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Baloo's Bugle

August 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 1
September 2005 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Roundupl
Webelos: Communicator & Citizen
  Tiger Cub


A Cowboy’s Blessing

Baltimore Area Council


  • Each Cub has a sign with the words on back in LARGE print and a picture he drew on the front.
  • Have the Cubs arrange themselves in a horseshoe around a campfire; lights are low.
  • Each Cub has a candle.
  • Cub 1 lights his candle from the Spirit Candle.
  • May you brand your biggest calf crop.
    May your range. grass never fail.
    (Cub 1 passes flame to Cub 2 candle.)
  • May your waterholes stay open.
    May you ride an easy trail.
    (Cub 2 passes flame to Cub 3 candle.)
  • May you never reach for leather,
    Nor your saddle horse go lame.
    (Cub 3 passes flame to Cub 4 candle.)
  • May you dab your loop on critters,
    With your old unerring aim.
    (Cub 4 passes flame to Cub 5 candle.)
  • May your stack of chips grow taller.
    May your shootin’ eye stay true.
    (Cub 5 passes flame to Cub 6 candle.)
  • May good luck plum’ snow you under,
    Is my sincere wish to you.

All           Extinguish their candles.
Say “Adios, amigos” to the audience and take their seats.

Cowboy Closing

Santa Clara County Council

Cubmaster can read this poem or the boys in a Den can read it, with each boy reading a phrase.

The cowboys blazed a trail across the golden prairie.

They never gave up, even when the going got tough and a little scary.

They forged ahead day after day.

From dawn to sunset they made their way.

They defeated great hurdles and fought for their land,

And even against great odds they made their stand.

If it hadn’t been for those cowboys of long ago,

We might not have the life we’ve come to know.

So when the going gets tough and you think you’re done in.

Pick yourself up and go at it again.

The Scout and the Cowboy from the wild wooly West

Are both dedicated to doing their best.

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s theme too

And now we’d like to say, “Cheerio!”

And good night to you.

Closing Ceremony

San Gabriel, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Read a Cowboy poem and then end by singing Happy Trails. (See Songs for words) A good source for Cowboy Poems is Rod Nichols website - http://www.geocities.com/rodnichols.geo/cowboy.html

and the Cowboy Poetry website - http://www.cowboypoetry.com/rn.htm.

Here’s a sample from Rod’s website, be sure to go there and find one that fits your pack.  CD

Headin' In

Rod Nichols

Some fellers favor sunup just before their day begins,

while others favor evenin’ when their day is at an end.

But this old cowboy's dif'rent it's the way I've always been,

cause the time that gets me smilin' is the time for headin' in.

With a day of work behind me and before the sunset ends,

it's a quiet and peaceful feelin' on the trail while headin' in.

There's a breeze that often comes up as a warm, southwestern wind,

and a glow across the prairie as I'm slowly headin' in.

Above a hawk is wheelin', swoopin' down then up again,

as if he wants one final look 'fore he too is headin' in.

My saddle pal don't say much but he tells me with a grin,

he feels about the same as me with our ponies headin' in.

Someday this'll all be over just the prairie, grass and wind,

I hope He'll let me pass this way when it's time for headin' in.

Rod Nichols © Copyright 2000

Pioneer Days Closing

Santa Clara County Council

Props:   Lantern; Signs reading: INCOME TAX, SALES TAX, PROPERTY TAX.

This closing follows the Pioneer Days Opening, if you choose one you really should choose both or combine them into one ceremony or a skit.  CD

It’s true you had no phones, no gasoline,

no electric lights, no cars about –

(Scout walks in with lantern.  Older looking the better)

But there’s one thing you didn’t have that we could do without.

(Pioneers walk in carrying tax signs)

But one thing does amaze us.

When we read about your deeds.

You made it through your travels,

minus something each man needs!

(Entire cast is on stage saluting, with Cubmaster in front)

Oh Pioneers! Oh Pioneers!

We salute you, long and hard!

You went across this whole land –

Without a Credit Card!!


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