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Baloo's Bugle


September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 2
October Theme

Once Upon A Time
Webelos Citizen and Showman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Discovery of the Jolly Green Giant
West Michigan Shores Council

Jolly Green Giant – “Ho-Ho-Ho

Vegetables – “Crunch, crunch”

Water—“Sprinkle, Sprinkle

Green Thumb—“Dig and plant, dig and plant”

Many, many years ago, in fact, so many years ago that nobody can remember when it was, the expression Green Thumb was started to describe those rare people who could plant and care for growing things and Water them just enough so they would grow up onto healthy plants. 

Now it seems there was a curious little boy named Johnny who lived near a big Vegetable farm from which the finest crops were cared for and raised to take to market to sell. It seems that the finest Vegetables were raised on this farm.  Certainly the farmer who owned it must have a Green Thumb, at least that’s what Johnny heard everybody say.  But the mystery was that nobody ever saw the farmer Water his fine crop of Vegetables but still they thrived and were some of the finest in the land. 

So little Johnny decided that he must solve the mystery of how the crops got Watered and grew so well.  So, one night when there was a full bright moon, Johnny slipped out of bed and quietly made his way over to the big Vegetable farm which was not far away.  As he neared the farm he thought he could hear the sound of running Water.  He was breathless!  Was little Johnny about to solve the mystery of how the farmer gained his Green Thumb with little or no care to his Vegetable plants.

As he peeked around a large corn stalk, Johnny could hardly believe his eyes.  There right before him was the biggest Jolly Green Giant that anyone could imagine.

There he was sticking his enormous Green Thumb into the damp earth which he had just finished watering and dropping seeds into the holes.

So now little Johnny knew where the expression Green Thumb had come from.  Suddenly he realized that the fine Vegetables from the farm were truly cared for by the Jolly Green Giant, who would reach up to the sky and pull the rain clouds down to Water the Vegetable plants and used his giant thumb to plant seeds and pull the weeds from among the plants.

That night little Johnny felt 10 feet tall, in fact, almost as tall as the Jolly Green Giant as he hurried home with his newly found secret.  He was just bursting to spread the news to all the world about his discovery of how the Vegetables are watered and cared for by someone who really and truly has a Green Thumb, the Jolly Green Giant.

So to this day those people who can grow things successfully are said to have a Green Thumb and little Johnny is proud of the fact that he was the one who discovered the Jolly Green Giant.

The Fair Maiden’s

Circle Ten Council

Divide the pack into 4 groups and assign each group a sound.

KNIGHT – Clankety-clank
MAIDEN – Help, help
MEAN KING – Gr-r-r-r
DRAGON – Roar-r-r-r

Back in the days of bold KNIGHTS and fair MAIDENS there lived a MEAN KING with his daughter, who was indeed the most beautiful MAIDEN in all the land.  All those who passed by their castle would see this fair MAIDEN sitting by the hour in the window longing to be set free.

It was told about the land that this fair MAIDEN had a curse put on her by a wicked witch, that if a DRAGON, which lived in the woods close by, were ever to look upon her, she would suddenly become the most ugly MAIDEN who ever lived.  That is why the MEAN KING kept her locked within the castle.

Of course, after hearing this, all the brave KNIGHTS for miles around came to that part of the land, hoping to kill the terrible DRAGON and thus save the fair MAIDEN from a terrible fate.  Night and day the brave young KNIGHTS searched for that terrible DRAGON.  Each one hoped to save the fair MAIDEN and take her away from the castle of the MEAN KING.

One day there came a gallant KNIGHT who was much wiser than all the rest.  He decided that since the DRAGON was nowhere to be found that maybe there was another reason why the MAIDEN didn’t come out.  He rode his horse as swiftly as he could and charged at full speed right through the door of the castle, sending debris and rubble flying in all directions.

It seems the MAIDEN couldn’t find the door because the castle was such a mess and that is why she didn’t come out.

The brave young KNIGHT bounded up the stairs and carried his fair MAIDEN down and put her on his horse.  They rode away from the castle of the MEAN KING and left the other KNIGHTS still searching for the terrible DRAGON, which didn’t exist!


