Training at Philmont

The Philmont Training Center (PTC) at Philmont Scout Reservation near Cimarron, N.M., will offer a wide range of training conferences from June through September 2003 for council and district volunteers. Also available is a full schedule of age-specific activities for family members.

Families arrive on Sunday and depart the following Saturday. Meals are served in dining halls. Housing is in large, two-person platform wall tents, equipped with electricity, located near showers, restrooms, medical facilities, and recreation areas.

For more information contact the Philmont Scout Ranch Training Center

Call: (505) 376-2281
Fax: (505) 376-2629

Week 1
June 1-7
Boy Scouting

  • Boy Scout Advancement
  • Order of the Arrow NLATS
  • Communicating with Youth
  • Making Boy Scouting Grow
  • Strengthening Scouting through Diversity
  • Working W/Scouts with Special Needs
  • Strictly for Trainers
Week 2
June 8-14
Venturing / Scoutreach

  • Venturing - The Crew
  • Venturing - Council and District Admin.
  • High Adventure Resources for Venturing
  • Quality Venturing Roundtables
  • Venturing Advancement
  • Training Venturing Leaders
  • Venturing in the LDS Church
  • Sea Scouting
  • New Venturing Sports Program
  • Scoutreach Conference
  • Vietnamese Conference
Week 3
June 15-21
Council & District Operations / Finance / NJLIC

  • District Key Three
  • The District Committee
  • Administration of Commissioner Service
  • The Unit Commissioner
  • Training Management Seminar
  • Council and District Activities
  • Endowing Non Profits
  • Teach Basic Outdoor Skills
  • using the Scout Oath and Law in your Unit
  • National Junior Leader Instructor Camp
Week 4
June 22-28
Cub Scout Week / NJLIC

  • Pow Wow Leadership
  • Cub Scout Outdoor Program
  • Strictly for Cubmasters
  • Pack Trainer
  • Health and Safety / Risk Management
  • National Camping Schools Director
  • Cub Scout Roundtables
  • Training Cub Scout Leaders
  • Delivering the Venturing Program
  • National Junior Leader Instructor Camp
Week 5
June 28 - July 4
LDS Scouting in the LDS Church

Week 5
June 28 - July 4
NJLIC National Junior Leader Instructor Camp**

Week 6
July 6-12
Relationships / NJLIC

  • Membership Relationships Committee
  • Scouting in the Catholic Church
  • Scouting and the Church's Ministry
  • Scouting in the Jewish Community
  • Scouting in the Lutheran Church
  • United Methodist Scouter's Workshop
  • Varsity Scouts
  • National Junior Leader Instructor Camp
Week 7
July 13-19
Council & District Operations / NJLIC

  • Administration of Commissioner Service
  • District Key Three
  • District Committee
  • Unit Commissioner
  • Training Management Seminar
  • Council Key Three
  • Council and District Activities
  • National Junior Leader Instructor Camp
Week 8
July 20-26
Cub Scout / Professional Development / NJLIC

  • Training Cub Scout Leaders
  • Leading Pack Camping
  • Strictly for Cubmasters
  • Webelos Scout Program
  • Supercharging Den and Pack Programs
  • Cub Scout Roundtables
  • New Directions in Membership Growth
  • Webelos Scout to First Class Scout
  • PM I (Professional Scouters Only)
  • PM II (Professional Scouters Only)
  • National Junior Leader Instructor Camp
Week 9
July 27 - August 2
Council & District Operations

  • Council Key-3
  • District Key-3
  • District Committee
  • Administration of Commissioner Service
  • The Unit Commissioner
  • Health and Safety / Risk Management
Week 10
August 3-9
Finance / Professional Development

  • PDL II (Professional Scouters Only)
  • Strengthening LDS Units
  • Finance Planning
  • Major Gifts Endowment
  • Conducting a Council Junior Leader Training Conference
  • Troop Junior Leader Training - The Process
  • A Troop - The First Year's Program
Week 11
August 10-16
Boy Scouts

  • Boy Scout Advancement
  • Teaching Basic Outdoor Skills
  • Creating the Great Adventure
  • Boy Scout Roundtables
  • Using the Scout Oath & Law in your Unit
  • Strictly for Scoutmasters
  • Strictly for Trainers
  • Scouting and Conversation USA
Week 12
September 14-20
Boy Scout Fall Conferences

  • Teaching Advanced Outdoor Skills
  • High Adventure Trek Planning
  • Climbing and Rappelling
  • Leave No Trace
  • Project COPE Director Training
  • Scouting for the Home Schooled
* Professional Development Conferences

** Outdoor conferences that require a Philmont physical


Conference fees (meals, lodging, conference and program materials) are as follows:

  • Conference participants - $315
  • Spouses and children over 20 - $230
  • Children, aged 6 and over - $185
  • Children, aged 3 to 5 years - $120
  • Children, aged 2 and under - $35
  • A Mountain Trek for teenagers is $230
  • National Junior Leader Instructor Camp, $240
Participants must have local council approval.

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