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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 5

When I Grow Up
Webelos Fitness & Readyman
Tiger Big Ideas 9 & 10



Big Idea #9 Getting There
Circle 10 Council


Car Passenger Code

This code provides hints on how automobile passengers can help make each trip a safe and

pleasant one.


Help Yourself By:

Always wearing your seat belt

Sitting down, so that you won’t be hurt if there is a sudden stop

Keeping you hands away from door handles, gear shift, ignition key and the driver


Help The Driver By:

Sitting down, so that you don’t distract him/her

Looking out for road signs

Keeping the noise down


Help Other Passengers By:

Not teasing younger passengers

Saving all litter until you get home or using litter bags


Help Others On The Road By:

Staying in the car while it is moving (putting your arms or head out the window is dangerous)

Not throwing things out the window

Getting out of the car on the side away from the traffic


Safe Driving Tips For Families

Allow enough time to avoid feeling rushed

On long trips, allow for frequent stops

Have your car checked before you leave - tires, brakes, lights, turn signals, and windshield wipers – to ensure proper functioning

Use your seat belts

Be a courteous driver and follow the rules of the road



Motorcycle Cheer:

Hold your hands like you’re gripping handlebars. Raise a foot and kick downward 3 times while

making a sputtering sound. On the third try, the engine starts with a “Varoom.”

Flat Tire Cheer:

Say “Flop, flop, flop, where’s the spare?”


Crafts And Activities

License Listing

Make a list of state license plates spotted while on a trip.

See if anyone can name the state capitals.


Players take turns looking for specific signs such as railroad crossing, no parking, vacancy, ice cream, reduce speed, church, etc.


Sports Word

Give each player a section of the newspaper. The object is to find sports words within your section.


License Language

All players look for a license plate containing three letters. When one is spotted, the player whose turn it is has 60 seconds to make a sentence using three words that begin with those three letters. Each word has to be in proper order. You can have more than three words, but all sentences must make sense. For example BCR-693: Although some have said it. I don’t believe that Babies Can Run.


Race Car Drivers

Materials needed:

paper plates for steering wheels


material for seat belts (optional)

Give each boy a steering wheel made from a paper plate with triangular cutouts.

Everyone sits in a “driver’s seat.” Be sure to fasten seat belts! Start the cars, turn on the lights, and take off on a wild ride.  Encourage sound effects of the roaring engines.  Guide the boys through the ride: veer left, make a quick right, stop at the traffic light, watch out for the roadblock, and avoid the oncoming cars. Drive carefully and get home safely!


Rocket Ship Slide
Northwest Suburban Council



Art foam, Tulip paint or pens, glue, pipe cleaner  

Cut out a rocket ship out of art foam.  Decorate with tulip paint.  Glue pipe cleaner on back.  

(tune: Mickey Mouse Club)
Northwest Suburban Council


Come along and sing our song
And join our family
Tigers they're for me

Tiger Cubs Tiger Cubs
Forever let us hold our banners high!

We're the ones that start it all,
We're where the scouts begin
T-I-G (gee we're having fun!)
E-R-S (Scouting is for everyone)
TIGERS, we're the ONE!

Bay Area Council Pow Wow, 1994  

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