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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites




The Den Hike

SNJC Pow Wow Book

Cub 1: We are going to see nature's treasures.

Cub 2: We will help to maintain nature's balance.

Cub 3: We will observe and learn from nature's animals.

Cub 4: We will help maintain nature's resources.

Cub 5: We will protect them from harm.

Cub 6: We will follow the Laws of Nature.

Cub 7: We are going on a hike.

Let's Go Hiking

SNJC Pow Wow Book

Boys walk on stage one by one and stand in a line. Each boy has a whistle around his neck. The smallest is the last one to enter; he had a large cardboard compass and doesn't enter immediately. Boys start asking who has the compass. Then they remember that (boy's name) has the compass. All whistle and call his name.  He comes running in, takes a place at the head of the line, and asks the rest of the boys if they're ready. They say yes. Then all say, "Let's go hiking."

Four Winds Opening Ceremony

Viking Council

Personnel:  Four Winds (Cub Scouts or leaders dressed in Native American costumes or Cub Scout uniforms carrying artificial torches). Cubmaster (dressed as Native American Indian chief)

Equipment: The four torches mentioned above.  An artificial campfire that can be lit remotely by a switch.  As simple as an electrical light bulb covered with red cellophane hidden inside the artificial campfire.

Cubmaster:  "Let the North Wind enter".  (One of the cub scouts enters carrying a torch. He stands by campfire and says his line. Others do likewise as they are called in.)

North Wind: "The North Wind that brings the cold builds endurance".

Cubmaster: "South Wind, enter".

South Wind: "The South Wind brings the warmth of friendship"

Cubmaster: "East Wind, enter".

East Wind: "The East Wind brings the light of day".

Cubmaster: "West Wind, enter".

West Wind: "The West Wind from the direction where the sun sinks, brings night and stars.

Cubmaster: "The Four Winds will light our council fire".

All four boys touch their artificial torches to the fire at the same time. At this same moment the light is turned on from offstage "lighting" the campfire.




Pre-Hike Ceremony

Santa Clara County Council Pow Wow Book

Cub #1:          We are going to see nature’s treasures.

Cub #2:          We will help to maintain nature’s balance.

Cub #3:          We will observe and learn from nature’s animals.

Cub #4:          We will protect nature’s resources from harm.

Cub #5:          We will follow the laws of nature.

America The Beautiful Opening

Viking Council

"O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain; for purple mountains' majesty above the fruited plain". Yes, our country is indeed beautiful -- from the charm of New England on the eastern coast to the deep blue lakes of Minnesota, the towering mountains, the golden wheat fields, the roaring rivers, to the giant redwoods of California on the western coast. We are proud of our beautiful America and pledge ourselves to keep her beautiful. There is beauty in each of our 50 states, and our American flag represents each of those states.  Will you please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance?

The Cub Scout Trail

SNJC Pow Wow Book

Props: Tepee (tent), 2 boxes to make a store and mountain, 6 signs that read Tiger Store, Bobcat Pass, Wolf Tunnel, Bear Mountain, Webelos Bridge, and Rugged Road

Setting: a simulated trail with the tepee standing at the beginning and 5 signs held along the way by Cub Scouts.   Den Chief is at the end with the 6th sign. Blue and Gold streamers are wound around the signs marking the trail. Akela, attired in an Indian blanket and headband stands at the tepee. The prospective Cub Scouts wear an old baggy shirt and hat over the uniform as they step up to Akela.

Akela:            Can I help you?

Boy:                I'm on my way to manhood.

Akela:            Come! Let's follow the blue and gold trail. It's the best way. First, we’ll stop at the Tiger store and get prepared for our journey. (Points boy on the path)

Cub Scout:    (at sign 2) I hope there aren't any Bobcats around.

Cub Scout:    (at sign 3) Are there any real wolves here?

Cub Scout:    (at sign 4) I’m afraid of Bears!!

Akela:            You're doing fine. You're well on the way! (At sign 5) I must go help others now. Good Luck!

Cub Scout:    (Salutes) Thank you for your help. This is the end of the trail. Is this manhood?

Den Chief:    No! You're getting close. Just follow the rugged road to Scouting. (Cub Scout goes off stage)



American Heritage Opening

Viking Council

Part of our American heritage is learning how to care for our beautiful land so it will be here for future generations to enjoy. In Cub Scouting, we learn to prevent those things that will destroy our land, such as fire. As we salute the emblem of America, let's vow to keep our land beautiful and free from destruction. Please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.



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