Baloo's Bugle

January 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 6
February 2008 Theme

Theme: Chinese New Year
Webelos: Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Cub
Requirement 4




The requirements listed are from the  Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide (34299B) 2006 Printing.

Webelos Scouts that earn the Heritages Belt Loop while a Webelos Scout also satisfy requirement 12 for the Family Member Activity Badge.

Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

1.       Talk with members of your family about your family heritage: its history, traditions, and culture.

2.       Make a poster that shows the origins of your ancestors. Share it with your den or other group.

3.       Draw a family tree showing members of your family for three generations.


Academics Pin

Earn the Heritages belt loop, and
 complete five of the following requirements:

1.       Participate in a pack heritage celebration in which Cub Scouts give presentations about their family heritage.

2.       Attend a family reunion.

3.       Correspond with a pen pal from another country. Find out how his or her heritage is different from yours.

4.       Learn 20 words in a language other than your native language.

5.       Interview a grandparent or other family elder about what it was like when he or she was growing up.

6.       Work with a parent or adult partner to organize family photographs in a photo album.

7.       Visit a genealogy library and talk with the librarian about how to trace family records. Variation: Access a genealogy Web site and learn how to use it to find out information about ancestors.

8.       Make an article of clothing, a toy, or a tool that your ancestors used. Show it to your den.

9.       Help your parent or adult partner prepare one of your family's traditional food dishes.

10.    Learn about the origin of your first, middle, or last name.


Language and Culture


The requirements listed are from the  Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide (34299B) 2006 Printing.

This subject was added in 2002.

Webelos Scouts that earn the Language and Culture Belt Loop while a Webelos Scout also satisfy requirement 6 for the Scholar Activity Badge.

Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

1.       Talk with someone who grew up in a different country than you did. Find out what it was like and how it is different from your experience.

2.       Learn 10 words that are in a different language than your own.

3.       Play two games that originated in another country or culture.

Learn How To Count To Ten In Chinese

Alice, Golden Empire Council



Chinese Number
































Some Chinese Words

Alice, Golden Empire Council

(For many more words, check out the web site list)

Hello                                                 Ni hao

Please                                                   Qing

Excuse Me            Qivng rang, dui bu qi

How are you?                    niv haov ma?

Luck                                                         Fu

Can do!                                       Gung Ho!

Happy New Year     Kung hei fat choy!

Pronounced like Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Academics Pin

Earn the Language and Culture belt loop, and
complete seven of the following requirements:

1.       Earn the BSA Interpreter Strip.

2.       Write the numbers 1-10 in Chinese or another number system other than the one we normally use (we use the Arabic system).

3.       Visit an embassy, consulate, or charge d'affairs for another country.

4.       Make a display of stamps or postcards of another country. Explain the importance or symbolism of the things depicted to that country's culture.

5.       Learn 30 words in a language other than your own.

6.       Learn a song in another country's language.

7.       Say five words in American Sign Language. One of these words could be your first name.

8.       Visit a restaurant that specializes in recipes from another country.

9.       Watch a TV show or movie in a foreign language. Tell how easy or difficult it was to understand what was happening.

10.    Interview an interpreter. Find out what his or her job is like.

11.    Make a list of 30 things around your home that were made in another country.

12.    Read a book or story about an immigrant to the United States.

If the Scout's native language is not English, then English may be used to satisfy the appropriate requirements.


Knot of the Month

Cubmaster Training Award

Kommissioner Karl


Has your Cubmaster earned this??  Can you surprise him or her at the Blue and Gold with it??  CD


The Cubmaster Training Award can be earned by any registered Cubmaster. 


A brief summary of requirements include: 



  • Serve  2 years as Cubmaster, or 1 year as Assistant CM and 1 year as Cubmaster;




  • "The New Cub master" Fast Start Training

  • New Leader Essentials

  • Position Specific for Cubmaster and

  • Youth Protection training

  • Attend during each year of tenure attend

  • 4 roundtables, or

  • 1 Pow Wow or University of Scouting. 




  • Plan and conduct pack meetings during each year registered as Cubmaster.

  • While Cubmaster the Pack earns

  • The National Quality Unit Award at least twice  (I assume the National Centennial Quality Awards replace this requirement CD)

  • The National Summertime Award at least once


For the complete requirements and a progress record, go to:


For more information on the National Centennial Quality Awards, check with your Commissioner or:


More on the National Summertime Pack Award and how to earn it can be found at:


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