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Baloo's Bugle


February 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 7
March 2004 Theme

Theme: Walk in My Shoes
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub: Achievement #7





Sam Houston Area Council

LITTLE BEAR:                                "I'll get this right!"

DRUMS:                                 (Hit thighs rhythmically)

SMOKE SIGNALS:                                "Pooff, Pooffl"

INDIAN:                                                    (War whoop)

MOTHER:                                            "You can do it!"

LITTLE BEAR was a very hard working INDIAN boy. He studied hard to learn to play the DRUMS so he could send messages to his friends in other villages. But LITTLE BEAR had trouble with his lessons in SMOKE SIGNALS. After one particularly frustrating experience, LITTLE BEAR ran into his teepee and threw himself down on his buffalo skin bed. "What is the trouble, LITTLE BEAR," asked his MOTHER who was busy sewing new buckskins for his father. "MOTHER," why must INDIANS learn to do SMOKE SIGNALS?" LITTLE BEAR asked. "To communicate," she replied, “This is so the INDIANS from our tribe can talk to other villages."

"But we have the DRUMS," said LITTLE BEAR. "This may not always be enough," his MOTHER replied, "we also need the SMOKE SIGNALS." Now go on back and practice your SMOKE SIGNALS some more.

LITTLE BEAR left the teepee. He stopped by his DRUMS and sent a little message, but no one answered. So he made a little fire, just the right size to send SMOKE SIGNALS. He took out his blanket and when the fire was just right, he trapped the smoke and let out a nice little puff. But it just didn't look right. Then an old INDIAN said, "I see what you are doing wrong. You are not spelling it right." LITTLE BEAR looked surprised: he did not know you could misspell SMOKE SIGNALS. "Let me show you," said the old INDIAN. He took the blanket and held it a bit differently. As he released the SMOKE SIGNAL it floated softly into the sky. And it looked just right.

“I see," said LITTLE BEAR, "I was holding it wrong." He took the blanket and tried it himself. Once again a perfect SMOKE SIGNAL drifted into the afternoon sky. "Oh, thank you, thank you," he said turning to where the old INDIAN had stood. But the old INDIAN had disappeared. LITTLE BEAR ran to the teepee. "MOTHER," he called, "I can do it! Now I can communicate with DRUMS and SMOKE SIGNALS. MOTHER, who was the old INDIAN who help me?" But LITTLE BEAR'S MOTHER did not answer, she only smiled.



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