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Baloo's Bugle


February 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 7
March 2004 Theme

Theme: Walk in My Shoes
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub: Achievement #7




We Are All Alike, We Are Cub Scouts

Circle Ten Council

Have the boy's list different ways that they have seen others being treated unfairly because of their physical challenge. Then have them give ways to correct the situation. Take three or four of those ideas and let the boys role play the situation for the entire pack. In this way they have the opportunity to share with the entire pack and help to develop empathy for the challenges experienced by others.


Sam Houston Area Council

Arrangement: One den member wears a sign reading "Mother Mouse. " Another has a sign reading "Cat. " All others wear signs reading "Mouse. "

MOTHER MOUSE: Come children, it's a beautiful day for a nice walk.

(Other mice respond. All making small talk while crossing the stage. Suddenly "Cat" jumps into the path in front of the mice)


(The cat screeches in fear and runs off)

MICE: Oh, Mother, we were so scared!

MOTHER MOUSE: Let that be a lesson to you, children. It pays to learn a second language.


Sam Houston Area Council

Characters: A whole den of Cubs

Have the Cub Scouts act out different objects that can be found in the outdoors. They can do animals such as a spider, snake, frog, etc. They can act out the sky, a stream, hot weather, etc. They can also act out objects such as a tree, grass, pretty flowers, stickers, etc. Have the audience try to guess what they are acting out. To confuse the audience you can mix up animals, weather and objects so they will not know what is coming next. If you choose what you are going to act out beforehand you can add some props to your skit.


Sam Houston Area Council

 (1st Cub walks along a wall just listening, listening. Others come along and see him)

2nd CUB:      What do you hear?

1st  CUB:      (Dramatically) Listen!

(Others listen. But they don't seem to hear anything)

3rd  CUB:      1 don't hear anything!

1st   CUB:     (More dramatically) Listen!

(Others listen)

4th CUB:       (In a disgusted voice) I don't hear anything.

1st CUB:       (With a faraway look) You know, it's been that way all day.

Making A Cub Scout

Circle Ten Council

CHARACTERS:  Child, Two Leaders, Two Parents (or you can do it with five Cub Scouts – CD)

PROPS:  You will need a large table for the child to lie on during the “operation.” The “doctor” can carry a large cardboard knife. Props to be “removed” are tacked to back of table, out of sight. Those to be “put in” can be placed nearby. (Props are listed where used.)

NARRATOR:       We are about to instruct you in the method of making a Cub Scout. To complete this project, you will need one small eager boy, two interested parents, one patient Den Leader, and one courageous Cubmaster.

Each character enters as his name is spoken. Boy wears uniform under a large loose-fitting shirt and climbs up on the table. Others don surgical masks. As the narrator continues, the operation proceeds, with Cubmaster acting as doctor. Den Leader and parents hand him the things to be put in and take the things removed. When the boy is hidden under a sheet, he removes his shirt.

NARRATOR (continues):

Cover him with fun and good times

Hold up posters labeled “FUN” and “GOOD TIMES” and cover boy

We use laughing gas for anesthetic.

Use a tire pump labeled “Laughing Gas.”

Take out hate and put in Love.

Hate - lump of paper, so labeled. Love - big paper heart, labeled

Take out selfishness, put in cooperation.

Sign “I,” sign “WE

Take out idle hands, put in busy fingers.

Idle - empty rubber gloves.

Busy - glove full of flour.

Take out laziness, put in ambition.

Laziness - rag;

Ambition - blown up balloon.

After this pleasant operation, we have a “CUB SCOUT.”

Remove the sheet. Boy, in uniform, stands up and gives the Cub Scout sign.


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