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Baloo's Bugle


February 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 7
March 2005 Theme

Theme: Invention Convention
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub:



Computer Award Ceremony

Great Salt Lake Council


(1)    Decorate a large box that someone can sit in, or a card table with a hole in the middle (word of caution - ask wife before cutting hole in table.)

(2)    Place a box decorated like a computer on top.


Did you know that a Utah native by the name of Philo Farnsworth invented the first television? (or substitute a famous inventor from your state – Thomas Edison of New Jersey, The Wright Brothers in Ohio) All of us can’t be geniuses and invent things that change the lives of others; but we can all decide to be a light to our families, our county, our state and community by doing good deeds.


Cubmaster apologizes for not picking up awards then says, “Let’s see if the computer can figure it out.”

Have the boy come up with his parents.

Put a card into the computer with boy’s name.

 The computer lights flash, bells ring, and then it spits out the awards.

Tell the things that he has done to earn the awards.

Present the awards to the boy’s parents.

And have him pin his mother with her mother’s pin.

After all the awards have been given out in a like manner, have fun with the computer.  Here are a few ideas:

1.     Put in a parent’s name, the computer shakes, grinds, then sends out a long tape that says DOES NOT COMPUTE.

2.     Feed in a package of seeds - a plant comes out.

3.     Put in a stick - finished wood item comes out.

4.     Put in a candy bar - out comes a wrapper.

5.     Put in a broccoli - which comes out intact untouched.

6.     Put in a card - nothing happens. Kick side of computer – out comes a tilt card.

Invention Convention Advancement

Baltimore Area Council

Equipment:  Box made up to look like a computer, large cards with Bobcat, Wolf, Etc. on them, awards.

Cubmaster:   In keeping with our theme of “Invention Convention,” I would like to unveil my latest invention. (Uncover or bring in Computer.) This amazing device is able to collect all the information that comes in from our Pack Committee Members, Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leaders and Parents. It can then determine which Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts are eligible for which awards. Allow me to demonstrate.

(Hold up Bobcat card. Insert into slot in machine. Pick up pre-positioned Bobcat awards from rear of box.)

Will (name) and his parents please come forward? (Present awards).

(Follow similar procedures for awards of Wolf, Bear, Arrow Points and Webelos Badge and Activity Awards.)

(Hold up Arrow of Light card. Insert into machine. Call for Arrow of Light recipient).

These young men may or may not be real inventors, but they have shown the truth of the old saying that ninety percent of success is perspiration. They have worked long and hard, some as long as three years, to achieve their goal. What they built was not a better mousetrap, but something far more valuable to the world today, better young men. In recognition of this achievement, we present them with an award that is so highly thought of that it is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on all other Scout uniforms. (Present awards) I want to congratulate all of you and your parents. The whole Pack is proud of your accomplishments and we’re sure you will continue to “Do Your Best.”

Computer Communication

Circle Ten Council

Cubmaster comes on stage and pints to a computer in which the Assistant Cubmaster is located.

Cubmaster:  In today’s world the most important communication is electronic communication.  Without the use of computers in electronic communication, your telephone would not work, the financial systems of the world from the banks to the stock market would be in chaos, and air traffic could not be safely and efficiently handled.  Because of the use of computers, we can instantly have access to information and documents from around the world. 

Today we will use our pack computer to inform us of any awards our Cubs may have this month. 

Computer, do we have any Cubs tonight who are ready to be advanced to the rank of Tiger?

Computer:  Yes, the following Tigers _____ (name the Tigers) are ready to advance.

Cubmaster:  Will those Tigers please escort their parents to the front.  Computer, what did these Tigers do to earn the rank of Tiger?

Computer:  [Reads the requirements of advancement to Tiger rank.]

Cubmaster:  Present awards to mother to give to Tigers.

Proceeds to do the same for each of the ranks.

The Wheel - Advancement Ceremony

Baltimore Area Council

Personnel:  Asst Cubmaster (ACM), Cubmaster (CM)

ACM:    While pushing a wheelbarrow decorated in blue and gold and, optionally, dressed as a caveman he says, “Hey you guys! Look what I invented!”

CM:      “What are you going to do with it?”

ACM:    “Well, uh, I don’t know, but it sure is fun and easy to push around!”

CM:      “Hey I’ve got an idea. Will the parents of (new Cub Scout) and his Den Leader please come forward? Great! Parents this is (Den Leader’s Name) who will be working with your boy. Will you please stand close together in a row.

ACM brings in new Cub Scout in the wheel invention.

CM:      “Thank you, now push him behind this line of people and I will invent a Cub Scout. (While boy is behind the row of parent the Den leader, CM and ACM put the boy in a uniform and neckerchief.                                                                                                                             When he appears the boy is now a Cub Scout.)

CM:      “Using this wheel invention, I have invented a Cub Scout.” (He then welcomes boy to the Pack and awards him his Bobcat badge, if earned.)

Other rank advancements could be done the same way. While behind the line of people neckerchiefs are exchanged. 

Other awards - Arrow Points, Activity badges, etc. could be awarded from the wheelbarrow.

Light Through the Ages

Baltimore Area Council

Props:   Artificial campfire, kerosene lantern, shallow dish with wick and oil, regular electric lamp, candle in self-contained holder

Setting:  Items on separate small tables in front of room, place awards at each station.

Cubmaster:       Cub Scouting is a way of life. Let’s compare Cub Scouting with “artificial light” a good representation of the product of many geniuses. (Lights out. Turn on artificial campfire.)

When man discovered fire, he also discovered lighting. His campfire and burning knots were his first artificial light. In Cub Scouting the first light is BOBCAT. (Lights wick in dish.)

Light progresses and the boy progresses. Someone discovered that a rag in animal fat makes a better and more lasting light. Our boy becomes a WOLF and the lasting light compares with the ARROW POINTS he can earn. (Light the candle.)

Lights are getting bigger and better. Our boy is growing. We can mold animal fat around a string and get a better light. We can mold a boy and get a BEAR. (Light the kerosene lantern)

Petroleum was discovered in this country, and the kerosene lamp was developed. Now we have a better light and WEBELOS. (Light the electric lamp)

Thomas Edison put two wires in a vacuum tube and watched them glow in light. Our boys are prepared to become SCOUTS.

At this point, turn on room lights and the actual awards are presented by calling each group of boys and their parents forward to the appropriate table. Boys and parents may remain standing behind each table until all awards are presented.

Cubmaster:       Any genius will tell you that he is absolutely useless without a greater power. We, as Akela’s for these boys, are a guiding light toward the great power that lies in darkness in their minds. We congratulate these Scouts for coming out of the darkness and growing brighter at each Scouting function. As they grow, so does the world.

Puzzling Advancement

Circle Ten Council

Materials:  A large piece of cardboard with a picture of a Cub Scout, cut out in a jig-saw style.

Cubmaster starts with “This evening we have several boys who have completed the puzzle of achievements and electives so they may advance in rank.”

Will Tiger _____ (name of Tiger) and his parents come forward?  (Give each a piece of the large puzzle. 

Continue in the same way for the Bobcats, Wolfs, Bears, and Webelos, giving everyone a piece of the jig-saw puzzle.

After all the awards are presented, have the boys and parents put the jig-saw puzzle together)

End by saying  - By working together we can fit all the pieces of the Cub Scout puzzle together to make a complete picture of Cub Scouting and the youth of America.

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