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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites



Hiking - The Scouting Way

Southern NJ Council

Boys are on stage.  They don’t look ready for anything.

Den Chief:    Okay, guys. Is everybody ready to go hiking?

(Boys start hiking up their socks.)

Den Chief:    What are you doing? I said HIKING! Are you ready to go HIKING?

Boys:              Yes, we're hiking up our socks, our shorts, you know....

Den Chief:    NO, NO, NO! Hiking, Hiking, don't you know HIKING!

Boys:              Oh, yes.

1st Boy:         (Takes football from behind his back; boys line up to begin to play.) Hike one...hike two...hike three.

Den Chief:    NO, NO, NO, HI-KING, HI-KING. Come on guys. Get with it!

2nd Boy:        (Walks with crown on head)

Boys:              Hi, King!

Den Chief:    NO, NO, NO!, Hiking, walking, Scout stuff - You know - hiking!

Boys:              Oh why didn't you say so? (Walk off stage hiking.)





A Hike

Heart of America Council

Personnel: Any number of boys

Equipment: Cardboard Car

All Boys:   sing – “A Hiking we will go. A Hiking we will go.”  Then lots of conversation about fresh air, color of trees, blue sky, what a great time they will have hiking, etc.

Dad comes along in car, stops and leans out window

Boys:          Oh hi, Mr. _____. What are you doing out here?

Dad:            Any one for ice cream?

All boys pile into the car acting wildly excited.


Climb that Mountain

Heart of America Council

Skit opens with boys tied together with rope as mountain climbers. All talk about how they are going to see the whole world when they reach the top. Finally, the lead climber reaches the very top.

Lead Climber:      We've made it! We're at the top!

Others:                  Yes, Yes??

Lead Climber:      (stuttering) I can see ...I can see...

Others:                  Yes, Yes??

Lead Climber:      (stuttering) I can see ...I can see...

Others:                  WHAT CAN YOU SEE??

Lead Climber:      (disappointed) The other side.

How Far ??

Heart of America Council

Personnel: Any number of boys

Equipment: Pedometer (can be an oversized prop for effect)

Setting or Opening: Boys are heaped in a pile - looking worn out after a long hike.

Cub 1        Wow, that was a long hike.

Cub 2        We sure walked a long tine!!

Cub 3        Did you see all those trees?

Cub 4        The bear sure was neat!!

Continue on until all boys have added an experience until you get to the last boy.

Cub 5        How far did we walk?

Den Chief:    (checks pedometer) It looks like about 2 blocks!



Two Skunks

Santa Clara County Council


Personnel – Narrator and two Cubs dressed as Skunks with signs saying IN and OUT

Narrator:    Once upon a time, there were two skunks named IN and OUT.

Each takes a bow as when his name is spoken

Narrator:    When IN was out…

IN:               (Walks stage left)

Narrator:    OUT was in.

OUT:          (Walks stage right)

Narrator:    And, when OUT was out…

OUT:          (Crosses the stage)

Narrator:    IN was in.

IN:               (Crosses to the other side)

Narrator:    One day, Father Skunk, who was with in with OUT, said:

Father:        I want you to go out and bring IN in.

OUT:          (Goes off stage in search of IN, and quickly the two return)

Father:        How did you find IN so quickly?

OUT:          It was easy—IN-stinct!


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