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Baloo's Bugle


February 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 7
March 2004 Theme

Theme: Walk in My Shoes
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub: Achievement #7




Athlete –

Physical Skills Group

Being Healthy

By Barb Stephens

Circle Ten Council

Good Health Habits Quiz

Circle the correct answer(s).

1.       Bathe/shower (everyday OR once per week) and especially after exercise.

2.       Wash your hair (1/month OR 2+ times/week).

3.       Wash hands (before eating OR after using the restroom) and when they're dirty.

4.       Eat right - (3 OR 4 OR 6) regular meals each day at regular times!

5.       Eat (just some OR a variety of) food from each of the 4 food groups.

6.       The average 10 year old should get at least (6 OR 9 OR 12) hours of sleep each night.

ANSWERS: 1. Everyday, 2. 2+ times, before eating and after using restroom, 3. 3 meals, 4. Variety, 9 hours


Clean & Strong

Circle Ten Council

Circle T for True or F for False.

T     F

Our bodies "repair" themselves while we sleep.

T     F

Clean clothes aren't necessary after a bath or shower - they are just in the morning.

T     F

Use proper lighting for all activities including reading, TV viewing, and playing.

T     F

Fitness is never just physical - it involves

both the mind and body together.

T     F

Stand tall, and walk tall with shoulders

back and stomach in.

T     F

It's OK to share drinking cups,

washcloths and towels.

T     F

Different foods provide different nutrients,

and no one food can sustain us.

T     F

Rushing meals or skipping meals can be harmful

to your body.

ANSWER: 1 - T, 2 - F, 3 - T, 4 - T, 5 - T, 6 - F, 7 - T, 8 - T








Volleyball Serve it Underhand

Circle Ten Council

The underhand serve is the easiest to master for volleyball. In a game you must put the ball into play from a 10 foot wide area behind the end line. Always practice with a line in front of you so you will learn not to cross it until you have released the ball.

For the underhand serve (if right handed), stands with your left foot about 13” in front of the right foot. Bend both knees a little, lift the ball in both hands out in front of your chest, to your right side. Hold the ball in the left hand and start to bring the right hand down. Close the finger of the right hand as if you were making a loose fist.

Keep your eyes on the ball. Bring right hand down, back, and up behind you. Step a quarter step forward on your left foot. Swing your right hand at ball. Just before you hit it, toss the ball up a little and drop your left hand away from it. (The rules say – release your left hand from the ball before hitting it.) Strike ball solidly with the palm side of your fist and follow through. (Of left handed, reverse from right to left.)

Once you master the serve, try using the heel of hand instead of fist. Close hand instead of your fist. Close your hand half-way so fingertips come just below the base of the fingers with thumb-tip beside the first joint of forefingers

The Athlete

Circle Ten Council

Tune: My Bonnie

They gave me a suit and a number

And sent me out on the field

They gave me a ball called the pigskin,

And shoes with some cleats, toe and heel


Muscles, Cramps, wracking my body with pain, with pain

I stand, wondering, if ever I’ll do this again!

Next time they gave me a racquet,

They sent me out on the court

Funny the things you encounter,

While trying to learn a new sport.


The ordeal was finally over,

At least, that’s what I thought,

When they shoved me the soccer equipment

I fainted dead on the spot!



Athlete Den Activities

Circle Ten Council

TOWEL PICKUP - Take off your shoes and socks. Pick up a towel with your toes.

PAPER PICKUP - Pick up a piece of paper from the floor without bending your knees

BOOK CARRY - Walk across the room with a book balanced on your head.

SKIN THE CAT - Clasp your hands in front of you. Try to step through the ring formed by your hands and finish standing upright with them clasped behind you. Return to your original position by stepping backwards through the ring.

TOE WRESTLING - Two wrestlers sit on the floor, facing each other with arms clasped around knees. When they are in this position, place a stick over each person’s elbows and under his bent knees. Their feet should be flat on the ground with the toes of one touching the toes of his opponent. The object is for one wrestler to get his toes under the toes of his opponent and roll him over backwards. If either wrestler breaks the handclasp above his knees, the other wins the contest.

SIDEWALK TENNIS - Played with a tennis ball on two squares of sidewalk or patch of level ground marked off in similar size. Ball is batted with the hands. Use regular tennis rules, except that there is no serving court



Requirement #1

Can be combined with the Fitness Activity Badge and the Sportsman Activity Badge. The subjects of being physically healthy, balanced diets, and bad effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can be combined and signed off all together.

Requirement #2

Takes the longest amount of time to complete and sign off of all the Physical Skills Group. To earn the Physical Fitness Sports Pin, the boy needs to earn 60 points in a 90 day period. They must exercise or be involved in some activity for 30 minutes to earn one point. The boy can earn a maximum of five points in a day. Just remember 30 minutes for one point, 60 points total in a 90 day period.

You can pass off requirements 3 through 9 as part of this pin, use requirement 3 and 4 of the Sportsman badge to meet the requirement.




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