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Baloo's Bugle


January 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 6
February 2004 Theme

Webelos Engineer & Scholar
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Benito Juarez Says

Circle Ten Council

How To Play: Before playing explain to the children that Benito Juárez, a Zapotec Indian, was born and raised in extreme poverty. With hard work, determination, and strong love for his country, Juárez became the president of Mexico and defeated the French, who had occupied the country for five years.

This game is played similar to Simon Says.

The player up is "Benito Juarez". Player will say "Benito Juarez says hop on one foot". The children will hop on one foot. Player will say "Stop". The children are to keep hopping on one foot until player says "Benito Juarez says stop". Repeat for additional activities such as take one baby step forward, step backwards, turn around, sit down. Sometimes Benito Juarez will say "Benito Juarez says" and sometimes he won't.

Buenos Amigos (Good Friends)

Circle Ten Council

Supplies: Paper, Pen, Timer

How To Play: Set the timer and have the boys write as many kind things as they can think of about the Buena Amigo (Good Friend) on their right. The last boy writes about the first boy. Suggest that they write kind things about how their amigo acts, thinks, plays, works or looks. Give the paper to the amigo to take home.

Mexican Pets Noises

Great Salt Lake Council

Hide small objects (cutouts, pieces of candy, etc.) around the room. Form 2 teams, the dogs and the cats, with a leader in each one. At a signal all start hunting for the items, but ONLY THE LEADER can go get it and pick it up. The Dogs must bark to get the leader's attention and the Cats must meow. The team with the most items wins.

Mexican Hat Dance

Circle Ten Council

Gather the boy and sit in a circle. Explain that a Mexican hat dance is a traditional Mexican dance done around a Mexican hat, which is called a sombrero. Place a sombrero on the floor and play some Mexican music. As you call each boy's name, the boy goes into the circle and dances as desired around the sombrero to the music.

Bean Drop

Great Salt Lake Council

Each player is given 5 to 10 beans. The players will try to drop the beans one at a time in a mouth of a canning jar by holding a bean up to his chin and letting go. After each person has a turn, the beans in the jar are counted. The person that gets the most beans in the jar wins.

Amigo Tag

Great Salt Lake Council

Each player links arms at the elbows with another "Amigo" (friend), except for 2 players. The amigos put their other arms on their hips so that each person has a "handle" on his free side. The amigos can move about freely in the game area. The other two players are El Perro (the dog) and El Zorro (the fox). El Perro chases El Zorro. If he catches him, El Zorro becomes El Perro and does the chasing and El Perro becomes El Zorro and must run away. But if El Zorro can link arms with an amigo, he becomes an amigo and is safe. The amigo of the player who El Zorro links arms with must let go and is then El Zorro. The object is to become and remain an amigo. Playing some lively Latin American music (available free at the library) adds to the fun. The game ends when the music stops.

Endurance Hop

Santa Clara County Council

This is a relay race.  You’ll need 4 different objects for each team (such as a ball, a basket, a hat and a beanbag).

Teams stand in adjacent rows along the starting line.  The 4 items are placed 3 feet apart in a straight line in front of each team.  Use tape to mark where each item belongs.  At a signal, the first player hops to the first item, picks it up, then (without touching his other foot to the ground) proceeds to pick up the 2nd, 3rd and 4th items, then hops back to the starting line.  If an item is dropped, player must stop and pick it back up.  1st player delivers all items to the 2nd player, who hops off the line to return the items to their 4 spots, then hops back to the start and tags the next player, who hops off to pick up the items.

Alternatively, players may leave the each item in the next item’s spot, and drop off the 4th item in the 1st item’s spot before returning to the line.

The first team to have all their players finish wins.

Going to Mexico

Heart of America Council

Equipment: Chairs & musical accompaniment

Arrange one less chair than there are players, in a row, back to back, down the center of the room. Players march around the chairs to musical accompaniment. The music stops suddenly and everyone dashes for a chair. The one who doesn't get a seat drops out. One chair is taken away. Then music and marching resume. As before, when the music stops, everyone tries to get a chair. One player drops out and another chair is removed. This continues until only two players and one chair remain.  The last person to get to Mexico wins.


Heart of America Council

Equipment: Use a Badminton shuttlecock or make your own with feathers, cork, old sock, newspaper and string.

The shuttlecock or Peteca is tossed into the air and kept there, each boy striking it upward with the palm of his hand. The players take turns hitting the Peteca (One hit at a time), always upward. Often they repeat the letters of the alphabet as they play, one letter for each strike upward. If the Peteca falls to the ground, the game must begin again.


Balloon Volley

Santa Clara County Council

You’ll need one inflated balloon and one 4-5 ft stick, pole or broom for every 5 players.

Give each player a number from 1-5.  Players 1 and 3 hold the stick at shoulder height.  Player 4 holds the balloon.  Player 5 stands between Players 4 & 1.  Players move in a counterclockwise direction.

The game begins with Player 4 hitting the balloon over the stick to Player 2, and then moving to take Player 3’s position.  Player 3 waits until Player 2 hits the balloon before advancing to take his position.  Player 2, after hitting the balloon back over the stick, will take the place of Player 1, who then stands behind Player 5.  Players continue to rotate one position to the right each time the balloon crosses over the stick.  Players may hit the balloon as many times as needed to get it over the stick.  Players holding the stick may move sideways, but may not catch the balloon or lower the stick to assist their teammates.  Two players must be holding the stick before the balloon is hit over it.  If the stick is dropped while the players are changing places and the balloon has been hit, the stick has to be picked up quickly before the balloon passes over it, or the team is charged with one point.  The lowest point total at the end of 5 minutes is the new total to beat.

Gato Enfermo (Sick Cat)

Santa Clara County Council

One boy is the Gato Enfermo (Sick Cat).  He chases the other players, and each one he tags becomes another Sick Cat and must hold with his left hand the place on his body where he was tagged.  All Sick Cats continue to chase remaining healthy ones.  Last boy caught is the winner.


Longhorn Council

Players sit round a table, each with paper and pencil. The right-hand Scout draws a picture, in separate firm strokes, of an ordinary figure or head, putting in his strokes in unusual sequence so that for a long time it is difficult to see what he is drawing. Each player looks over to see what the man on his right is drawing and copies it stroke by stroke. When the right-hand artist has finished his picture, compare all the rest with it.

Packed My Suitcase

Longhorn Council

Memory game where Cubs sit in a circle.  The first Cub names an item that he packed in his suitcase.  Each Cub adds another item as they go around the circle.  The Cubs who remembers all of the previous items wins.

Paper Hoops

Longhorn Council

A pile of newspapers for each team is placed at one end of the room with the teams lined up at the other end.  When the whistle blows they race up to the newspapers.  The object is to cut the newspaper sheet in the middle and then step through the paper without ripping it right through to the edge.  If that happens they have to start again.  When they have stepped through they race back so that the next team member can go.  The winners are those who are all sitting down with their arms folded. Use newspapers that are not too big.

Patience Relay

Longhorn Council

Separate the cards into a suit per team. Lay out the 10 number cards (including ace) in any order face down at the end of the room. One at a time the boys run up and turn over a card.  If it is not the Ace then they turn it face down again and run back to their team and the next player has a go. When the ace is turned up they can lay it face up. The next card needed is the two and so on. Play continues until one team has all its cards turned face up.

Wheel Rolling

Longhorn Council

See who can roll a wheel the farthest across the parking lot.





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