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Baloo's Bugle


February 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 7
March 2005 Theme

Theme: Invention Convention
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub:



Tiger Advancement Song

Circle Ten Council

Tune: Farmer in the Dell

A Tigering we will go, A Tigering we will go,

Hi-ho the derrio, a Tigering we will go.

The Tiger makes a Bobcat, the Tiger makes a Bobcat,

Hi-ho the derrio, a Tigering we will go.

ü     The Bobcat makes a Wolf . . .

ü     The Wolf Cub makes a Bear . . .

ü     Then next is We-be-los . . .

ü     The Webelos makes a Scout . . .

ü     A Tigering we will go . . .

Orange Tiger

Circle Ten Council

 (Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie ?)

Oh, I saw an orange Tiger, a Tiger, a Tiger;

Oh, I saw an orange Tiger, with lots of black stripes.

With stripes all in black, in the front and the back;

Oh, I saw an orange Tiger, with lots of black stripes.

Tiger Cubs Have Fun

Circle Ten Council

 (Tune: Frere Jacques)

Tiger Cubs have fun, Tiger Cubs have fun ;

Search, and Discover, Discover and Share;

Always on the go, helping us to grow,

Tiger Cubs, Tiger Cubs.

Search Each Day

Circle Ten Council

 (Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Search, search, search each day, with your Tiger group

Discovering, and Sharing, Discovering and Sharing

That’s the Tiger Cub way.

Tiger Song

Circle Ten Council

 (Tune: Are You Sleeping?)

We are Tigers, we are Tigers,

sharing our love, sharing our love

Searching and discovering, searching and discovering,

While we grow, while we grow.

Here are some more Outdoor Activities as the

Weather starts to warm up –

Spring arrives in March!!!

Circle Ten Council


Use spring type clothespins. Paint them. Wings are made from construction paper, cut into symmetrical shapes. Slip wings into clothespins jaws and glue. Straight pins with colored round heads can be used for antennae.  Bumblebee uses a 1 ½” Styrofoam ball or ping-pong ball cut in half and glued to top of clothespin. Pom poms can be used for eyes, paper clips can be used for legs, etc. OPTIONAL: Glue ½” magnetic strip to back of clothespin and make into a refrigerator magnet for mom for Mother’s Day.

Tiger Games

Circle Ten Council


A tag game in which “it” is the scorpion and walks on his hands and one foot. “It” has to keep the other foot in the air. This is the stinger and “it” tries to tag the other players with his stinger.


Make 2 lines on the ground about 10 feet a part; the two opponents stand back to back between the lines. Both bend forward, reach between their legs and grasp each other’s wrists, they then start pulling each other towards their line.

Go See It Outing

Go on a short guided hike at a local nature center.

Design and conduct a nature scavenger hunt. Show samples of the 3 - 5 items on the list

Visit your local water treatment plant. What makes the water safe to drink?

Visit a planetarium. Learn about those stars in the sky. Discuss the aerospace program and how close we are to living up there.

Go fishing. Release your fish when you are done.

If possible, visit a trash to energy plant.

Let's Go Outdoors

Family Activity

Circle Ten Council

Energy Savers Game

Enlarge and copy game onto white cardstock. Let boys color and play with their family. This game is for two players. Cut out the playing pieces. Then roll a dice to determine number of moves.

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