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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites




Knocks And Scratches Closing

Circle Ten Council

(Have the boys on stage wearing cardboard feet that have scratches, cuts, band-aids, etc. on them)

Narrator reads poem while Cubs stand near him

Our hiking meeting has come to an end.

We now have a message to leave with you, dear friend.

Our many achievements in life make feet tired and weary.

But if there were nothing to do, our life would be dreary.

So forget the knocks and scratches, blisters and aches.

Do your best at all times.  That’s what success takes!

(As the poem is finished, boys lay down on the stage with their cardboard feet facing the audience…each of the feet has a letter on it spelling our G-O-O-D-N-I-G-H-T)

Mountain Man Closing

Viking Council

At the end of each day, give thanks for the bounties of the Earth.
Thank the Creator for the warmth of the sun on a cold winter day,
The cooling breeze and rain of summer,
For water plentiful in mountain streams
Filled with beaver and trout.
For forests filled with deer, elk, and bear,
For good trading at the Rendezvous,
And for friends to share an evening meal.
As the fire turns to ash, give thanks for the adventure of another day.


Cubmaster Minute on America

Viking Council

We are America today! As we look down the road Americans have traveled, we see that many of their dreams have come true. We see the towns they have built, the bridges they have crossed, the mountains they have climbed. We feel the hardships they endured. We see places where they hammered off the rough edges of their dreams so we would have a better life today.

The pioneers worked out a way of life, a life of personal freedom that held hope for tomorrow. They made history yesterday – but it is up to us to make it today. This is our land. Here, men and women of the past lived and worked and died serving great ideals. These ideals were freedom and justice.

None of us here tonight can fail to carry his part of this great dream to his children and to his children’s children. Our land is rich in material goods, but also in history – in living legends of the people who left their mark on America. Our own past speaks to us and as we listen we hear the voice of the past saying, “Hear me now. Courage, endurance and faith built America, and what was built was good. If you build the same way, the future will also be good.”

Lead or have a tape and close with “Taps”.

The High Country

(Can be done as a Cubmaster’s Minute or assign parts to eight boys to read)

Southern NJ Council

Why are there mountains for you and me?

Placed here and there across our country?

For hiking - Leaders climb and youth just run

The scent of pine, wildlife, cool weather an fun

Await all who will do their best

Views forever from North and South and East and West.

Mountains make outings special, too.

God made high places on earth for me and you.

I Went Hiking

Southern NJ Council

Cub # 1.  I went hiking, I took a walking stick.

Cub # 2.  I went hiking, I took a camera.

Cub # 3.  I went hiking, I took some water.

Cub # 4.  I went hiking, I took a snack.

Cub # 5.  I went hiking, and enjoyed the journey.

Cub # 6.  I went hiking, not a piece did I take.

Cub # 7.  I went hiking, not a piece did I leave.








Miles to Go Before We Rest

(Can be done as a Cubmaster’s Minute or assigned parts to boys to read)

Heart of America Council

We traveled east and west

We saw nature at it's best

We hiked and passed the test

No time to stop and nest

There's still ...miles to go before we rest.

Our World Closing

Santa Clara County Council

As we go back to our homes, I would like to ask that the parents keep these thoughts in mind.  Counsel your sons that they may have eyes to behold the red and purple sunsets; that they may have sharp ears to hear the voice of their God.  Guide them to have hands that respect the things God has made.  Help them be wise and see the lessons hidden in every leaf and rock.  Help them seek strength, not to be superior to others, but to be helpful to others.  Help them along the Cub Scout Trail to do their best.

High Country Closing

Santa Clara County Council

Why are there mountains for you and me

Placed here and there, across our country?

For hiking – leaders climb and youth just run.

The scent of pine, wildlife, cool weather and fun

Await all who will do their best.

Views forever from north, south, east and west.

Mountains make outings special, too.

God made high places for me and for you!


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