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Baloo's Bugle


February 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 7
March 2004 Theme

Theme: Walk in My Shoes
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub: Achievement #7





Sam Houston Area Council

Out of sight of the immediate area, attach a line zigzagging between trees or stationary objects. Tie objects to the line along the way. Ten items is a good number. Blindfold each Cub Scout and lead him to the rope. Boys then proceed down the rope, holding on and remembering the objects they come across. No talking is allowed. When each boy reaches the end of the rope, the leader takes him out of sight of the course and removes his blindfold. Boys may work individually or as a group to see how many objects they can identify and remember.

Balloon Blowouts

Circle Ten Council

Blindfold half the players and give each a partner, who verbally and physically guides them, to simulate a blind person playing.

EQUIPMENT: Balloons of four different colors, 8 pylons, Badminton rackets.

OBJECTIVE: Starting with four balloons, put one balloon in each of the four goals

DESCRIPTION: Divide into four teams. The playing area is a large square. A goal for each team is made on each side of the square. At the center is a pile of balloons. The balloons of the color assigned to your team must go in each goal. Balloons are moved using the badminton rackets.

Wheelchair Buddy Relay

Circle Ten Council

EQUIPMENT: Wheelchairs, Anything to create obstacles

OBJECTIVE: To be the first team to complete the relay.

DESCRIPTION:  The group is divided into two teams. Within each team, find a partner. One of the partners will be seated in wheelchair. The other will direct the wheel chair bound person through the maze without touching the obstacles. First team through wins.

Partner Shoe Scramble

Circle Ten Council

Have all the boys put their shoes in a pile 20 feet away from the starting line. Mix up the shoes so that no pairs are together. Divide into two teams.

On signal, the first boy:

Runs to the pile and picks out his shoes

He races back to the starting line carrying his shoes

Then the team helps him put his shoes back on.

Once he has put his shoes on he goes to the back of the line and the next boy goes.

The first team to all have their shoes back on is the winner.

Shoebox Relay

Circle Ten Council

Provide each relay team a pair of empty shoeboxes. On signal, one player from each team places his feet in the boxes and shuffles to the goal line and back. Make sure the adults participate too!

Walk In My Shoes Race

Circle Ten Council

Equipment:  Really, really, really big gum boots or galoshes.

Description: Divide the boys into two teams. Have them take off their shoes and stand in two lines. Place the huge boots at the starting line and have the boys put on the "boots" race down to a turn-around point and return to give the boots to the next in line.


Sam Houston Area Council

Divide the den into two teams and give each player two cotton balls to stuff into his ears. When all ears are covered, one leader steps outside the room where he/she cannot be seen and produces a series of sounds, - tinkling bell, sentence spoken in normal conversational tones, pan being scraped, barking dog, hammering on board, etc. When the leader

returns, each team huddles and writes a list of the sounds it heard. The sounds maybe tape-recorded in advance.





Sam Houston Area Council

Divide the den into two teams. Tell players to untie their shoelaces. Then tell them to put one hand behind their back (or tie one hand to their belt). On signal, each team tries to tie their shoelaces with each player using only one hand.


Sam Houston Area Council

Divide the den into two teams and line them up relay fashion at one end of the room. For each team, set up a series of obstacles - chairs, tables, stools, etc. - between them and the other end of the room. Blindfold the first player on each team. On signal, the player starts for the other end of the room trying to avoid the obstacles. One of his teammates may call out directions ("go right," then "turn left," etc). When the player reaches the other end of the room, he takes off the blindfold and runs back to touch off the next player, who is already blindfolded. Continue until all team members have raced.


Sam Houston Area Council

Place empty 48-ounce juice cans against a wall - one per team - about 6 feet apart and with open end facing team. Teams are about 12 to 15 feet from cans take turns trying to bowl a rubber ball into their can without the ball bouncing out again. Let the boys bowl from wheelchairs, from a chair, or sitting or kneeling on the floor.


Body, Voice, Eyes

Baloo's Classics

This game is best played in a gym or some open area. Divide the Cubs into groups of three.  Two of the boys are blindfolded, with the third being permitted to see.  One of the blindfolded Cubs is the body; he can move but CAN NOT see or speak.  The other blindfolded Cub is the voice, he can speak but can NOT see nor move.  The third CUB is the eyes, he can see but CAN NOT speak or move.

For each team of Cubs, place a ball somewhere within the playing area.  Also place one traffic cone somewhere in the playing area.  Each team's goal is to guide their body to their team's ball, pick it up, and then touch it to the traffic cone. The voice and the eyes for each team will have to give the body directions to find the ball.  This is much more difficult than it sounds as the eyes and voice need to be able to effectively communicate with each other in order to give directions to the body.




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