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January 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 6
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What is Philmont?

Bill Smith, the Roundtable Guy

Boy is this timely!!! 
Bill and I decided in early fall to run this article in this issue.  The current issue of Scouting Magazine has a big article on Philmont Training Center, too.  Don't miss it!  
Be sure to check out the Cub Scout Extravaganza.!  CD

Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America's premier high-adventure base. It covers more than 200 square miles of rugged New Mexico wilderness from the Great Plains up into the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Philmont is High Adventure – Much of Philmont is used for backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades and other high adventure challenges for Scouts and Venturers.

Philmont is History – Philmont straddles the mountain branch of the Santa Fe TrailSee the world's only known T - Rex track and view centuries old Anasazi rock art. There are archeological sites and museums on site. The nearby town of Cimarron boasts several historical buildings from the old “wild” west.

Philmont is a Working Ranch – Horses, cattle and bison are all raised at Philmont. There are real cowboys, wranglers and ranch hands working there.

Philmont is Training - Adults have opportunities of their own at the Philmont Training Center. World-class courses and seminars cover all aspects of Scouting—all amid Philmont's dramatic scenery. If you want the best of Scout leadership training, Philmont is for you and your family!

Philmont Training Center (36°27’30”N, 104°57’W)


Of particular interest to Cub Scout leaders, the National Volunteer Training Center of the Boy Scouts of America provides a unique environment for Scouting Conferences each summer and fall. In addition to hosting these Conferences, the Training Center also provides the opportunity for families to join their Scouters and enjoy a wide range of Family Programs-making the Philmont Training Center experience one of a kind.

Attendance: Attendance is limited to Scouters who have been recommended and approved by their local council. Most Cub Scouters who attend training conferences get invitations just by asking their DE. Scouters are encouraged to bring immediate family members with them.

Conferences: Over 96 separate weeklong conferences are scheduled. Conferences will cover almost every aspect of Scouting-from Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting to Council and District Operations, from Venturing and Professional Development to Scoutreach and Finance.

The Conferences are conducted by divisions and committees of the National Council and are led by a faculty of outstanding volunteer and professional Scouters. Each Conference is designed to discuss specific Scouting issues, share information from all over the B.S.A., and train using the "best methods" that will enhance the Scouting program for youth and adults.

Why Should You Go? Because Philmont training has consistently been the most popular and most effective training for Cub Scouting in the last half century.  The best improvements in packs, districts and council Cub Scouting I have seen has come from PTC trained people. Philmont Training is family oriented, program directed and fun. What more could you ask for?

Here are some of the 2008 conferences that are popular with Cub Scout leaders.


June 22-28, Aug. 10-16


Begin with one of the most picturesque Boy Scouts of America properties; mix a big helping of family fun; blend in some of the most dynamic instructors from across the nation; fold in a rich variety of topics, skills, interactive and participatory activities for every volunteer who touches the life of a Cub Scout through the den, pack district and council. No matter what your registered Cub Scout position is, you’ll be cooking.

INGREDIENTS (all mixed according to the Secret Cub Scout Family Formula):

*  Creating power-packed and fun meetings – for dens, packs, districts and councils

*  Open the door and get out (side)

*  Its an electronic world – how’s your Scouting tech savvy?

*  Where do I find…?

*  Having fun with values and character

*  The Webelos connection and interaction with Boy Scouts

*  Finding ways for Cub Scouts and demonstrate their Duty to God

*  Camping – YIKES!

*  New and revised ideas for recruitment and retention

*  Guest experts on selected subjects

*  Dynamic Derby Days Daze

*  Getting everyone involved including those with disabilities

*  Managing and maneuvering marketing

*  A special group seminar session based on your role in Cub Scouts

Week 9 – July 27 – August 2

Leadership Support Service /

Relationships / NAYLE

Scouting in the Catholic Church

Scouting: A Home School resource

Scouting in the Lutheran Church

Membership through Religious Emblems

Scouting in the Church of Christ

United Methodist Scouters’ Workshop

Scouting serves the Jewish Community

For a full schedule of 2008 Conferences, go to:

While Conference time is important, ample opportunity for a Scouter to enjoy the majesty of Philmont with his or her family is part of the schedule of most Conferences. There is also plenty of time to meet and socialize with other Scouters from all parts of the country. Making life-long friendships is a regular occurrence at Philmont.

