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February 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 7
March 2004 Theme

Theme: Walk in My Shoes
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub: Achievement #7



Successful Pack Management

Cradle of Liberty Council

The following guidelines have been followed successfully by many packs. We suggest you use this as a checklist to determine where your pack operation can be improved.

q     Enthusiastic parent participation.

q     Good family attendance at pack meetings and activities.

q     Regular monthly den leader/den trainer meetings.

q     Pack administered by pack committee with work shared by many including all leaders.

q     Pack secretary keep up to date records.

q     Pack holds impressive graduation ceremonies.

q     A pack treasurer handles financial affairs and keeps accurate records.

q     Pack conducts at least one service project each year for community or the Chartered organization.

q     Accurate advancement records are kept.

q     Impressive ceremonies are used for induction of new families and for advancement.

q     Cubmaster is executive officer and is responsible for program of the pack.

q     Pack operates on the budget plan.

q     Pack has an effective, year-round membership recruiting plan.

q     Adult leaders are all trained.

q     Adult leaders are properly uniformed.

q     Pack has close working relationship with a Boy Scout troop.

q     Adult leaders regularly attend monthly roundtables.

q     Two deep leadership at all times.

q     Badges are always presented at the pack meeting with parents involved.

Now that I have given you the list – you are probably saying that is great, but where can I go for ideas on how to do improve what we are doing?  I have an answer - But first a short story – There is a Den Leader on my floor at work who told me one day he had to use his wife’s Girl scout books because BSA did not publish hardly anything.  The next day he had TWO large travel bags full of books on his desk when he arrived at work.  It took me three years to get him or his wife to a roundtable and when she got there she asked where have these been for the last three years??  Their pack is one of those that never shows up for training or anything district related.  They leave their leaders out on a limb.  So, since you are reading Baloo, I know you are not one of those but you might be surprised about how some other packs your friends at work or church belong to are operating and could gently nudge them with this information.  Now, where can you go for ideas?? Commissioner Dave


Pack References

Cradle of Liberty Council

BSA Publications –

Cub Leader Book                   Den and Pack Ceremonies

Insignia Guide                              Guide to Safe Scouting

Group Meeting Sparklers                    CS Program Helps

Scouting Magazine                          Boy's Life Magazine

Cub Scout How To Book           Cub Scout Handbooks

Webelos Leader Guide                  Cub Scout Songbook

Den Chief Handbook                                                          

Academics and Sports Program Guide

CS Roundtable Planning Guide                                        

And I am sure there are more –

Besides books there are what BSA calls BIN items –

These are pamphlets and flyers on many aspects of the Scouting program.  Some that come to mind are - 

Leave No Trace Guidelines for Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Outdoors program

Selecting pack Leadership

Cub Scout Highlights, which gives you all the latest news and upcoming themes.

Then there are other sources -

Roundtable handouts

Internet – It is amazing what you can find using www.google.com  I have found many songs and activities just by typing a line into Google.  But be careful when using Internet sources, some are not carefully controlled.

And many, many other books –

The Golden Book Nature series

The Canyon Campfire Companions (I wonder when volume 3 will be issued??) and other Campfire Planning books

Storytelling books

Klutz Books – some that I have used very successfully – “The Rubber Chicken Book,” “Book of Magic,” “Book of Knots,” (There used to be a BSA version of this book), and their science books – “Bubble Gum Science,” “Magnetic Magic,” “Explorabook.”


There is just so much out there – enjoy but do not get overwhelmed!!





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