The Little Orange House

Santa Clara County Council

As you tell the story, cut a piece of orange paper as described.  Or, you could hand out orange paper and scissors and have everyone participate.

Once upon a time a very small witch was walking in the woods.  The cold wind was blowing the dry leaves all around her.  The little witch was frantically searching for a house for the winter.  She could not find one.  Suddenly, a piece of orange paper, blown by the wind, landed at her feet.  She picked it up.

The little witch looked closely at the paper, and then she said, “I shall make myself a little house from this piece of orange paper.”  She folded the paper in half.  The she took her scissors (she always carried a pair of folding ones in her pocket) and cut off the two corners to make a roof.

“This will do just fine,” she said, as she looked at her new house.  “But I will need a door.”  With her scissors, she cut a special door.  It looked like this.

The little witch walked through the door into the little orange house.  It was very dark inside.  She quickly hurried back out.  “I will need to make windows to let in the light,” she said.  She cut a front and back window that looked like this.

Oh, it was a very fine looking house.  Her very own little house with a roof, a door, and windows, was all finished.  But just as the little witch started to go inside for the winter, she saw a tiny ghost floating down the windswept path.  As the tiny ghost came to a stop near the little house, the witch saw that she was crying.

“Why are you crying?” asked the little witch.

The tiny ghost stopped crying and answered, “It is cold and windy.  It is getting dark and I have no place to spend the winter.”

“You may spend the winter with me in my new house,” said the kind little witch.

“Oh, thank you,” the happy, tiny ghost said, as she peeked in through the window.  “This is a very nice house.”

“First,” said the little witch, “I will need to make you a little door of your own.”  She took her scissors again and began to cut.  She cut a very tiny door.  It looked like this.

The two happy friends went inside.  The tiny ghost went in the very little door, and the little witch went through her own special door.  All winter long they lived happily together inside the little orange house.

If you want to see inside their little orange house, get a piece of orange paper and do just what the little witch did.

Then unfold the paper—Surprise!


The Fire Of The Dragon

Heart of America Council

CHARACTERS:                                 RESPONSE

ORION (The Hunter)                       CHAR-R-R-GE

PEGASUS (Winged Horse)                   NEI-I-I-GH

BIG DIPPER                           DRIP-DRIP (Loudly)

LITTLE DIPPER                        DRIP-DRIP (Softly)

MILKY WAY                          M-M-M-M-M-M-GOOD


On a clear night in the winter months you can look up in the sky and see something happening if you use your imagination. We are going to do just that tonight. Pay attention now, so you won't miss any of the story.

Once upon a time, on a very dark night a great hunter named ORION started out to hunt a DRAGON. Now everyone knows that a DRAGON can set almost anything on fire and ORION knew this, so he took along with him the BIG DIPPER and the LITTLE DIPPER and the MILKY WAY. As he mounted his horse, PEGASUS, he spilled the MILKY WAY and had to dismount and refill the BIG DIPPER and the LITTLE DIPPER. Once again he mounted PEGASUS and away they flew. For PEGASUS had wings and could fly through the sky... Now to find the DRAGON, thought ORION. He must be around here somewhere and just then he saw him. He was really hard to miss as the DRAGON was up to his old trick of breathing fire just to scare people. Whoa, PEGASUS, said ORION.

We must sneak up on him or he'll burn us before we can put out his fire. PEGASUS stopped and ORION got off and took with him the BIG DIPPER and the LITTLE DIPPER. Very carefully ORION made his way toward the DRAGON then, just as he was about to pour the MILKY WAY from the BIG DIPPER and the LITTLE DIPPER on him, the DRAGON turned and saw him and started spouting dreadful fire at him. When PEGASUS saw what was happening he flew over the DRAGON beating his wings, and at the same time, ORION threw the MILKY WAY from the BIG DIPPER and the LITTLE DIPPER on him and put out his fire. The DRAGON, with his fire out, turned and fled into the darkness and to this day he will only appear in the daylight and is known to us as The Sun.




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