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Baloo's Bugle


September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Tall Tales For Small Males
Indian Nations Council

Characters: Den Leader, Cub Scouts, Johnny, David, Casey Paul and Jan (pronounced yawn)

Setting: A den meeting.  All are seated.

Den Leader: Today, Cub Scouts of Den One, weíre going to have ourselves some fun.  This month ďOnce Upon a TimeĒ, is our theme, so answer roll call as a Tall Tale character with a your own story.

 Johnny:  My name is Johnny, and long time ago my great grandpa planted many a row, and if he hadnít we would all cry, cause we wouldnít have any apple pie.  You see, he was Johnny Appleseed.

Den Leader: Very Good, Johnny.  Now David







David: My name is Davy, and back many a year, the forest bears would shake with fear if by chance they saw a coonskin hat, cause that was my uncle Davy Crockett.

Den Leader: Thatís a great tale David.  Now letís hear from Casey.

Casey: When I was little, and Christmas came, my folks gave me a model train.  I guess folks thought I was kind of racey, cause now they call me ďLil Casey.Ē

Den Leader: Oh, Casey, what a story.  Alright Paul, itís your turn.

Paul: Just call me Paul, thatís my uncleís name.  His blue ox, Babe, was part of his fame.  When Babe got thirsty from the heat, Uncle Paul dug the Great Lakes, wasnít that neat?  He was Paul Bunyan.

Den Leader: Great story Paul.  Now last, letís hear from Jan (yawn).

Jan, My last name is Winkle, and it may not be right.  But Iím always sleepy (Yawns).  So, good night.  (Drops head and pretends to sleep).

Den Leader:  Well boys, Iíd no idea that Den One had such famous uncles and granddads.  Iíve never heard such tall tales, from so many small males.


Dragon Around

Circle Ten Council

Cast:       Dragon (with head of boy and as many body pieces as you need finishing with the tail.), Sir Cub Scout

Props:    Cardboard bushes, sword, flames (red tissue paper), feather, hotdog, red sock.

Setting:           The dragon comes on stage.  Head boy sticks red-socked hand out of the mouth occasionally as if fire is shooting out.

Dragon:  Ahhhhh ChoooooÖ(as dragon sneezes throw red colored tissue paper on fake bush as if it had caught fire, do this a couple of times)

Sir Cub:  Now cut that out.  Dragon, prepare to be slain.

Dragon:  Sir Cub Scout, why are you going to slay me?  Iím a peaceful dragon.  I have done you no harm.

Sir Cub:  No harm!  What do you call all these burning bushes?  You are destroying the kingís forest.  I promised the king I would take care of you, and thatís just what Iím going to do.

Dragon:  But, you donít understand.  Itís not my fault.  I just canít stop sneezing.  Maybe you can take care of me another way?

Sir Cub:  (Reaches into the dragon and pulls out the feather)  Here is the problem, no wonder you couldnít stop sneezing.  But, in order to satisfy the king we must find something useful for you to do.

Dragon:  What can I do?  Being a dragon is all I know.

Sir Cub:  I have an idea.  (Pulls out hot dog and puts it on a stick and holds it in front of the dragon)  Now blow on this, you can be the kingís personal cook.  His favorite food is charcoal broiled hotdogs.

Aesop's Fables

Viking Council

My Roundtable will say I wrote this one but I didnít.  CD

Characters: Aesop (dressed in long flowing sheet belted with a rope. White cotton beard.)
Scene #1 - 8 Knights (shield, sword and helmet; optional)
Scene #2 - 1 Rabbit (cardboard ears tied around head and sign saying "RABBIT" around neck.), 2 or 3 Boys as a snake (paper sack head and sheet or paper as body)
Scene #3 - 1 Boy as Bully (wears "BULLY" sign around neck), 2 Boys as themselves (lick lollipops)

Arrangement: This skit is divided into 3 very short simple scenes with little props and very simple costumes. Cubs can play one or more parts, except Aesop. Aesop is the narrator and holds up a sign at the end of each scene that states the moral of the story.

Aesop:   Ladies and gentlemen. Tonight I would like you to meet some of the people I have written about.

Scene 1:   (Enter 8 knights. One knight does battle with the other 7 knights, taking on one at a time. When he has finally finished defeating the seventh knight, who has fallen "dead" on the floor, the victor staggers then collapses in complete exhaustion.)

Aesop:   The moral of this story is: (holds up a sign with the words) "Seven Knights Make One Weak."

Scene 2:  (A rabbit is quietly eating a carrot. Along comes a snake. The rabbit disappears under the sheet - the snake has eaten him.)

Aesop:   The moral of this story is: (holds up a sign with the words) "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow."

Scene 3: (This scene needs a couple of simple props - a sign saying "Men Working", a small sawhorse, if available, and a box with a sign on it saying "Ditch. " As the scene opens, 2 boys are calmly licking big lollipops. They are standing by the "ditch" when the Bully enters.)

Bully: Okay, you guys, I'm hungry. You give me your candy.

Boy # 1: No, I won't.

Bully: Okay, then I'll take it (gets into a scuffle with boy #1 and yanks the candy from him.  While the two are fighting, Boy #2 tosses his candy into the "ditch")

Bully: Now, where's yours? (Speaking to Boy #2) I want it too.

Boy #2:  Oh, I ate it.

Bully: Chicken. (Leaves stage eating first boy's candy. Boy #2 retrieves his lollipop from the "ditch" and leaves stage with Boy #1)

Aesop:   The moral of this story is: (holds up sign that says,) "A Ditch In Time Saves Mine".


The Unknown Legend

Santa Clara County Council

Scene:  A group of boys standing around.

Cub #1:     I hear the unknown legend is coming.

Cub #2:     Have you seen him?

Cub #3:     No.

Cub #4:     Couldnít be as strong as Paul Bunyan.

Cub #5:     Nor as courageous as Casey Jones.

Cub #6:     Couldnít be as good a shot as Pecos Bill.

Cub #7:     Oh yeah?  Heís more than all those folk heroes put together!

All:             Here he comes!

Out walks a Cub Scout, flexing muscles and grinning.  (Curtains close/boys exit.)



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