Baloo's Bugle

January 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 6
February 2008 Theme

Theme: Chinese New Year
Webelos: Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Cub
Requirement 4


DO NOT FORGET to recognize all your leaders at the Blue and Gold - CD


A Den Leader's *PayDay*

Chris Reisel, the original editor of Baloo

March 1998

To make a great presentation to volunteer,
substitute either the candy bar or a picture of the candy bar where you see an asterisk (*).

Sometimes we were *Butterfingers*
But always a *Joy*
Even though we heard *Snickers*
We think from other boys.

What we would like to do
is give you *$100,000 Grand*
But we have *Zero* money
So that idea was canned.

We *M & M*ade you this card
With *Mounds* of love and rhyme
To thank you for giving up
so much of your time.

Then I end with a row of Hershey Hugs and Kisses and have the boys sign the card or plaque.  .I use a calligraphy pen for printing and a poster board for mounting the candy.  Chris R.


Confucius Said…

Sam Houston Area Council

Our Cub Scout theme this month is “Chinese New Year” and we have been learning about the customs of the Chinese people.

China, the most populous country in the world, might be called the “Gateway to Civilization.”

The oldest living civilization on Earth had its beginning in this country. We have some boys here tonight who are also at their beginning –the beginning of their Cub Scout trail, which they have marked by earning their first Cub Scout badge, the Bobcat Badge. Will the following boys and their parents please come forward?

Present Bobcat badges to parents,
who present them to the boys.

Confucius was an ancient Chinese philosopher who throughout history has influenced Chinese attitudes toward education and how people learn best. He said, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Our Tiger Cubs have demonstrated this ancient idea as they learned to “Search, Discover and Share” their first Scouting experiences with their Tiger Cub adult partner.

Will the following Tiger Cubs and their partners please come forward?

Present Tiger badges to parents ,
who present them to the boys.

Confucius liked to talk about correct personal behavior and the individual’s duty to society. He said, “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.” The Cubs Scouts in our Wolf Den have learned to work together and take care of themselves and each other. Their achievements have taught them their duty to God, to their family and to their country. Will the following Wolf Cubs please come forward with their parents?

Present Wolf badges to parents,
who present them to the boys.

One of the things stressed by Confucius was politeness and respect toward authority. He said, “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” On the Bear Trail the Bear Cubs have worked with their leaders and their parents to have fun while learning important skills like cooking, planning family adventures outdoors, how to save and spend the money they earn, and how to make good choices. Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents please come forward?

Present Bear badges to parents,
who present them to the boys.

Boys who have been in the Webelos Den this year have been working on activity badges, camping as a den while gaining new outdoor skills and also learning what it will mean to be a Boy Scout. Confucius said, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Webelos Scouts, you’ve been in Cub Scouts quite a while. You know the meaning of “Do Your Best.” You are now practicing what it means to “Be Prepared.” Remember what Confucius said and do those things with all your heart. Will the following Webelos Scouts and their parents please come forward?

Present Webelos badges to parents,
who present them to the boys.

To close this advancement ceremony, here is one more thought from the Chinese philosopher, Confucius: “When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself.” In other words, the words of the Cub Scout Motto – always “Do Your Best.”


Chinese New Year Advancement

Brenda, Last Frontier Council


Tonight we gather to not only celebrate the birthday of Scouting, but also to recognize our Scouts for their excitement in the Scouting program.  All of our boys have been working hard to present their parents and families with an exciting and well decorated party tonight.  Lets thank all of them for their effort with a New Years Cheer = Gung Hay Fat Choy!!   (that means Congratulations on coming into prosperity)

First let us present our Tiger rank.  Will our Tigers please come forward?  Our Tigers remind us of the Firecrackers we see during the Chinese New Year.  Firecrackers are used to awaken the dragons during the New Year celebration and to chase off evil.  Our Tigers are busy all year running and shouting and enjoying the Scouting program with their Tiger partner.  Tigers, can we hear some Firecracker noises?  Your advancement is enclosed in the symbolic firecracker!

Next lets call up our Wolf dens.  The wolves remind us of the Chinese dragons in the way they dance and weave through the program. They were awakened by the Tiger “firecrackers” last year and continue this year to learning about the community, citizenship, health and more.  They are in and out of all areas of the program and are very eager and showy in their manner.  Wolves can we see the dragon dance!  Your advancement is enclosed in the symbolic firecracker that awakens the dragon during the Chinese new year.

Bears, will you come to the front please.  Our Bears have been busy this year doing what Bears do….. At this stage in the Scouting program they are becoming knowledgeable in family life as well as citizenship in the community.  They become more independent and work on “other” activities that interest them.  They are looking for more, much more in the Bear year.  Our bears remind us of Chinese Kites; Soaring on the breezes, wanting to go higher, needing more in the program.  Be sure to keep them challenged!!  No one wants to be around a bored Bear!  Your advancement is enclosed in the symbolic firecracker that still excites you, but with more “POW”.  Can we see either some kite antics or some POW!!

Will our Webelos I please come forward.  Our Webelos are beginning to transition into the Boy Scout program.  They are a symbol of change as they explore the unknown.

We will let the Chinese lantern represent our Webelos I.  They are becoming the older boys in the Pack and as such they become the guiding light of the unit.  Webelos please show us your best guiding light impression!  Your advancement is enclosed in the symbolic firecracker to remind you of how fun and important the Tiger year is, and to encourage you to lead and encourage the Tigers.

