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Baloo's Bugle


September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Indian Nations Council

If you are not using songs (and lots of them) in your Den and Pack program, you are missing an important part of the Cub Scouting program.  Putting a song into the heart of a Cub Scout will put something even more valuable into yours.  Fill your heart with the music of Cub Scouting. Many thanks, to Jim Denny for contributing some of his original songs for you to share with your Cub Scouts during the coming year.


Swingin' Through The Grapevines
(Tune: Heard It Through the Grapevine)
Indian Nations Council, By Jim Denny

Oh, I read a book last Friday night,
'Bout a man filled with jungle might.
His skin was white and his muscles strong.
He even looked a little like King Kong.
I once had heard of such a man.
And he went by the name of Tarzan.


They saw him swingin' through the grapevine,
He sure is one of a kind.
Not a chimp, or orangutan,
He's Tarzan the Apeman.
Where he came from, we don't know.
The book written by Edgar Burroughs.
Tarzan the Apeman.

Tarzan's girl, her name was Jane.
Her hair was soft as a lion's mane.
They had a son, his name was Boy,
Don't know why they didn't name him Roy.
Grapevines hung for many miles,
Kept them above the crocodiles.


Lions knew he was the law,
When he called "Ah-eee-ahh-eee-ahhh."
Boy came home from school one day,
Said he had a job for dad to play.
Now each month he keeps them coming back,
He's Cubmaster of the jungle pack.


A Boy Named Kim

(Tune: Beverly Hillbillies)

Indian Nations Council, By Jim Denny

Let me tell you a story 'bout a boy named Kim
Who grew up in India, they wrote a book 'bout him.
He identified jewels by the touch and by the feel,
And helped other people, his true heart was real.
A good boy, an orphan, on his own.

Now Kim's friends said, "Kim, we love to have you here. You can help us win the battle from the thugs that we fear."
So he got an education, and when he was through.
He helped his friends, the British, cause he knew what to do.
Tricky, a spy, he could sneak in anywhere.

Rudyard Kipling told the tale of Kim's life, How he grew up in India in times of great strife.  You can read it on the pages that are in this great book.  To start the adventure, all you have to do is look. Open the cover, turn the page, read.

Indiana Jones
(Tune: Oklahoma)
Indian Nations Council, by Jim Denny

Indiana Jones finds buried treasure in the caves.
He finds chests of gold and mysteries old,
And old Indian relics made by braves.

Indiana Jones, adventure is his middle name.
He finds snakes and rats, and skulls and bats
On his search for fortune and for fame.

Oh we know that he once was a Scout,
Where he learned what adventure's about.
And when we say, Scouts and Indy all the way,
We're only saying you're doing fine Indiana,
Mr. Jones, you're OK!

Paul Bunyan
(Tune: Three Blind Mice)
Indian Nations Council

Paul Bunyan and his ox, Paul Bunyan and his ox.
Chopped up the west, Chopped up the west.
He carved Grand Canyon, And dug Great Lakes.
He cut down redwoods to cook pancakes.
A Cub would never make such mistakes.
Doing his best, Doing his best.

On Top of Old Baldy
West Michigan Shores Council

On top of old baldy, There’s nary a hair
But only the memory, Of half that was there.

Hair parts in the middle, Hair parts on the side
But parting is sorrow, When the part is too wide.

So come all you lovers, And hear what I say
Be sure that his gold locks, Are not a toupee

On top of old baldy, So bare and so neat
There’s no trace of dandruff, Cause what would it eat.

A bald head’s appealing, When wearing a hat
But when he removes it, That takes care of that.

Ten Little Goblins
West Michigan Shores Council

One little, Two little, Three little goblins,
Four little, Five little, Six little goblins,
Seven little, Eight little, Nine little goblins,
Ten little goblin ghosts.

Variations –

ü        Try singing the above as “Ten Little Indians” – second verse “Ten little, Nine little,” etc. 

ü        Divide the group into ten parts and assign each a number from 1 to 10.  As each number is reached in the first verse, have that group stand. Then sit when the number is reached in the second verse.

ü        Then do the whole thing another time, but a lot faster.)


The Ballad of Davy Crockett

Santa Clara County Council

You knew this one was going to be here with this theme and me helping with Baloo. I have two recordings of this song plus the words to all 35 verses someplace in my house.  Not to mention the Special Edition Disney DVD Davy Crockett set.  Commissioner Dave

Born on a mountain top in Tennessee,
Greenest state in the land of the free
Raised in the woods, so's he know ev'ry tree
Kilt him a b'ar when he was only three

Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

Fought single-handed through the Injun war
Till the Creeks was whipped and the peace was in store
While he was handling this risky chore
Made himself a legend forevermore

Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

Went off to Congress and served a spell
Fixing up the government and laws as well
Took over Washington, so I hear tell
And patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell

Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

He give his word and he give his hand
His Injun friends could keep their land
The rest of his like he took the stand
That justice was due every redskinned man

Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

When he came home, his politickin' done
The western march had just begun
So he packed up his gear and his trusty gun
And lit out grinnin' to follow the sun

Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

He heard of Houston and Austin and so
To the Texas plain he just had to go
Their freedom was a fightin' another foe
And they needed him at the Alamo

Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.

We Are Knights
(Tune:  Three Blind Mice)

Circle Ten Council

We are Knights!
We are Knights!
We wear our swords!
We wear our swords!

We fight and joust and go off to war!
We save fair damsels and slay dragons galore!
We’re loyal to King Arthur and Camelot’s soil,
Oh, we are Knights.

We are Cub Scouts

Tune - SpongeBob SquarePants Theme

Rick Harper, Pack 471 Marietta GA

This song appeared recently on Scouts-L discussion list.  And rick was kind enough to say we could put it into Baloo.  Thank You.  CD & Baloo

Are you ready Scouts?
Yes sir, Cubmaster!
I can't hear you!!

Tigers "Go See It" and earn lots of beads!
Wolves help the Pack go and do those good deeds!

Bears like to whittle when e're they go out!
Each WEBELOS will one day become a Boy Scout!

WE ARE! CUB SCOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other potential verses:

Who's out selling popcorn through all of the fall?
Who thinks going camping and hiking's a ball?

At Pi-inewood Derby we ra-ace our cars!
We like to go out out and look up at the stars!





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