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Baloo's Bugle


January 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 6
February 2004 Theme

Webelos Engineer & Scholar
  Tiger Cub Achivement #




Broom Trick

Santa Clara County Council

You will need a broom to show this trick.  Wrap one hand around the lowest part of the broom handle, as close as possible to the broom itself.  Wrap your other hand around the handle, just above your first hand.  Hold the broom out at about waist-high.  Now have 5 friends put their hands around the handle above yours (the tallest boy should have his hands at the top of the broom handle), and tell them to pull the broom downward so that the bristles touch the floor.  There are five against one.

Would you believe that, no matter how hard they pull and tug, they won’t be able to get the broom down?  This is because you can easily deflect the downward force they exert by merely moving the broom slightly to left or right.  In effect, they will be pushing the broom sideways—not downwards.

Cheers & Applauses

Circle Ten Council

Mexican Hat Dance: Put hands on feet and stamp feet while turning around in a circle.

Pinata Cheer: Pretend to hit piñata, say "Swoosh" (Miss), "Swoosh" (miss), "Swoosh" (hit) "HOORAY."

Tortilla: Slap both hands together, alternating one hand and the other from top to bottom. On every fourth clap, shout, "OLE!"

Spanish Dancer: Stand with left hand on hip and right hand held above head in manner of flamenco dancer. Simultaneously, snap fingers of your right hand and stomp your feet in a fast tempo while turning slowly. Continue until you have made a complete circle. About every quarter turn, yell "Ole."

Longhorn Council

Bull Cheer: Make bull horns with fingers while shouting "El Toro, El Toro !"

Bull Fighter: Hold down cape and move to in appropriate motion while shouting "OLE!"


Santa Clara County Council

Cub #1:  What do you call a sleepy bull?

Cub #2:  A bull-dozer.

Cub #1:  How do you stop a bull from charging?

Cub #2:  Take away his credit card.

Cub #1:  What would you get if you crossed a lion with a woodpecker?

Cub #2:  An animal that knocks before it eats you.

Cub #1:  What is the best thing to do is you find a burro in your bed?

Cub #2:  Take a siesta somewhere else.





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