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Baloo's Bugle


February 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 7
March 2005 Theme

Theme: Invention Convention
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub:



The Robot Inventors

Longhorn Council

Characters: 6 Scientists in lab jackets (white shirts, collars turned inside out, put on backwards), 7th Scientist is dressed in the same manner and wears a top hat, boy dressed in cardboard robot costume

Setting: Table, covered with old sheet reaching to the floor in front. Fishbowl or other round glass bowl, test tubes, flasks, etc. are on the table. One of the six is reading a book plainly marked “HOW TO INVENT A ROBOT” while another looks over his shoulder. Another is stirring in a large bowl with a large wooden or cardboard spoon. Scientist #7 is offstage. Cardboard robot is hidden behind table.

SCIENTIST 1: It doesn’t seem to be working.

SCIENTIST 2: I can’t understand it.

(Scientist #7 enters from stage left carrying top hat)

SCIENTIST 7: I’ve got it! I’ve got it! A friend of mine just told me how to do it. (He places the hat on the table) You just say, “Abra-Ca-Dabra l-2-3!” reach in and....

SCIENTIST 4: Wait a minute. What did you say your friend’s name was?

SCIENTIST 7: Magisto the Magician. He says he’s pulled a robot out of a hat lots of times,

SCIENTIST 5: That’s RABBIT not ROBOT you dunce!!

(They chase Scientist 7 offstage, waving book, spoon, etc. Scientist 6 starts to join them but stops and looks at hat)

SCIENTIST 6: (shrugging shoulders) It just might work! Abra-ca-dabra l-2-3! (He takes hold of hat with left hand, tips it towards himself at edge of table, pretends to reach in hat, but really reached behind table and pulls up the robot who has been hidden) hey, you guys! It worked! Now I’ll just push this button....(pretends to push button on front of robot) ROBOT DROPS TO ALL FOURS, HOPS OFFSTAGE SHOWING A BIG FLUFFY BUNNY TAIL BOBBING AT BACK)

The Invention

Longhorn Council

Cast: 4 or more boys

Scene: Boy 1 is sitting on a chair (bed). Toys and clothes are scattered all over the “room”. He is deep in thought. Several of his friends have come over to see him....friends enter.

ALL:       Hi! What are you doing?

BOY 1:    Just thinking.

BOY 2:    Thinking about what?

BOY 1:    My invention,

BOY 3:    Are you inventing something 

BOY 1:    Sure! I want to be famous like Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison.

BOY 4:    What are you going to make? Maybe we could help.

BOY 1:    Really? Do you all want to help?

ALL:       SURE!

BOY 1:    OK. (stands up) First of all, I need a box. There’s one in my closet. (BOY 2 goes off stage to get a box)

Then I need 2 toy airplanes, (BOY 3 picks them up)

And I need some kite string. (BOY 4 gets it)

(Continue with this until all the toys

have been picked up by the boys.)

Last I need some rags. We can use my clothes for that. (They pick up the clothes)

BOY 1:    (Looks around the “ROOM”). Well, that just about takes care of it.

BOY 2:    Takes care of what?

BOY 1:    My invention! I just invented a way to get my room cleaned before my mom gets home!


Baltimore Area Council

This could work as an Opening or Closing, too CD

The horizon of our world
Might never have been widened,
If men before us hadn’t tried
To answer questions that -mystified.

      Their greatness we do not dispute,
But how they did it, we refute.
The legends have become so great,
We want to set the record straight!

BEN FRANKLIN:         (carries kite and key)
Ben Franklin had to find ‘lectricity;
He was picked up one night for insanity,
It was all he could do to explain
Why he liked to fly kites out in the rain.

ALEXANDER G. BELL:           (carries phone),
He invented the phone, as history books tell;
He was a man named Alexander Bell,
But the reason he did...the books are hazy;
His wife loved to talk...nearly drove him crazy!!

TOM EDISON: (carries lightbulb)
Young Tom Edison, we’ll admit,
Gets a lot of credit and deserves all of it.
But it’s little known that he invented light
‘Cause he tripped-on the bed one dark, dark night!! –

WRIGHT BROTHERS: (carries toy airplane)
The Wright Brothers got the first plane to go,
It wasn’t their hang-up if you want to know;
It hurt their pride when they heard a lady talk and say:
“Who ever heard of Kitty Hawk?”

ALL:    So, with invention, you can see,
That although the Mother of Necessity,
It all would have been just a lot of bother,
If Accident hadn’t been the Father!!

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