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September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Daniel Boone Ceremony

Southern NJ Council

ARRANGEMENT: Assistant Cubmaster is dressed in Daniel Boone costume; complete with wooden rubber handgun. Cubmaster is in uniform.

DANIEL: Howdy, folks! My name is Dan'l Boone. I understand this is a good place to get me a mess of Bobcats.

CUBMASTER: You must be a stranger around here. This is a Cub Scout meeting and the only Bobcats around here are the Cubs who have earned the Bobcat badge. Would the following Cub Scouts and their parents please come forward. (Cubmaster relates story Bobcat badge, how Bobcats are so fierce and mean that the badge can't be turned upside down, so the boy must be turned upside down. Dan'l could comment about that sounding like a tall tale to him! (Cubmaster presents badges and pins to families and they return to their seats.)

DANIEL: Well, that was very interesting, but you must have that pack of Wolves I was told about.

CUBMASTER: No, Mr. Boone, our Wolves are the Cub Scouts who have climbed the trail of Scouting to the next advancement rank. (Cubmaster calls forward boys and parents receive wolf rank and presents badges.)

DANIEL: Very impressive! But I don't see nary a single bear our there. (Shades eyes and looks into audience.)

CUBMASTER: Our Bears are a year older and wiser than our Wolves. They have learned to take care of knives and tools, learned how to tie knots, and even learned about you, Mr. Boone. (Cubmaster calls forward Bear recipients and their parents and presents badges.)

CUBMASTER: Would you like to see our Webelos get their awards?

DANIEL: What in tarnation is a Webelos?

(Prompt boys in advance to yell "We'll be loyal Scouts!")

DANIEL: Now, that I understand. I'm a loyal "Trail" Scout, too.

CUBMASTER: Webelos Scouts have learned about our government, know the rules of outdoor fire safety and have slept under the stars. (Cubmaster presents activity pins and Webelos badges.)

DANIEL: Well now, Cub Scouting sounds like a mighty fine way to raise up a young'un Wish we had Cub Scouts when I was a lad. So long, now.

Mark Twain Awards Ceremony
Indian Nations Council

Scene: Cardboard backdrop of unpainted fence to be white-washed by Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Props: Abstract cardboard paint brushes - (awards should be taped to back of brushes and names of recipients printed on front of brushes - large paint buckets carried by Finn and Sawyer in which awards are carried on stage.

Costumes: Characters are Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, dressed in jeans or overalls, plaid shirts, bandanna neckerchiefs in hip pockets, straw hats, either barefoot or wearing sneakers.

NOTE: No set dialogue needed for this ceremony.

Enter Sawyer and Finn, each carrying paint bucket with brushes and awards inside -they talk loudly to each other so audience can hear - Tom might say to Huck, "Boy, this is going to be fun... there's nothin' I'd rather do than whitewash a fence.  How 'bout you, Huck."

Huck might say, "Me either, Tom, you really gotta be a good painter to do this"  (Pantomime painting fence) Tom might say, "We really gotta be good painters to do this." Huck might say, "Yeah, you're right, Tom, hey, I've got an idea.  Let's ask (give names of boys to receive Bobcat or Wolf badges).  They really do their best and they've had lots of experience."  Tom and Huck get these people up and stand them in front of the fence.  Give them their award which is taped to cardboard brush and get them to pantomime painting, have Huck say, "Tom give that board another coat", or "hey, you missed a spot", Tom might say, "Ya' know, Huck, if we had more painters, we might get the job done faster. Let's ask (boys for Bear awards)"

As each new "awardee" comes to the front of the room, he is handed a cardboard paintbrush (with award taped to back) and instructed to pantomime painting the fence.

Meanwhile, first group is still painting. "Awardees" names are called as they get to the fence.

Tom and Huck continue to encourage all painters to keep on painting. Do a good job, isn't this fun, don't forget that corner, etc.  The object is to have all painters pantomiming with backs to audience.

Huck might say,  "Boy, we're really getting this ole' fence whitewashed.  But if we had a few more painters, we'd be finished in no time." Tom might say..."Right as rain, Huck, I know what, let's ask (names for Webelos awards, etc.)

After getting last group of "painters" up to front, they are given their "Paintbrush Awards", instructed to paint fence, while Tom and Huck continue to encourage and point out places they missed.  At this point, all boys eligible for awards should be standing in front of fence, pantomiming painting, with their cardboard brushes (with awards taped to back), with their backs to audience.

Tom might say to Huck... "Shucks, Huck, this ole' fence is gettin' such good ole' paint job and they're all havin' such a good time, let's you and me jes' go fishin'."

Huck grins, nods head and the two walk off whistling, leaving all "awardees" still painting the fence.

At this point have someone in uniform come forward and finish the ceremony by calling up the parents, thanking them for their help and recognizing the boys and doing whatever rituals your pack has for advancement.

Bobcat Induction Ceremony
West Michigan Shores Council

Personnel:  Bobcat candidates and parents, Cubmaster

Equipment:  Three straight tree branches, a 3-foot piece of heavy cord to make a tripod.

Cubmaster: (At front of room) We have some newcomers with us today.  Will these boys and their parents who have just joined our pack please come forward.  (New Bobcats come forward with parents when their names are called.)

I want you to repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack.  Give the Cub Scout sign”  (They give sign and repeat Promise and Law.)

Your parents will help you through the Cub Scout ranks—Wolf, Bear and Webelos—just as they helped you become Bobcats.  It will be their privilege not only to share in your Cub Scouting fun but also to present you your first Cub Scout badge and your registration certificate.

(Picks up cord from table.)  This cord represents the pack.

(Picks up one of the branches.)  This represents all Cub Scouts joining the pack.  (He ties the cord to the top of the branch on the floor and lets go of it.  It falls.) 

