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Baloo's Bugle


January 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 6
February 2004 Theme

Webelos Engineer & Scholar
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



Jose’s Dilemma

Santa Clara County Council

Split the audience into five groups and assign each group a part -

JOSE:                    I want to go

MAMA:                 Take your sombrero

SOMBRERO:      It’s too hot

SISTER:                Take me, Jose

BURRO:                Hee-haw

FIESTA (Everyone):            Olé!!

Scene is a small town in Mexico, about 65 years ago.

JOSE was excited.  It was almost time for the FIESTA parade.  He was going with his MAMA and SISTER.  His father had already taken the BURRO and cart with a load of goods for the market.  “Hurry, JOSE,” called MAMA, “it’s time to go to the FIESTA.  Get your SOMBRERO and meet your SISTER outside.”  JOSE looked all over the house but he could not find his SOMBRERO.  “SISTER,” he called, “have you seen my SOMBRERO?”  JOSE’s SISTER replied that she had not.

JOSE searched some more.  He must have his SOMBRERO to attend the FIESTA for the summer sun was very hot.  “MAMA,” called JOSE, “have you seen my SOMBRERO?”  “Hmmm,” said MAMA, “I think I saw your father put it on our BURRO when he left for market.”  “Oh, no,” said JOSE, “the BURRO is wearing my SOMBRERO.  I cannot go to the fiesta.”  And JOSE sat down, very defeated.

“What’s the matter?” asked his SISTER.  “It’s time to go the FIESTA, but the BURRO is in town wearing my SOMBRERO.  I cannot go; the sun is too hot.”  “I know what to do,” said his SISTER, and off she ran.  Soon she returned, and in her hand was the answer to JOSE’s problem.  It was yesterday’s newspaper.  “Of course,” exclaimed JOSE, “I can make a paper hat just like we did in Cub Scouts last week!”

Soon the hat was made and JOSE, his SISTER, and MAMA left for the FIESTA.  But, when JOSE got to town, he was quick to find their BURRO and trade the paper hat for his SOMBRERO, since it was more appropriate for the FIESTA.

The Grand Fiesta

Longhorn Council

Divide the audience into four parts and assign each one of the following parts -

Fiesta:                  “Ole, Ole”

Mexican:           “Si si, Si si”

Rocket:    “Zoooooo-oom”

Castillo:         “Ahhhhhhh”

Today is the Grand CASTILLO, a special FIESTA day in the village. It is the day that the village honors it’s patron saint, as does every MEXICAN village once each year.

In the afternoon, there is a parade up and down the streets. At night the most important part of the FIESTA takes place. All day long everyone waits impatiently for the CASTILLO.

CASTILLO really means castle. To the MEXICANS, it means a special kind of fireworks display that is part of almost every MEXICAN FIESTA. Men have fastened ROCKETS and pinwheels to a light framework which is shaped like a castle. All of the MEXICANS in the village contribute money to buy this CASTILLO.

When it begins to grow dark, the people crowd around. The band plays, the boys and girls wear costumes. At last someone steps forward and lights a ROCKET near the bottom of the CASTILLO. It sputters, then zooms high into the air to burst with a wonderful display of red and green light. The pinwheel catches fire and whirls around and around, sending out showers of white sparks. Then the next ROCKET goes off, and the next pinwheel. One after another all the ROCKETS zoom into the sky. Then darkness settles. The CASTILLO has burned out.

The band plays again and everyone buys refreshments. Nobody is in a hurry. They have had a grand CASTILLO tonight and later they will have another, with eight stories. That CASTILLO will last a long time.

At last the FIESTA is over. There will be another FIESTA soon. All the MEXICAN’S work hard, but they know it is not good to work all the time. They know that FIESTAS  are important too. One Mexican says: “To save money with no purpose is foolish. But to save money for a new tractor or for a FIESTA, that is wise”.

(Adapted from a story in “The First Book of Mexico”.)

A Real Mexican Hero

Great Salt Lake Council

Divide the audience into three groups and assign each one of the following parts –

EMILIO – Yeaaaaa

CHICK - Peep, peep

MIGUEL - Thanks, friend.

EMILIO is a real hero. One day he and MIGUEL were goofing off down by a pond that was in a remote area by where they lived. It was rumored that the pond had alligators in it even though they couldn't see any. No one else was around.

MIGUEL was wading along the shore when he suddenly disappeared under the water. MIGUEL came to the surface sputtering and splashing wildly. EMILIO did not know how to swim that well. He seized a long branch and pushed it into the water toward MIGUEL. It didn't quite reach, so he waded in cautiously and pushed it further. Finally EMILIO could get hold off it and was pulled to shore safely.

MIGUEL and his father were so grateful, they tried to give EMILIO some money, but he wouldn't take it. He said he was a Cub Scout and wanted to help others.

EMILIO is a hero in other ways, too. One rainy, cold day he was on his way to school. In the weeds he spotted a CHICK. It was cold and glassy eyed. He picked it up and cuddled it in his warm hands.  He thought he would take it to school and show it to everyone, but instead he looked under a bush and saw a mother hen on a nest. He set the CHICK down close to her and it pushed under her wing. She clucked at EMILIO and pecked his hand. He knew the CHICK would be safe.

In EMILIO'S class in school there was a bully named Juan. He especially loved to pick on Roberto. Roberto was timid and quiet and wasn't ever chosen to play games. One day EMILIO got to choose the teams at recess. He chose Roberto first. All the guys looked surprised, and Juan jeered. That afternoon, when they were walking home from school, Juan grabbed Roberto and forced him to the ground. EMILIO pulled Juan off and stood between them until Roberto could get up. Juan threatened to hit him, but with two boys to fight, it wasn't so easy. Finally, Juan left and the two boys walked home together.

At Den Meetings EMILIO always helps fold up the chairs and pick things up.

All of us can be HEROES. We may not save a life, but we can be helpful to others.






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