Family Program: One of the great joys of attending a Philmont Conference is that your whole family can share in the experience. You can think of it as a Scouting Family vacation. The schedule is relaxed and the pace is comfortable.

Family Program Groupss

Nursery (2 months to 2 year olds) - A fully equipped nursery is available for the youngest family members.

Small Fry (3-5 year olds) - The Small Fry Center is located next to the Handicraft Lodge. Philmont staff provides activities, games, pony rides, and supervised play during each program session.

Cowgirls, Cowpokes (6-7 year olds) - These individual groups participate in nature hikes, pony rides, games, songs and skits, crafts, museum tours, and an all day hike.

Ropers, Deputies (8-9 year olds) - Ropers and Deputies individual programs include hiking, Villa and Museum tours, archery and air rifles, pony rides, games, crafts and an all day hike.

Sidewinders (10 year old boys) - Sidewinders enjoy hiking, sports, crafts, archery and air rifles, Villa and Museum tours, and a Sidewinder/Parent overnighter.

Mustangs (11-13 year old girls) - Mustangs have fun enjoying horse rides, archery and air rifles, hiking, handicraft projects, nature activities, outdoor cooking, games, Villa and Museum tours, and an overnight camping trip in Philmont's backcountry.

Trailblazers (11-13 year old boys) - This group participates in day hikes, nature activities and games, horse rides, archery and air rifles, handicrafts, and an overnight camping trip in Philmont's backcountry.

Broncos (14-21 year olds) - The Broncos program is designed to accommodate those teenagers who choose not to participate in the mountain trek program. Broncos will stay at PTC with their families, but enjoy a week of activities built around participation in Philmont's C.O.P.E. course, day hikes, and horse rides.

Mountain Trek (14-20 year olds) - Mountain Men and Mountain Women treks are backpacking expeditions that provide the opportunity to experience the rugged challenges of Philmont's mountains. Mountain Trek crews travel approximately 20-30 miles in Philmont's backcountry.

I have been told that teen-age girls are the most enthusiastic participants at Philmont.  Bill

I must concur, my daughter went as a participant  three times as a teenager - 2 Mountain Treks and an 11 day trek, and then worked four years on staff.  CD

Silverados (spouses and other adults not attending Conference) - Silverados find that a wide-range of exciting activities are available throughout the week. Activities include museum visits, day hikes, a pottery-making demonstration, Villa tours, COPE, horse rides, and trips to nearby resort towns.

Facilities: Tent cities accommodate Training Center participants and their families. Tents are large, two person wall tents with wooden or concrete floors, electric lights, an electrical outlet, wardrobe, and two twin sized beds with mattresses. Each tent city has restrooms and hot showers. Cots and cribs are available for use during the week.

Meals are served in the cafeterias at the Center. Family member who are in camp eat together. Camp meals are provided for those on the trail or in the back country.

Conferences are conducted in fully equipped conference rooms or at various locations in Philmont's backcountry. Family Program facilities include the Small Fry Center, the Handicraft building, and our Pony Ring. However, most of the time family members will be enjoying the best facility of all-Philmont's 137,493 acres of "Scouting Paradise."





Conference participants



Spouses and children over 20



Children ages 6-20



Children ages 3-5



Children 2 and under



Mountain Trek



NAYLE participant



I have attended four different Conferences at Philmont. At each one, I learned a lot, had a great time, met wonderful people and had my Scouting spirit lifted to new heights.

Every family member who was with me still talks about their experiences in glowing terms. I am continually impressed with the quality of the staff members who run the family programs. They are special people.

Links –
Memories from Scouter who were there:

Barb & Stan Pope

Star Scout Cody Welch – his experience 

Parking, Trading Post, Others

PTC Program for little guys and gals

Photos by Joan -2007

Philmont Hymn

Troop 227 2006 Photo Gallery

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