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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites



One Red Hen

SNJC Pow Wow Book

Leader mentions first item, and group repeats it.

The leader then says that item and adds the next, and the group repeats it.

Leader continues adding one item at a time

Until leader says all ten items and group repeats them.

One Red Hen

A Couple of Ducks

Three Brown Bears

Four Red Hares

Five Fat Frauleins

Six Simple Simons

Seven Siamese Sailors, Sailing the Seven Seas

Eight Elongated Elephants, Elevated on an Escalator

Nine Nattering 'Nets Nibbling on a Nincompoop

Ten Twin Troopers Trooping Through Tupelo, Texas, at 2:10 on Tuesday


How to Survive a Day Hike - Audience Participation

Viking Council

Divide the audience into groups and assign them to stand and make the proper response when their word is read in the story,

Day:            "Dig those rays!" (Shade eyes with one hand)

Hike:          "Tramp tramp" (stomp feet)

Clarence:  "Do your best" (make Cub Scout Sign)

Sidney:      "My way is better" (hand on chest)

Pack:         "Light as air" (pretend to tuck thumbs under pack straps)

Duffle Bag:           "Heave-ho!" (Make motion of throwing over shoulder)

CLARENCE Cubby and SIDNEY Scout went on a DAY HIKE in the Utah mountains behind their home. CLARENCE packed his comfortable DAY PACK with high-energy foods and lots of water. He also put in a map and compass for good measure. SIDNEY Scout decided to use his Dad's old Army DUFFLE BAG since it could hold more canned root beer and chocolate pudding than a DAY PACK could. The weather was nice that DAY, though the hiking was slow because of SIDNEY Scout's heavy DUFFLE BAG. Finally they HIKEd to a small lake and stopped for lunch. CLARENCE Cub ate his lunch and rested awhile on his PACK. SIDNEY was too tired to eat after carrying the DUFFLE BAG that far. SIDNEY told CLARENCE to start hiking home and he would catch up later that DAY. CLARENCE took a compass reading and HIKEd for home. SIDNEY took a nap on his DUFFLE BAG.  When SIDNEY woke up the DAY had turned cloudy and he didn't know which way to begin to HIKE home.

He picked up his DUFFLE BAG and decided to HIKE along a stream back to town.  When the DUFFLE BAG got too heavy, SIDNEY tried to float it down the stream, but the DUFFLE BAG sank, and now it was twice as heavy for SIDNEY to carry. CLARENCE HIKEd home and enjoyed his DAY HIKE.   Three years later SIDNEY was finally picked up on a sunny DAY along the lower Colorado River heading toward the Gulf of California, still carrying his DUFFLE BAG.   When asked about the unusual length of his DAY HIKE,  SIDNEY said the next time he went he would change only one thing -- he would PACK his DUFFLE BAG with more flavors of pudding.



Or if you don’t like these – this would be a great month to do either the Lion Hunt or the Bear Hunt from BSA’s “Group Meeting Sparklers”





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