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Baloo's Bugle


January 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 6
February 2004 Theme

Webelos Engineer & Scholar
  Tiger Cub Achivement #



The Fearless Toreador

Longhorn Council

Characters: Fearless Toreador, Brave Bull, and any number of Spectators


Toreador wears knee socks over jeans, white shirt and short jacket or vest. Pin fringed paper patches to shoulders. He should have a red cape or jacket and a cardboard shield.

Bull - let two boys get under a blanket. Pin cardboard horns and features to head and fringed paper tail to other end.

Spectators are dressed as Mexicans in bright colors.

Setting: Spectators are at rear of stage. Fearless Toreador is standing to one side, facing the Bull, which is standing on the opposite side of the stage.

Fearless Toreador: I am Don Sebastian Jose de Fernando. I am zee bravest and most fearless Toreador in all Mexico.

As he says this, he struts about the stage, waving his sword, red cape slung over his shoulder.

Spectators: Ole!, Ole!

Fearless Toreador: Not only am I zee most fearless Toreador, I am also zee most handsome.

Takes off his hat, smiles and struts some more)

Spectators: Ole!, Ole!

Fearless Toreador: Aha, you see. Zee bull, he is frightened of Fearless Toreador. Oh, I am so brave. I am so brave eet is a shame. Zee bull, he weel not fight. Poor scaredy bull!

Now the Toreador turns his back on the bull and struts proudly over to the side of the stage, flexing his muscles and brandishing his sword. Then he dusts off his suit, admires his nails, primps his hair, etc.

While his attention is distracted, the bull starts moving. He paws the floor, jumps a bit, the lowers his head and starts toward the Toreador.

Fearless Toreador:

He turns toward the bull

And now Bull, watch out!

At this point, he sees the bull charging toward him. Dropping everything, he runs from the stage

Help! Help! Zee ferocious bull. He weel keel me! Me, Fearless Toreador, the bravest Toreador in all Mexico. Help!! Help!!

Bull chases him off stage

Don Diego And The Super Jumping Beans

Longhorn Council

Characters: Amigo, Pancho, and Dan Diego. In addition, you will need other characters for JUMPING BEANS. You can have as many jumping beans as you wish.


Amigo, Pancho, and Don Diego are dressed in Mexican costumes.

The jumping beans, who enter later, wear burlap sacks or old pillow cases over their heads and arms.

Setting:  As the scene opens, Amigo and Pancho are on stage conversing. Don Diego is sitting to one side of the stage sleeping, siesta style. He has one leg all wrapped up in a bulky bandage.

AMIGO: Pancho, eet is very sad. Eet is terr-eeble.

PANCHO: Amigo, tell me, tell me, what ees zee matter?

AMIGO: Oh, Pancho, eet is worse than you theenk.

PANCHO: You bring zee great sorrow to my heart, dear Amigo.

AMIGO: Pancho, look. (Points to Don Diego.) Don Diego, he has the lumbago.  He ees very cross. Hees leg, eet well not work. He cannot dance at zee fiesta, so instead he ees taking a siesta.

PANCHO: Oh, zat is veree bad, Amigo. Don Diego, he always dance at see fiesta. Thees must bring much trouble to Don Diego.

AMIGO: Si, si, Pancho. (Holds and shakes head sadly.)

PANCHO: Amigo, wait, wait! Eet ees great idea that I have!

AMIGO: Tell me queeck, Pancho.

PANCHO: Zees looks like a job for Super Beans!

AMIGO: (excitedly) Ole, Ole, Pancho. Zee famous Super Beans. Zey are see greatest jumping beans in all Mexico.

PANCHO: We wee1 call them now, Amigo. (Holds hands to mouth and shouts toward side of stage.) Oh, Super Beans, our poor Don Diego, he has zee lumbago.

Help heem, queeck!

Super beans enter. They do not walk but jump up and down as they move on stage.

This will be funnier if the beans jump alternately so that there is an Up and down commotion at the same time.

AMIGO: Oh, great Super Jumping Beans, have peety on poor Don Diego.

Beans jump about over to Don Diego.

SUPER BEANS (all together): Don Diego with the lumbago. No more Siesta. Come, follow us and dance at see fiesta.

Don Diego awakens slowly. He gazes intently as Super Beans jump about. Little by little he begins to move. He rises, forgetting about his leg. He begins to jump up and down behind the beans.

DON DIEGO: Come Amigo, come Pancho. We no longer siesta, we go to the fiesta.

Amigo and Pacho join Don Diego and all jump off stage.






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