The Cub Scout does not join the pack alone and therefore, cannot stand alone in the pack.

(Picks up second branch.) This branch represents the Den Leaders. (The Cubmaster ties the two branches together at the top of the cord, stands them on the floor and addresses on of the new Bobcats.)  What happens when just you and your Den Leaders join the pack?

Bobcat: “They will fall over.”

Cubmaster: (Lets go of branches) That’s right

(He picks up the third branch.)  This branch represents the parents joining the pack. (He ties all three branches with the cord at the top and spreads them at the bottom to form a tripod.)  Now, when all three join the pack, each member of this family lends support to the other.

(Turning to a new Bobcat) What happens, (name), if the parents pull away from the pack? 

(Cubmaster withdraws one of the branches from the cord.)

Bobcat: It will fall down.

Cubmaster: (Picks up the two branches and asks another new Bobcat) What happens if the Den Leader pulls away from the pack?

Bobcat: It will fall down.

Cubmaster: Right you are, (name).  This is exactly what happens to the fun of Cub Scouting, as it happened here in this ceremony.

So, Cub Scouts, let’s all stand together and help the pack go, and the pack will help the Cub Scout grow and give goodwill.

Cub Scouting's Seeds

Heart of America Council

EQUIPMENT: Sack labeled "Johnny Cub Scout Seed" with advancement awards inside.

CUBMASTER: Most of the heroes of American Folklore were fictional people. They were born around the campfire in the 19th century when story telling was like TV is today the main entertainment of the people.

But a few of them were real. One was Johnny Appleseed, who wandered through Ohio and Indiana for 40 years after the American Revolution planting apple orchards For generations afterward those trees helped feed the people.

The badges we're awarding tonight are like those seeds. They are symbols of growth for our Cub Scouts, who are themselves growing straight and tall like Johnny Appleseed's trees. And like those trees our Cub Scouts will help other people. (Take badges from sack and give them to parents to pin on son's shirts.)

You could attach seed packets to badges as a reminder that Cub Scouting helps a boy grow.  And that Cub Scouting plants the seeds of good citizenship in boys.

Knights' Advancement

Heart of America Council

Equipment: Wooden sword, candle holder with 3 candles, badges

Personnel; Cubmaster costumed as King Arthur, Assistant to light candles, advancing Cub Scouts and their parents.

Arrangement: Candle holder is on table, assistant with lighter behind. Cubmaster in front with boys and parents forming a semicircle facing audience.

Cubmaster: In the days of old, knights of the roundtable who had performed special feats were recognized by their king. In Cub Scouting, we honor those who have advanced in rank. Before we bestow these honors, it is necessary that we ask knights to pledge again their loyalty to God, country and Cub Scouting. I ask these knights to join me in the Cub Scout promise while ________ lights the candles representing the three parts of the Promise. (They repeat the Promise)

Cubmaster: I ask those knights receiving the Order of the Bobcat to kneel on one knee before me. (when all are kneeling, King Arthur touches each boy on the shoulder with his sward and says) "I dub thee Sir Bobcat."

(He then presents the parents with the badges to pin on their sons' shirt) Repeat for Wolf, Bear etc.


Legendary Advancement Ceremony

Viking Council

It is well known that Tigers are very powerful. They can leap ten feet in a single bound. Their roar can be heard a mile away. Would the following awesome Tigers and their partners please come forward? These Tigers have explored big ideas and hunted excitement.

Our legendary Wolves can be heard howling. Wolves are persistent hunters and social animals. Would the following Wolves and their parents please come forward? These wolves have demonstrated their hunting skills by completing the Cub Wolf trail.

Bears are famous for their might. They are also known for being cuddly. Our Bears are known for their sharp claws and skill at sharpening and taking care of knives. Just as bears in the wild forage for food, these Bears shared their cooking expertise with their den. Would the following Bears please come forward?

Webelos are mysterious creatures. They are legendary for their energy and enthusiasm for fire building. Our Webelos are no different. They have mastered the requirements for the Webelos badge. Would the following Webelos and their parents please come forward?

American Folklore Ceremony

Southern NJ Council

Props:  Four candles in holder, each candle a different length.

Cubmaster:  Our history is filled not only with the tall tales of American Folklore, but also with the true deeds of some very brave men who explored, fought and in some cases died, to extend the frontiers of our country. Men like Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Lewis and Clark, Buffalo Bill Cody, and many more.

The Scouting trail is much like the trail these famous men followed and so, at this time we will recognize those Cubs in our Pack who have advance along this trail. As I call your names, please come forward with your Parents. (call names)

As you Cubs can see, the candles get taller as you advance. This represents the additional skills that you must learn as you earn each higher rank. (Light Shortest Candle).

The Bobcat is the start of the trail and the simplest to earn. (light next candle.)

The Wolf is a big step forward and harder as is (light the next candle) the Bear.

Finally, at last, (light the tallest candle) you became a Webelos Scout, and can earn the highest rank, the Arrow of Light. And so with the spirit of the great explorers, folklore heroes and frontiersmen to guide you, may you continue to climb the Scouting Trail. (Present awards by Den and congratulates Cubs and parents).

Advancement Song

Tune  “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”

Santa Clara County Council

When the Cub Scouts all achieve a rank, Hoorah!  Hoorah!

When the Cub Scouts all achieve a rank, Hoorah!  Hoorah!

The moms will cheer (moms cheer)

and the dads will shout (dads shout)

The leaders all will turn about

(leaders turn around in a circle)

And we’ll clap our hands (all clap)

When the Cub Scouts achieve a rank!

This song could be sung before the Advancement Ceremony any month.  Maybe, make it like the Announcement Song that is sung when the Cubmaster says the word Announcements.  Have this sung when the Cubmaster announces Advancements.  CD








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