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Volume 7, Issue 5

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The Absent minded Indian Chief.

By Dale Marble
buggs@mstar2.net (dale marble)


(Chief enters and sit at council fire,  Few blankets are placed around the fire.)


I welcome you all to  the council fire.

Psss. What are we here for? (said to someone close to him)


Where is my day planner?  (This is a scroll of rabbit fur and two arrows)


Oh... flea bitten prairie dogs.

I have missed my bath today, that is third time this month.


I did get my nap.

Oh Flying Eagle Feather.

The big hunt is tomorrow.

Maybe we can take the scenic route.

I hope we have enough time to stop for ice cream.

Ah ha , fat fuzzy freckled bear

This is why we are here.

Would_____________  come up to council fire.

(Have the cub or cubs sit on a blanket around the fire)

(This is good for Wolf ,Bear and Webelos ceremonies)

Webelos Badge
Pacific Harbor

Cubmaster: Webelos Badge


Cubputer: 'Webelos Badge'  A Webelos Scout has mastered several skills by the time he has earned the Webelos Badge.  The Webelos Scout usually works on this award in his first year in the Webelos Den.  It is another step forward to becoming a Boy Scout.  Please come forward to receive Webelos Badge. (Repeat Procedure.)


Cubmaster: Compass Points.


Cubputer: Compass points.  After a Webelos Scout has earned the Webelos Badge, he may receive compass points for additional activity badges.  Each compass point is presented to those Webelos Scouts who have earned four additional Activity Badges beyond those required for the Webelos Badge.   Please come forward to receive Compass Points. (Repeat Procedure.)

Cubmaster: Arrow of Light

Cubputer: "Arrow of Light" The last step on the trail to Boy Scouting.  This is the highest award a boy can earn as a Cub Scout.  The Arrow of Light Award is the only Cub Scout badge of rank which can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform when the boy graduates into a troop.  The Webelos Scout usually works on this award in his second year in Webelos Den.  Please come forward to receive Arrow of Light. (Repeat procedure,)

Cubmaster: These young men have worked long and hard to achieve their goals.  In recognition of these achievements, we congratulate them and their parents.  The whole Pack is proud of your accomplishments and we're sure you will continue to DO YOUR BEST.

Cubputer: DO YOUR BEST, Do YOUR BEST (Cubmaster shuts off computer.)



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