with Bigfoot in the Northwest.

Cub # 8:              And rode Babe the Blue Ox across the Dakotas.

Cubmaster:  But tonight, I’m going to meet the legends of tomorrow.  Those legends are the Cub Scouts in Pack ­­­­_____.

We Do Have Imaginations

Circle Ten Council

Cub # 1:  Everyone can't be brilliant, everyone can't be smart, but we do have imaginations and we have a great big heart!

Cub # 2:  I can dam a stream with boulders, I can climb trees to the top, I can run for blocks and blocks and never ever stop.

Cub # 3:  I can't solve a chemical equation; I can't explain Newton's rule. but I can make a peanut butter sandwich, that will really make you drool!

Cub # 4:  We can do our best at home, we can do our best at play. We can treat each other fairly, by watching what we do and say.

Cub # 5:  I don't know much about flowers, but smelling them is a joy. We don't think we are failures. Imagine That! we're boys!

Three Different Opening Thoughts

Heart of America Council

Here are three sayings to use instead of simply saying, “Salute the Flag and Repeat the Pledge of Allegiance” Remember, you should have a Pack SHOW not just a meeting.  A few years ago Scouting Magazine printed a list of 52 (one per week) ways to respectfully say “Let’s Salute the Flag.”  See the website list to find it. CD

1.       Growing up is an adventure. Every day brings new and exciting things in our lives. Cub Scouting providing many doorways to adventure for boys as they develop in character, personal fitness and citizenship. As we salute the US Flag, let's think about all the adventures which are ahead of us, and silently promise "to do our best".

2.       Part of our American heritage is learning how to care for our beautiful land so it will be here for future generations to enjoy. In Cub Scouting we learn to prevent those things which will destroy our land, such as fire. As we salute the emblem of America, let's vow to keep our land beautiful and free from fire. Please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

3.       When Columbus sailed for the New World nearly 500 years ago, he had a goal and was determined to reach it. He ignored the pleas of his crew to turn back. His words "Sail on, Sail on" became famous. As Cub Scouts, we must try to stick to the things we know are right and ignore the pleas of others which might lead us in the wrong direction. Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Face The Flag My Son

Adapted from John Wayne's "Face the Flag My Son”

Heart of America Council

The following may be used for an opening flag ceremony for Scout meetings, courts of honor, PTA meetings, or any flag ceremony where it would be appropriate.

Face the flag of stars and bars .

Of red and white and blue.

A flag that guarantees the rights .

For a people like me and you.

Face the flag friends, read what's written there

The history, the progress, the heritage we share.

Our flag reflects the past, but stands for so much more.

And in this age of Aquarius, it still flies in the fore.

It leads the forward movement, shared by all mankind;

To learn, to love, to live with peace of mind

To learn the mysteries of space as well as those of Earth,

To love each person for what they are regardless of birth,

To live without the fear of reprisal for belief,

To ease the tensions of a world that cries out for relief. .

Face the flag of stars and bars.

Of red and white and blue.

A flag that guarantees the rights

For a people like me and you.

Face the flag friends, take a good long look,

What you see now can't be found in a history book.

It's the present, the future, friends, is being written now,

And you're the ones to write it, and the flag can show you how.

Do you know what it stands for? What its makers meant?

To think, to speak, the privilege of dissent,

To think our leaders might be wrong, to stand and tell them so,

These are the things that people under other flags will never know.

But, responsibility, that's the cross that freemen must bear.

If you don't accept that, then freedom isn't there.

Face the flag of stars and bars Of red and white and blue.

A flag that guarantees the right for a people like me and you.

Face the flag friends and face reality.

Our strength and our freedoms are based in unity.

The flag is but a symbol friends, of the world's greatest nation.

So do what "you got to do", but always keep in mind

A lot of people believe in peace, but there are the other kind.

If we want to keep the freedoms we may have to fight again, God forbid.

But, if we do, let's always fight to win.

The fate of a loser is futile, it's bare;

No love, no peace, just misery, despair.

Face the flag friends and thank God it's still there.





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