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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites



Name That Tree

York-Adams Council

This is a wooded outdoor activity, but if you're stuck inside or away from the trees, improvise by having leaf and limb samples for folks to use.  Select as many different kinds of trees as possible in the area and label each one with a number on an index card. (Tie the index card around the tree.)  Give each person a sheet with the names of the different trees that you have labeled. Send the folks out into the "forest" to match the trees and the names.

String Maze or Trail

Mt Diablo Silverado Council

You will need for each player (or Team):

Different colored balls of sting or yarn

A stick or pencil for each ball of yarn

A prize attached to each ball of yarn

Preparation: Tie the prize to the end of the string.  Hide the prize somewhere in the yard, woods or room.  Unwind the ball of string completely, passing over, under and around trees, bushes, branches, whatever is out in the park or woods.  (Or if doing this inside - table legs, furniture and other objects in the room.)  Tie a stick or pencil on the remaining end of the string.  This gives the Cubs something to wind the string onto.  Repeat this with each ball of string, don't worry about crossing the strings; this will add to the fun.

To play: As boys arrive - Give each individual, pair or team you decide how game is played a string end with a stick or pencil and tell him or them there is a prize at the end of the string.  Have them wind the string around the pencil as the work their way around the room to find the prize.  The more Cubs that are playing simultaneously, the more fun.

Outdoor Nature Hunt

Heart of America Council

Make up a list such as the one below for each boy.  Boys can hunt in pairs in your backyard or in the park.  The winner is the pair that finds the most before the meeting begins or within a limited amount of time.

1.        Something alive that flies

2.        A cup of wet sand

3.        A worm

4.        A cup of pink water

5.        Five maple leaves

6.        Three rocks at least two inches in diameter

7.        A piece of string

8.       A dandelion

9.       (Add in lots more from what you know is in your yard or the park where you are holding your meeting)




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