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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites



From Heart of America Council

4th of July Opening

Cub 1        Stand up for the flag of America, wherever you may go.

Cub 2        Respect it and protect it, for it shall keep you free.

Cub 3        Free to do what you want to do, and say what you want to say.

Cub 4        Free to go where you want to go, and pray the way you want to pray.

Cub 5        Stand up for the flag of America, for all the world t see.

Cub 6        Stand up for the flat, that star spangled flag, that stands for you and me.

Cub 7        Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.




4th of July Closing - The Flag

We watch the flag as it passes by

A flash of color against the sky;

Its fifty stars are as dazzling white

As those few that shone by dawn's first light

The brave, bright red that will never fade,

By the blood of men's sacrifice was mad.

The white, for our nation's purity

Can be kept from stain by you and me.

The blue; the vastness of God's own sky­,

His promise that freedom shall never die.

The mighty cities; the farmlands fair;

The many churches for praise and prayer;

The chance to do, the chance to be

In a land our forefathers fought to be free.

The hope that the world is looking for­

In our will for peace but our strength for war

A symbol we cherish and understand.

And we bar our heads and our hearts beat high

As our flag, "Old Glory" is passing by.

Red, White, Blue Puff Pictures





Red and Blue Food coloring

Empty mustard (or other) squeeze bottles

Mix equal parts of flour, salt and water to make the puffy paint.

Divide the mixture into thirds.

Add food coloring to make one blue and one red.

Fill the mustard bottles and paint the picture on different colors of stiff paper.






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