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Baloo's Bugle


February 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 7
March 2005 Theme

Theme: Invention Convention
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub:



Find A Name

Longhorn Council

Find and circle the last name of these famous inventors –

Sir Isaac Newton                                  Aristotle

Galileo                                         Michelangelo

Louis Braille                                    James Watt

Leonardo DaVinci                           Joseph Lister

Robert Fulton                             Albert Einstein

Guillermo Marconi                       Ernie Levassor

Eli Whitney                                 Orville Wright

George Eastman           George Washington Carver

John Logie Baird                        Thomas Edison

Alexander Fleming                        William Kalff

Werner von Braun                  Johannes Gutenberg

Alfred Nobel                        Robert Watson Watt

Roger Bacon                                Madame Curie

Copy and enlarge this word search before trying to solve it.

Who Invented It?

Baltimore Area Council

Each of the following inventions has played an important part in modern industrial development. Who invented each of them?

1. ______  Telephone               A. Edmund Cartwright

2. ______  Phonograph              B. Cyrus McCormick

3. ______  Telegraph               C. Samuel F. B. Morse

4. ______  Dynamite            D. The DuPont Company

5. ______  Power Loom          E. Thomas Alva Edison

6. ______  Steamboat                                F. Galileo

7. ______  Reaper                       G. Charles Goodyear

8. ______  Vulcanized rubber H. Alexander Graham Bell

9. ______  Nylon                  I. Sir Alexander Fleming

10. _____  Thermometer                    J. Robert Fulton

11. _____  Penicillin       K. Wilbur and Orville Wright

12. _____  Airplane                           L. Alfred Nobel

Answers:     1-H, 2-E, 3-C, 4-L, 5-A, 6-J, 7-B, 8-G, 9-D,
10-F, 11-I, 12-K

Head Word

Baltimore Area Council

Equipment:       Paper and pencils for each individual.

Instructions:      The leader writes a word or phrase from which the boys make as many words as possible in a timed period. An example is Lord Baden Powell; rod, ball, bad, pole, etc.


Circle Ten Council

Equipment        Pencil and paper

Test your computer jargon and match the word with the correct definition.

KEYBOARD            SOFTWARE               MONITOR


RAM                             BIT

1.     It reads and stores information between the disk and the computer

2.     It’s much like a typewriter and feeds information and commands to the computer

3.     What is the screen that displays the computers out put.

4.     Computer temporary memory that can be changed or edited.

5.     It means binary digit and it’s the only symbols computers understand.

6.     The actual physical, hard, computer components like screen, keyboards, printer, etc.

7.     Flexible plastic disk used to write electronic information magnetically.

8.     A set of instructions that tell your computer what to do.                                                      BIT


1 – Disk Drive          2 – Keyboard              3 – Monitor

4 – Ram [random access memory]                      5 – Bit,

6 – Hardware          7 – Floppy disk           8 – Software

Tower Building

Baltimore Area Council

Have an assortment of “blocks” made from scrap lumber, all sizes and shapes. Boys take turns stacking blocks of wood, forming a tower, one at a time. How tall can the tower grow before it tumbles? The object is to not be the one that causes the stack to fall.

Cardboard Drop 

Baltimore Area Council

You will need a piece of cardboard about 8” square and a button in front of each standing player.  The idea of this game is to drop the cardboard so it falls on the button and covers it.  This is tricky because the cardboard will swirl as it falls.  A player may pick up is cardboard and try as many times as he likes.  The cardboard must be held with only one hand.

Pack Gathering Activity

Baltimore Area Council

Set up display tables for boys’ genius kit designs. A committee of parents could be recruited to place colorful stickers on every display. Make sure every boy is recognized for their efforts by presenting Genius Night Certificates of Merit or other suitable memento.

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