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Baloo's Bugle


February 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 7
March 2005 Theme

Theme: Invention Convention
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub:



Crossed and Uncrossed

Circle Ten Council

Do NOT give away the gimmick (Leg position), make the Scouts earn it.  CD

Players are seated in a circle.  Begin the game by passing the sticks to the boy on your right saying, “I pass these crossed” or “ I pass these uncrossed” depending on whether or not your legs are crossed, not the sticks (crossing and uncrossing the sticks on each hand off adds to the confusion and fun of the game)  The boy receiving the sticks says, “I receive these uncrossed sticks, I pass them crossed.” Again according to the position of his legs.  On each pass, say whether the boy is right or wrong in his statement.  Keep playing until all players catch on.  (You may want to coach one or two boys before hand.)

INVENTION Scramble Relay

Longhorn Council

Write the letters INVENTION on separate pieces of paper, make two sets of them.

Divide into 2 teams. On signal the, 1st one of each team races to where the cards are all scrambled. He picks up any letter from the pile and the pencil beside it, writes any word beginning with that letter on the paper, then races back to tap the next in line. They all take turns doing this until all the letters have been used. If a boy can‘t think of a word beginning with his chosen letter, he may choose a different letter not used and write a word for that letter. However, he can’t come back and tap the next until he has written a word and the team can’t complete the relay until every letter has at least one word written on it. The first team done is declared the winning team.

The boys have lots of fun doing this one and won’t realize they are learning the art of quick thinking, learning new words, and teamwork. To make it harder you can require 2 or 3 words on each letter. If the boys want to play it a second time, that might be a good time to make the rules a little tougher.

Progressive Invention Kit

Longhorn Council

ü     This can be a combination of a craft project and game. It can be varied in many ways to suit the needs of your den. It can combine the fun of a game with teamwork, thinking fast and imagination.

ü     Give each person 2 or 3 scrap items without telling him what he will be doing with them. The bigger the variety, the better so that they can all pick different things.

ü     Divide group into 2 teams. Each team sits around a table or in a circle on the floor. Have items available to each group such as stapler, scissors, glue, tape, hammer, and nails, etc.

ü     On signal, player #1, combines his items in some fashion to make a project. After using all his items, he then passes it to the next person, who adds all his items in some way using glue, nails, tape, staples, etc. as needed.

ü     This continues around the team until everybody’s items have been added and a completed project is in front of them, at the end.

ü     When a whistle is blown, the project is done. Then the group takes a few minutes to make a description of their project, giving it a name and tell with it does. Here’s where a boy’s imagination can create some unbelievable contraptions. The explanations will be shared and are bound to bring a lot of laughs. This could also be done in a den by pairing the boys off to do this if you have an even number of boys thus having more groups competing with each other. At the end of this, everybody should get a genius award of some kind for their participation.

Amazing Flying Machine (Bomb Pops)

Baltimore Area Council

Materials: 5 Craft sticks (tongue depressors work best)

1.              Weave the 5 sticks together as shown.

2.              Fly like a Frisbee. The plane “explodes” on contact with the ground or other surfaces.

3.              Assemble it again, and have more fun.

Calendar Checkers

Circle Ten Council

Place a calendar page on the floor.  Have the boys stand at least six feet away and take turns tossing 3 checkers onto the calendar page. When everyone has tossed their checkers, have them total up their score.  The date they have landed on determines their number of points.

Secret Orders

Circle Ten Council

Divide players into two teams.  In turn, each player runs from the starting point to the chair, where he picks up a card, reads the “order” and then fills the order.  Ex. shakes hands with every member of your team, crawls through the other boys’ legs pretending there is a fire and smoke has filled the room, etc.  The second team member then runs and reads his order. 

The first team to fill all of its orders wins.  The fun is in the “orders”.  Be creative!

Secret Invisible Ink

Baltimore Area Council

Dip a clean pen into the juice of a lemon, and write your message. To make it appear, heat the paper slowly over a hot light bulb. Milk will also work in place of lemon juice.

Human Machine Company

Baltimore Area Council

Form into groups of 8 - 10. Each one takes on the part of the machine they are as a group. One by one the parts of the machine go together and sounds are added. Example: a car, one is the engine, another the windshield and another the trunk, etc. Use a little imagination and make up your own machines for fun.

The Mad Scientist

Baltimore Area Council

One player is chosen as the Mad Scientist and leaves the room. The rest of the players form a line and hold hands.  Then, without letting go of their hands, the line ties itself up by crawling under the arms, through the legs, over the arms, etc.  The Mad Scientist then returns and tries to untangle the line without anyone letting go of the others hands.

Paper Airplane Contest

Baltimore Area Council

Give each boy one sheet of paper. Have them design and make airplanes by folding the paper. No other materials may be used. Have a contest judging the planes in one or several categories. Some suggestions are:  distance, loops, tricks, or landings, judging the best in each category. It is best to allow the boys to do the judging. Everyone will be a winner!

Newspaper Ad Relay

Baltimore Area Council

Needed for this game are: 2 or more newspapers, folded; a pair of scissors for each newspaper; a list of ads to be cut (one list per team). Place a newspaper and a pair of scissors on a table or the floor 30 feet from the starting line. Divide players into teams (relay formation). Players run to the folded paper, unfold paper, find ad, cut out ad, refold paper and checks ad off list. Player returns to line and next player repeats process and on through the line. First team done, wins.

Genius Balloon Race

Baltimore Area Council

Divide your group into even teams. Set up a goal at the other side of the room. Line your teams up opposite the goal. Give the first person in the line a balloon. Tell them simply that they must go down to the goal and back carrying the balloon, give it to the next person in line, who does the same thing, on to the last player. The first team to finish with all the players is the winner. What makes this a genius race? Simple -- no one is allowed to touch the balloon with their hands! It takes a genius to figure out how to transport that balloon! One little concession; let the receiving person touch the balloon or they may never pass it from one to another,


Circle Ten Council

ü     Everyone sits in a circle and one player is asked to leave.  While that player is out, the group chooses a noun for their data, like shoe or job, to be guessed by the absent player who is the computer operator. 

ü     When the operator returns, he asks, “Your data please?” to anyone he chooses.  That person must respond with a true answer (one word adjectives are sufficient), describing the data that is theirs. 

ü     For example, if the data (answer) is car, someone might answer, “old” or “expensive.”  The operator tries to guess the data after each adjective until he guesses correctly. 

ü     The last player to name an adjective before the correct data is guessed becomes the new computer operator.


Circle Ten Council

ü     The players may stand or sit in a circle.  One player is “it” and he stands inside the circle trying to discover where the internet is connecting. 

ü     All of the players are the internet and hold hands as one player, preferably someone standing behind  “it” is designated to start the communications going.  He squeezes the hand of either the person to his left or right. 

ü     That player passes it on in any direction by squeezing another’s hand in any direction. 

ü     “It” turns around and watches closely the faces and hands of the players in order to detect the position of the Internet connection.  When he guesses correctly, the player caught takes his place.

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