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Baloo's Bugle

August 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 1
September 2005 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Roundupl
Webelos: Communicator & Citizen
  Tiger Cub


No Spoons

Baltimore Area Council

Cast:    6 to 8 Cub Scouts

Props:  Apron, chairs, table, soup bowls, order pad, pencil

Cowboys go into western cafe and order soup. The waiter brings it in. Soon they call the waiter, saying they can’t eat their soup. He calls the headwaiter, and he is told the same thing. He calls the cook and he calls the owner. Finally, the owner asks them why they can’t eat the soup. One says, “Because we have no spoons”.

Some Fishin’

Baltimore Area Council

Cast:    6 to 8 Cub Scouts

Props:  Cowboy costume, rope, branding iron, stools, fence

Setting:            Cowboys are leaning on fence, City dude enters

City Dude:  Good afternoon gentlemen.

Cowboys :   Howdy.

City Dude:  This is my first trip to the west. I do find everything so unusual.  Do you suppose you could tell me a few things?

Cowboy #l :What did you want ta know?

City Dude:  What do you keep inside this fence?

Cowboy #2:Sometimes we keep steers and sometimes broncs.

City Dude:. What do you do with this metal contraption?

Cowboy #3:That’s for brandin’ ‘em so everybody’ll know whose belong to who.

(cowboys begin to snicker among themselves)

City Dude:  Why do you wear those funny pants?

Cowboy #4:Those aren’t pants; they’re chaps. We wear them over our pants when  we’re riding the range to keep the rough bushes and cactus from scratchin’ us up.

City Dude:  Whey do you wear your handkerchief around your necks?

Cowboy #5:That’s what WE call a neckerchief. In a dust storm or when we’re  movin’ the herds, we put it up over our nose and mouth to help  keep the dust out. (demonstrates)

City Dude:  What do you use that coil of rope for?

Cowboy #6:That’s what we use to catch steers and broncs.

City Dude:  That’s all very interesting. I was just wondering about one more thing. What kind of bait do you use? (cowboys begin to laugh)

Old Settlers

Characters:        Main cowboy and four or more other cowboys.

Props:               Campfire and outdoor scenery.

Costumes:         Cowboy vests and hats.

Setting:             Cowboys are sitting around campfire.

Main Cowboy:   Who’s the oldest settler in the west?

Cowboy 1:         Death Valley Scotty?

Main Cowboy:   Nope

Cowboy 2:         Buffalo Bill?

Main Cowboy:   Nope!

Cowboy 3:         Daniel Boone?

Main Cowboy:   Nope!

Cowboy 4:         I give up. Who is it?

Main Cowboy:   The sun!!


A True Scouting Classic

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Supplies Needed

- Bandana

- Over ripe banana


This skit is best done outdoors or with a sheet of plastic under the volunteer’s feet. It also takes a truly “dedicated” person to play the VOLUNTEER role. It is important that, throughout the skit, neither the SPEAKER nor the VOLUNTEER look at one other!

SPEAKER: Well, since I’ve been here, I’ve noticed that many people do not use their bandanas properly. So, I’m going to give a quick class. Do I have any volunteers?

(The “plant” from the audience comes running forward, enthusiastically “volunteering”.)

SPEAKER: Well, it looks like we have a volunteer. Do you have a bandana?

(SPEAKER pulls a bandana from his back pocket. At this point, SPEAKER needs to turn away from VOLUNTEER and not look at him until indicated in skit.)

VOL: I sure do!

(Removes a banana from his back pocket! At this point,

VOLUNTEER needs to keep looking out at the audience and only listen to what SPEAKER is saying.)

SPEAKER: The first thing you need to learn is how to fold your bandana.

(Begins folding bandana in halves then quarters.)

VOL:(Looking totally confused and staring at the banana.) Do what?

SPEAKER: Fold it. Just fold it in half, then fold it again!


(Folds banana with all the appropriate facial expressions when it starts squishing.)

SPEAKER: One of the best reasons to have a bandana is to wipe the sweat from your face. So let’s do that now.

(Wipes brow and face with the bandana.)

VOL:(Again, looking flabbergasted and staring at the banana.) Do what?

SPEAKER:(Sounding slightly frustrated) Wipe your face with it!


(Wipes forehead and face with the banana…again, the facial expressions will take care of themselves.)

SPEAKER: Another good use for the bandana is to clean your glasses. Let’s do that now.

(Proceeds to clean eyeglasses or sunglasses.)

VOL: You want me to do what?!

SPEAKER:(Sounding more frustrated.) Clean your glasses!


(Cleans glasses with the banana and looks at audience in total disbelief that they're doing this.)

SPEAKER: Another good use for the bandana is to wipe your nose. Let’s do that now.

(Wipes the tip of nose with the bandana.)

VOL:(Looking at banana then pointing to nose.) You want me to wipe my nose with it?

SPEAKER:(Sounding slightly angry.) YES, WIPE YOUR NOSE!


(Gingerly wipes the tip of his nose with the banana.)

SPEAKER: And finally, we need to know that we have placed our bandana within easy reach. So, we will put it in our back pocket and pat it to make sure it’s secure.

(Places bandana in back pocket and pats it.)


SPEAKER:(Angry now.) I don’t know why you volunteered if you are having such a hard time understanding my instructions. Put it in your back pocket, and pat it down!


(Puts what’s left of the banana in his back pocket and pats it down.)

SPEAKER:(Looks over at the volunteer for the first time.) Now what was so hard about that? What is all that mess? What did you do…? I said BANDANA not BANANA!

(Walks VOLUNTEER off stage as VOLUNTEER is trying to explain his misfortune.)

Note: Be sure to have towel and water or wipes so volunteer can clean up.


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