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Baloo's Bugle


February 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 7
March 2004 Theme

Theme: Walk in My Shoes
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
  Tiger Cub: Achievement #7





Sam Houston Area Council

I CAN...Stand tall, in my heritage and believe fully in America!

I CAN…strive for the highest pinnacle - or any other spot I so choose - it is my decision, to be freely arrived at!

I CAN...worship at the church of my choice - read whatever books, articles, or newspapers 1 choose - select my own home, friends, job and associates!

I CAN...sleep peacefully - free from the fear of midnight persecution - secure in the protection of my rights!

I CAN...fail as well as succeed - this is true freedom!

I CAN...shape my own destiny - have my visions realized - achieve anything I really believe I can!

I CAN...fail and still be counted a man - gain strength and experience through mistakes - lose it all, and start over again as many times as my spirit is willing - until my dreams are reality!

I CAN...grow as large as my dominant aspirations - be as big as I am willing to pay the price to become!

I CAN ...own my own home - start a business - invest in my future - climb to the stars by constructing my own staircase!

I CAN...compete and receive in direct proportion to my efforts - thank others for assistance in my success - but look only to myself for my failures!

I CAN...raise my family in freedom - and freely change homes, jobs, friends, tastes - location, vocation, and avocation - but, most importantly - I can change myself!

I CAN...because I am an American!


Sam Houston Area Council

Cub # 1:       This is my country. I will use my eyes to see the beauty of this land.

Cub # 2:       I will use my ears to hear its sounds.

Cub # 3:       I will use my mind to think what I can do to make it more beautiful.

Cub # 4:       I will use my hands to serve and care for it.

Cub # 5:       And with my heart, I will honor it.


U Are Important

Circle Ten Council

Set Up – Six Scouts with signs lettered as indicated

We cannot spell: C_B SCO_TS without U

We cannot spell: YO_TH without U

We cannot spell: AD_LT without U

We cannot spell: S_CCESS without U

We cannot spell: F_N without U

We cannot spell: O_TDOORS without U

All:         Clearly, Scouting needs U!




Save Our World, Share Our Culture

Circle Ten Council

Each Cub holds a poster with his letter on one aide and his part written on the other if needed. For a boy who may be to shy to speak or who's handicap may not allow him to speak. They can hold up the "&" poster and all the boys can say together "and. " If available boys could also be dressed in the traditional costumes of their cultures.

S     Scouting brings all together.

A     Adults help to teach us tolerance.

V     Vision a world were we all care.

E      Excitement and joy would fill the air.

&    And

S     Scouting makes us think about each other.

H     Hoping our differences help us not hinder.

A     Adults teach us to face challenges each day.

R     Right and wrong we know the way.

E      Each of us can make a difference.

ALL        Peace can come to all of us, if we share our cultures and respect each other.

Leader   Will everyone please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.


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