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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 5

When I Grow Up
Webelos Fitness & Readyman
Tiger Big Ideas 9 & 10




January, 2001

Theme:  When I Grow Up
by Scott Thayer Sequoia Council, California


In the popular movie ďBig,Ē actor Tom Hanks plays the part of Josh, a boy who gets catapulted into the future after making a wish at a carnival.  That night, Josh went to bed as a boy but he woke up the next morning as a full-grown man!  At first, his new life was fun and exciting, but after a while Josh realized that he had been robbed of his boyhood.  He never had those early years of thinking and dreaming about what kind of a person he wanted to be someday.  Everybody in his life expected Josh to be an adult, but he had not learned how.  This story reminds us that itís not good to grow up too fast.  Boys should enjoy being kids.  They should try doing a lot of different things;  give themselves a chance to succeed at some things but not to be too hard on themselves when they fail at other things.  God created boys to be kids first and adults later.  So donít be afraid to dream big things for your future, but remember that for the present you are a kid.  Have fun and enjoy every minute!


Closing Ceremony
Detroit Area Council


Narrator: Whatever we want to be in the future, keep in mind:

1st Cub: "D" stands for doctor.  I'll try to help sick people.

2nd Cub: "O" stands for operator.  I want to operate a big crane.

3rd Cub: "Y" stands for youth.  When I grow up I want to work with young people.

4th Cub: "O" stands for outdoors.  I want to work outdoors when I grow up.  I could be a lifeguard or a forest ranger.

5th Cub: "U" stands for under.  Strange, but I like submarines.  I will try to work under water.

6th Cub: "R" stands for reporter.  I like to write and I want to work for a newspaper.

7th Cub: "B" stands for baseball.  I hope to be a ball player.

8th Cub: "E" stands for engineer.  I would like to build.  That's the job for me.

9th Cub: "S" stands for sailor.  I want to sail on a ship.

10th Cub: "T" stands for teacher.  I hope to grow up to be a teacher.

Narrator: So Cubs, "Do Your Best" whatever you do.

All answer: "We'll do our best!"


The following could be used as an opening, posting the colors before or after this, a skit, or a closing.

I'm Glad I Am A Cub Scout
Detroit Area Council

I'm glad I am a Cub Scout,
As you can plainly see.
But if I weren't a Cub Scout,  

1 .A bird watcher I'd be
Hark a lark, flying through the park, SPLAT!

2. A plumber I would be
Plunge it, flush it, look out below!

3.  A mermaid I would be
Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop!

4. A carpenter I'd be
Two by four, nail it to the floor

5. An undertaker I would be,
6 x 4, nail them to the floor

6. A teacher I would be
Sit down, shut up, throw away your gum!

7. An airline attendant I'd be
Coffee, tea, or milk, sir; here's your little bag, BLEHI

8. A typist I would be
Ticka, ticka, ticka, ticka, ticka, ticka, ZINC!

9. A hippie I would be
Love and peace, my hair is full of grease!
[or] Hey Man! Cool Man! Far out! Wow!

10. A farmer I would be
Here's a cow, there's a cow, and here's another one
[or] Come on Betsy give... the baby's gotta live

11. A laundry worker I would be
Starchy here, starchy there, starchy in your underwear

12.A cashier I would be
Twenty nine, forty nine, here is your change, sir!

13. A medic I would be
Turn around, drop your pants, jab. jab, jab!

14. A doctor I would be
Take a pill: pay my bill' I'm going golfing!
[or] Needle Thread Stick'em in the head
[or] Bend over! Drop your drawers! This won't hurt a bit!

15. An electrician I would be
Positive, negative bbmzt zap
[or] Positive, negative; turn on the juice-ZZZT!

16. A fireman I would be
Jump lady, jump... whoa splat!

17. A cook I would be
Mix it, bake it heartburn-BURP!
[or] Mash the hash

And through it in the trash.

18. A ice cream maker I'd be
Tutti-fruity. tutti-fruity, nice ice cream!

19 .A politician I would be
Raise the taxes, lower the pay, vote for me on election day!

20. A butcher I would be
Chop it up, grind it up, make a little patty!

21.A garbage collector I'd be
Lift it, dump it, pick out the good stuff
[or] Pile it higher. Pile it to the sky.

22. A [Domino's] pizza maker I'd be
30 minute, fast delivery!

23. A clam digger I would be
Dig one here, dig one there-Oh my frozen derriere!

24. Superman I would be
It's a bird, it's a plane, where is Lois Lane?

25. Lois Lane I would be
Get away, get away, get away, Clark Kent!

26. A cyclist I would be
peddle, peddle, peddle, peddle: ring, ring, ring!

27. A truck driver I'd be
Here's a curve, there's a curve. HERE'S A BETTER CURVE!  [Makes outline of shapely woman.]

28. A house cleaner I'd be
Ooh, a bug: squish it in the rug!

29. A baby I would be
Mama, Dada, I wuv you!

30. A DJ I would be,
Miles of smiles on the radio dial.

31.  A Lifeguard I would be,
Save yourself, Man. I'm working on my tan'
[or Mouth to Mouth Resuscitate, What a way to get a date.

32.  A Lawyer I would be,
Honest. I swear, My client wasn't there 



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