Please welcome our Webelos II to the front.  This will be their last Blue and Gold as a member of the Pack.  They are branching into a new program called Boy Scouts.  They have been visiting Troops and camping with them.  Most of these boys know what Troop they will be joining this month.  What Chinese symbol do with give them?.......

They are the fortune cookie.  They have been created with the best ingredient, mixed with the Scouting program and values, shaped by their mentoring leaders, and baked in the great outdoors.  Inside them is the fortune that will begin to reveal itself in the coming years. Webelos, your advancement is contained in the symbolic firecracker, always keep the firecracker excitement you had as a Tiger.  Webelos, can we hear some POW!

Those Webelos who have received their Arrow of light please come forward.  The arrow of light is the highest award in the Cub Scout program.  These scouts have had their Arrow of Light Ceremony with all the bells and whistles.  Please add this feather to your arrow as a symbol of encouragement as you go into the future and the Boy Scout program.


Tangram Advancement Ceremony

Alice, Golden Empire Council


Make a giant Tangram – when completed, it could form a Chinese Dragon or the unit number of your pack or whatever you wish.

Awards can be attached to the back of each tangram piece, to be given out before the piece is put into the final shape.

Cut the Tangram pieces out of  colored poster board, one piece for each boy (in a large pack, you could have one piece for each den).

Make sure the Cubmaster knows the final shape of the tangram and what it looks like – putting a small number on the back of each tangram piece where it connects with another piece would help to create the proper shape. 

Narrator or CM:  This month the boys have been learning about China and Chinese customs.  A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle – sometimes called “seven pieces of cleverness” because traditionally, only seven pieces were used.  The object of the puzzle is to rearrange the pieces of a square (the puzzle pieces) to form figures using the tangram pieces.

Tonight, we have a mysterious tangram – the puzzle will only be revealed when we have presented the awards earned by the boys of our pack.  (CM then calls up boys and parents, presenting awards till the tangram is empty, then placing it in the right place to form the final puzzle.)When the puzzle is completed, explain why the figure was chosen. (For example, if making a Dragon, it could be to remind the boys to be bold in learning and working toward advancements.  If the tangram forms the number of the Pack, remind the audience that this number represents the accomplishments of all the pack members, past and present.)

Chinese New Year Arrow of Light Ceremony:

Scouter Jim, Great Salt Lake Council

Props:  Red Envelope (bag) with 4-6 surprise display items obtained about Cub(s) ahead of time, and 3 or more oranges depending on people asked to share service/activity stories.

Narrator, CC or CM: The Chinese New Year Parade was first celebrated in the 1860s by Chinese immigrants working in the mines during the California Gold Rush.  They wanted to teach others about the Chinese New Year.  The fortune cookie was invented at a Tea Garden bakery in Golden Gate Park in 1909. 

So this month, in the year of 2008, we are celebrating the year of the “Arrow of Light.”  All Cubs who are awarded in the year of the “Arrow of Light,” will exemplify these character traits: (meaning of the Arrow of Light-highlighting the values as found in Ceremonies for Packs and Dens pg. 110.)  In the year of the “Arrow of Light,” these requirements need to be met. (Explain the requirements.)

With every New Year, the Chinese children ask for their red envelopes.  The red envelopes contain even amounts of money to signify life and luck.  The year of the “Arrow of Light” red bag contains treasures revealing the fortune of that Cub.  Display items.

Oranges were given for abundant joy.  We have some oranges to give out tonight.  Have the Webelos Den Leader and Parents share a service/activity about each Cub and give him an orange. 

The Cub can then tell about his favorite activity/service to earn the Arrow of Light and quote either the Scout Oath or Law.

Cubmaster then presents the award.  The Cub then gives the pin to his mom with the “Mother’s Salute,” after which, the Father can present the award with the Cub Scout or Scout handshake.  The Cub leads everyone in his favorite cheer!

Advancement Ideas

Sam Houston Area Council


«  Make red envelopes (lai see – pronounced “lie-see”) for each boy receiving an award. Have the boys come up with their parent(s) and then they can open the envelopes and receive their awards. Don’t forget to emphasize the importance of the color red in the Chinese New Year and the significance of the envelopes that are given to children each year during the New Year celebration.

«  Attach awards for boys to different symbols used to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Some of these could be: red envelope, small dragon, lantern, firecracker (not real), a small broom, pictures of the different Chinese zodiac animals, a tangerine, etc. You can explain the symbolism (see section on symbolism above) of each object as each boy comes up to receive his award.

Fortune Cookie Advancement

Utah National Parks Council


Preparation: Purchase fortune cookies for each of the boys. Hand-write in small print or use a printer with condensed print so the message can be small enough to fit on a strip to be placed in the cookies.

Use messages like:

  • "Congratulations - You are a Wolf!"

  • "You are a hard worker - You have earned a Bear Badge!"

  • "We'll be loyal Scouts it's true and so are you."

To prepare cookies -

  • Put fortune cookies into microwave, one at a time, for about 20-30 seconds.

  • Warm cookie will be pliable enough to pry open.

  • Quickly remove the original strip of paper and slip your own fortune in; press back into closed position before it hardens again.

  • Keep cookies for different ranks separate.

CUBMASTER: We have had a wonderful year full of hard work and good fortune. Will __________ please come forward with his parents? You have made many wise choices as a Cub Scout that have brought you here tonight.

Please choose your new fortune and read it to the audience..."



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