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Baloo's Bugle


September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Huck Finn's Log Raft

Southern NJ Council

Materials: 11 twigs of equal thickness, liquid white glue, 1 sheet white paper, colored crayons or markers, wax paper.

Instructions: Cut twigs about twice as long as logs shown in illustration. Place six twigs on sheet of wax paper. Glue the twigs together with glue to form raft. Cut two twigs to fit the width of the six glued twigs. Glue these two twigs near the ends of raft. Let the raft dry overnight. When dry turn upside down. Cut a twig to form the last two twigs to fit the width of the raft. Glue the remaining two twigs to both sides of the mast. Dry overnight. Cut the sail from white paper, decorate. Push sail through standing twig. Hot glue will speed up drying processes. Have a den race with the boats.

Den Chest

From Baloo’s friend, Linda P.

Okay have you put your den chest together yet?  Here are some great ideas to start one.  You will find there is always a need for some if not all of these items for games, crafts or whatever you my have going on with your dens plus there is the added bonus of teaching a little about recycling as you and your Cubs collect.



Circle Ten Council

Princes - Make the old tried and true newspaper folded hat, remember them? You can find directions in many books. Make them out of plain newsprint. Then let the boys paint them and added a large feather to stick into the brim.

Knight helmets - Using a gallon milk jug, cut out the portion below the handle and the bottom of the carton. Decorate with grey tempera or cover with tin foil, and finish off with a feather. String might be needed to assist in keeping the helmet on.

Sword in the Stone - Cut an egg cup from the bottom of a cardboard egg carton for each boy. Turn it bottom side and cut a small slit in the center. To make a sword, cover one ice cream stick with aluminum foil. With scissors, cut the ends off another ice-cream stick and color it with markers. Glue the two sticks together.

American Folklore Figures

Southern NJ Council

Read about these legendary heroes in your Scout book!




Cardboard rolls

Acrylic Paint Markers

Colored construction paper




Draw faces with markers. For the clothes, trace patterns onto construction paper and cut out.  Glue clothes in place. If desired, paint details on clothes.


Sweet Gum Ball Smokey The Bear

Indian Nations Council






Materials: Sweet Gum Balls, Acorn Caps, Green Paint, Construction paper (red and green), Moveable eyes, Large dark, round seed (for nose)

Choose large acorn cap for top of hat.  Paint green.  When dry, glue to top of sweet gum ball.  To make brim, cut a circle of green paper removing center to fit over acorn, glue securely.  Cut small mouth from red paper and glue mouth and movable eyes in place.  Glue nose to center of face securely.  If it is to be used for a tie slide, bend pipe cleaner and glue end to sweet gum ball.


Recycled Craft Materials

Items to save for crafts!

Bubble wrap
Strawberry baskets
Mesh bags that fruits or vegetables come in
Felt scraps
Toilet paper tubes
Paper towel tubes
Empty tissue boxes
Baby food jars
Baby wipe containers
Pringles cans
Margarine tubs and lids
Frozen orange juice cans and lids Plastic bottles (2 liter, 1 liter, 20 oz, etc.)
Soda bottle lids
Bottle caps
Baby formula containers and lids
Plastic containers with lid that fresh fruit comes in
Old or unused  CD’s
Old books
Old magazines
Plastic cutlery
Aluminum cans with inside edge sanded by an adult
Spaghetti sauce glass jars or other jars of that type
Used copy paper
Aluminum foil
Cereal boxes
Mac and cheese boxes
Packing "noodles"
Miscellaneous food boxes (hamburger helper, etc.)
Frozen food trays
Egg cartons
Seed packets
Used Gift wrap
Used gift Bows
Ribbon scraps
Fabric remnants
Yarn scraps
Wall paper remnants
Carpet remnants
Squeezable bottles (like ketchup and mustard, etc)
Camera film containers and lids
Broken crayons
Misc. cardboard
Misc. shipping boxes
Used greeting cards
Cleaned foam plates (from bakery or deli)
Plastic cups
Clay pots
Milk cartons
Paper grocery bags
Plastic grocery bags
Rubber bands
The dots from a hole punch
Old mouse pads
Miscellaneous wood scraps
Used gift bags
Shoe boxes
Dryer lint
Popsicle sticks
Paint cans
Milk jug lids
Yogurt containers
Sour cream containers
Round ice cream containers with lids - all sizes
Coffee cans - all sizes

Or anything else that looks like you could make something out of it!!  Clean out each item thoroughly and in the proper way


Design A Shield And Banner

Circle Ten Council

Enlarge template to desired size.
Let the boys design their own shield and
banner to display at pack meeting.





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