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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites



Meet A Tree

Circle Ten Council

When:  Daytime
Where:  Outdoors where there are trees
Group:  2 or more Tiger Cubs and partners

Supplies:  Blindfolds (one for each two kids). Make sure that a child is okay with being blindfolded.

Have the group pair off.  Have one the boys blindfold their partner and lead them through the forest to any tree that attracts them.  (How far will depend on your partner’s age and ability to orient himself).  For most, the distance of 20 to 30 yards usually isn’t too far.  Help the “blind” boy to explore his tree and to feel its uniqueness.  You will find that specific suggestions are best.  Some examples include:  Rub your cheek on the bark.”  “Is the tree still alive?”  “Can you put your arms around it?”  “Does it have any unusual shapes or features?”  “Can you find plants growing on it?” 

When the blindfolded person is finished exploring the tree, his partner should lead him back to the starting point over an indirect route and remove the blindfold.  Now let the boy find “his” tree without the blindfold.  Suddenly as the boy searches for “his” tree, the forest becomes a collection of very individual trees.  After the Tiger finds his tree, the roles can be reversed and do it again.

Frogs In A Hole

Circle Ten Council

2 lbs. Of ground beef
¼ small onion, minced
1 egg
½ cup bread crumbs
1 large can of pork & beans (get rid of that fat cube)
2 tsp. Prepared mustard
2 tsp. Ketchup
1 capful vinegar

Mix together and shape into large casserole or pot.  Cover bottom and sides (like a shell)

Baked bean filling – mix and put in the shell of ground beef.  Bake @ 350 for 40 minutes covered.

Have with a green salad.



Find-See - Hunt Your Neighborhood For....

Circle Ten Council

Here is an interesting activity for Tigers and their Adult partners to do as they “hike” around a local park or even the city block.  You will need to copy this and enlarge the type and expand the spaces.

1)       Find a hole high up in a tree…  

Who made it? __________________________

Is it being used now? _____________________

Who might use it? _______________________

2)       Find a smooth rock… 

Where did it come from? __________________

 Why is it smooth? ______________________

3)       Find and feel a prickly plant. 

Why do some plants have prickles? __________

4)       Look for a nest in a tree or bush. 

Who made it? __________________________

5)       Can you hear an animal or a bird?

What is it? _____________________________

What do you think they were trying to “say”? __

6)       See a small bird. 

What color was it?_______________________

7)       Smell a rotting log. 

Describe what it smells like. ________________

8)       Look for a spider’s web. 

Can you find the spider, too? _______________

9)       With your eyes closed, feel a tree with rough bark. 

What does it feel like? ____________________

10)    Make a small hole in the ground with your finger.  Smell the earth… 

Does it smell good or not so good? __________

Why? ________________________________

11)    Find evidence of an animal…

What do you think it was doing when it made this sign?    

12)    Find three different shaped leaves.

What makes them different? ________________

13)    Find 3 pieces of garbage and put them in a trash can. 

What is garbage? _______________________

14)    Find the smallest plant you can…but don’t pick it. 

Draw a picture of it. 

What is the name of this plant? _____________

15)    Feel a smooth tree trunk with your eyes closed. 

Is it really smooth? ______________________

16)     Sit down and for one-minute think like a squirrel.

17)    What did you eat today?

What do animals eat? ____________________

18)    Where will you sleep tonight?  

Where do animals sleep?__________________


Leaf Rub Book

Circle Ten Council

Collection of leaves
Charcoal pen or crayons
Lightweight paper
Hole punch

Collect leaves from your yard or neighborhood
With the help of a reference book and your den leader, identify the leaves
Make a rubbing of each leaf on its own piece of paper
Mark the name of each leaf on the paper.
Hole punch the pages and put them in a small loose-leaf notebook.
Make a cover page for the notebook and a cover page for inside the book.

Bagheera's Eyes

Circle Ten Council

This is an observation game. Divide the boys into two teams. Give each team a dozen or more common articles-pencil, ball, card, toy truck, Cub Scouting book, jackknife, paper clip, etc. Ask the teams to go to opposite sides of the room and arrange their articles on the floor any way they want as long as the items are six to twelve inches apart. A leader should note the final arrangement of the articles on a sheet of paper.

Each team then goes to the other's team’s arrangement and looks at it for exactly 1 minute. Then they gather up all of the articles, return to their original place, and try to arrange the articles the same way the other team had them. The team with the most articles placed in the correct position wins.

Pollution Song

Tune:  My Bonnie

Circle Ten Council

The litter blows over the highway,
The litter blows over the park.
Unless we do something to stop it,
The world will be litterly dark!



Pick up, pick up,

Oh pick up the litter you see, you see.

Pick up, pick up, oh pick up the letter you see.


God gave us clean air for our breathing,
But we just don’t keep it that way.
Instead we pollute it from smokestacks
And breathe in the garbage each day!



Bring back, bring back,

Bring back a clean world to me, to me.

Bring back, bring back, bring back a clean world to me.



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