Scouting - Fact or Fiction?

Statement Uniforms are required by insurance regulations so that all scouts are covered when traveling in vehicles. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments This one is often taught at Trek Leader sessions and Scoutmaster training. We've never found a rule that requires this.

Statement World Scout Patch is mandatory. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Nope, but it sure is a good idea. Similarly, you can't wear any other patch in that location, including the world conservation award that cubs seems to like to wear there.

Statement Knots are only for adults! Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Sorry, but there are several knots that youth (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venture, Varsity, Sea Scout) can wear: Youth Religious Knot, all the heroism/lifesaving knots, OA Distinguished Service Award, Venturing Silver Award, Explorer Achievement Award.

Statement It's ok to wear the World Conservation Award in place of the World Crest [or beside it]. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Sorry, no. It goes on the right pocket. Too many times Scouts have reported that their Scoutmaster told them that's where it goes. Some even claim the Scoutmaster learned this recently (this was back in the 80s). National has changed the rules about where it is worn.

Statement It's ok to wear the [Merit Badge or OA] Sash off my belt so I can wear the other one across my shoulder. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Sorry, no. Wear one or the other. Wear the MB Sash at courts of honor. Save the OA sash for OA events. Avoid wearing the MB sash at events like the Jamboree, etc. Too much risk of losing it.

Statement I can wear every Quality Unit [Honor Unit, etc] patch I've received. In double rows, too. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Sorry, no. You only wear the current one.

Statement I visited the Jamboree, so I get to wear the Jamboree patch! Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Sorry, no. Only Jamboree participants (contingent members and staff) get to wear the patch. This is in part why National made a different patch for visitors at the 2001 jamboree, and that visitor patch is worn on the right pocket, not above, where the Jamboree patch is usually worn.

Statement I went to several Jamborees, so I can wear more than one jamboree patch on my shirt. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Only one patch can be placed above the right pocket. An additional patch could be placed on the right pocket in the position of the temporary patch, but that's it. The rules formerly allowed a national jamboree and world jamboree patch side by side, but that was changed some years ago.

Statement National has set down what Class A, Class B, etc uniforms are. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Sorry, no. That's local custom (unit or council). Class A usually means the field uniform appropriate to your division of scouting, while Class B means an activity uniform.

Statement Everything a Scout (or Scouter) needs is in the Scout handbook . . . except for a few uniform details.... Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Then why has BSA published so many more books?

Statement A scout must wear a neckerchief as part of the field uniform. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Not so, the neckerchief is entirely optional.

Statement BSA requires all scouts to have uniforms to be scouts. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Not true.

Statement Scouts cannot wear their uniform while selling hotdogs, hamburgers, pancakes, etc. as a money earning project if it is not a Council sponsored fundraiser. Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments Actually, the limitation on uniforms is only related to endorsement of brand names. Here is a quote from a representative at National: The problem is the perception of the public that we endorse name-brand items. Wearing uniforms while selling hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. is not a problem.

Statement Troops and packs can establish their own uniform requirements and have “troop uniforms” and “pack uniforms” Fact or Fiction Fiction Comments There is only one Boy Scout uniform, and there is only one Cub Scout uniform. For each, long pants or short pants is an option, and this is the only option other than incidentals such as Boy Scout neckerchiefs, the particular Boy Scout cap chosen, etc.

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