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Baloo's Bugle


February 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 7
March 2005 Theme

Theme: Invention Convention
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub:



Genius At Work

Circle Ten Council

Tune: Down By the Station

Out in his workshop (1)

Early in the morning (2)

See the brainy Cub Scout (3)

Busily at work (1)

Building a computer (1)

Watch him turn the knobs (4)

Buzz, buzz, flash, flash (5)

Does not compute! (6)


1.     Pound fist of right hand on left hand, as if hammering.

2.     Yawn and stretch.

3.     Point to head to show brains.

4.     Cup right hand and turn in front of body, as if turning knobs.

5.     Hold hands over ears while blinking eyes fast.

6.     Hold hand on head as if head hurts with
an “oh, no” look on face

Cub Scout Inventor

Baltimore Area Council

Tune: Whistle While You Work

Cub Scouts whistle while they work, (Whistle)
They pitch right in and laugh and grin
And they whistle while they work.

Cub Scouts hum a merry tune! (Hum)
They hum all day to work and play,.
They hum a merry tune!

Now take these genius kits,
A sack of scraps and gunk,
With paint and glue and nails, a few,
Turn them into priceless junk.

Cub Scouts whistle while they work, (Whistle)
They do their bit, they never quit,
Cub Scouts whistle while they work.

Whacked  My Thumb

Baltimore Area Council

tune: The Blue-tail Fly


Whacked my thumb and I don’t care
Hurt it bad, But I don’t care
Whacked it good, but I don’t care
The feelings gone away.

When I was young I went to play
In father’s woodshop one fine day.
I took a hammer, some wood and nails
And tried to make some kitchen scales.

I tried to hang a picture frame
Sent to me by dear Aunt Jane
To hang the picture on the wall
I swung that hammer and let it fall.

One day I tried to make a boat
I worked real hard so it would float
I nailed my fingers to the bow
I’m bandaged to the elbows now.

I joined the local Cub Scout Pack
I learned to make a neat tie rack
A little skill I all it took
They had instructions in my book.

Final chorus:
I missed my thumb, I’ve learned to care
I missed my thumb, I’ve learned to care
I missed my thumb, I’ve learned to care
The feelings here to stay.

The Invention

Longhorn Council

Tune: The Farmer In The Dell

I had a genius kit,
Thought lots about it,
I laid the pieces side by side,
And examined them bit by bit.

A nut, a bolt, a screw,
A piece of wood too,
A leather scrap, some furry nap,
And a little bottle of glue.

A needle and some thread,
A nail without a head,
A piece of fire, a bit of wire,
And this is what I said:

“I don’t see how this mess,
Can really quite express,
My urge for building something grand,”
But now I must confess:

I sewed and nailed and glued,
Until the thing I viewed,
Was something grand, you understand,
A mechanical dog that mooed.

Whoops, You’re A Genius

Longhorn Council

Tune: Pop Goes the Weasel or

All Around The Mullberry Bush

A block of wood, a piece of wire,
or junk that seems the seediest,
just put it all together now,
Whoops, you’re a genius.

You never know the size or shape,
From biggest to the teeniest,
But put it all together now,
Whoops, you’re a genius!

Old Inventions

Baltimore Area Council

Tune: Auld Lang Syne

Should old inventions be forgot, -
And never brought to mind,
Just look in any antique shop
Old inventions you will find.

A Victrola, a wind up toy,
An old telegraph key,
Inventions that brought hope and joy,
Don’t last eternally.

An automatic nose picker,
A top-coat made of flies,
A dried up envelope licker,
And jellies made from mice.

Inventions may be old and strange,
But we need new ones too.
Who’ll find the cure for fleas and mange,
That inventor may be you.

Tomorrow’s Computer

Longhorn Council

 Tune: Down by the Station

Out in the workshop early in the morning
See the Cub Scout Genius Busily at work
Building a computer Watch him push the buttons
Buzz, buzz, flash, flash Won’t compute

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