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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 11
July Theme

A Hiking We Will Go
Webelos Aquanaut and Geologist
  Tiger Cub Activites


Old Shoes

Heart of America Council

Props - 6 different sizes of shoes - 1 for each rank - awards are inside the shoes. Use imagination in selecting shoes that fit the level of the award.

Have ceremony team divide up the parts. 

Maybe, have Den Leaders read the part for their dens.

Tiger Cub Ė (Hold up shoe) These boys are taking their first steps in Cub Scouting - enjoying new friends and new experiences. (Call boys and parents forward and present awards.) Lead Cheer

Bobcat - (Hold up shoe) Understanding Cub Scouting allows for more growth/ movement toward higher goals. (Call boys and parents forward and present awards.) Lead Cheer

Wolf -  (Hold up shoe) These boys are taking steps to understand family, self, respect of others and duty to God. (Call boys and parents forward and present awards.) Lead Cheer

Bear -  (Hold up shoe) These boys are a little older and are taking bigger steps to understand family, self, respect of others and duty to God. (Call boys and parents forward and present awards.) Lead Cheer

Webelos -  (Hold up shoe) Now, the boys are learning to do things on their own, expanding their knowledge and taking steps to be come Boy Scouts. (Call boys and parents forward and present awards) Lead Cheer

Arrow of Light -  (Hold up shoe) Soon we will have boys take the biggest/longest steps available in Cub Scouting. They will have achieved the highest award of Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light. They will need to demonstrate continued growth and understanding as they prepare to move forward to Boy Scouting.


Let the Compass Guide You

Southern NJ Council

Props: You will need demonstration compass made of heavy cardboard. 

All parts can be done by same person or separated as shown here.

Cubmaster: We look to the compass for our guide (Hold up Compass Prop), to point us in the right direction while hiking

Tiger DL: Similarly, we start guiding our Tiger Cubs onto the path of Cub Scouting. (Call boys and parents forward and present awards.) Lead Cheer

Assistant CM: To the east, we find a Cub ready for his Bobcat Badge. (Call boy(s) and parents forward and present badge.) Lead Cheer

Wolf DL: To the South is the Wolf with his spirit of adventure. (Call boy(s) and parents forward and present awards.) Lead Cheer

Bear DL: To the West is the Bear hunting on the trail of Scouting. (Call boy(s) and parents forward and present awards.) Lead Cheer

Webelos DL: To the North is the Webelos about to realize his boyhood dreams, alive with Scout Actions. (Call boy(s) and parents forward and present badge.) Lead Cheer

Cubmaster: Let the compass guide all of you on your trials and may you carry into your adult lives the ideals of Scouting. Lead Cheer for all

Cub Scout Mountain Advancement Ceremony

Viking Council

Props:  Stage steps (at least five steps to top), cardboard or plywood false front of a mountain to fit across front of steps.  Place a strip of paper with the appropriate rank on each step, Bobcat the lowest up to Arrow of Light.  Copies of the Wolf, Bear and Webelos books.

Instructions:  Place steps sideways to the audience so they can see the 'mountain" but not the steps. Each Scout will be allowed to ascend to receive his award, (even arrow points, activity badges, etc.)

Cubmaster:   "Has anyone ever been mountain climbing? (Response) Well, the Scouts who have achieved awards will demonstrate how to climb a 'mountain' tonight. Before you can climb a mountain, you need to have the appropriate equipment. You need ropes, packs, first aid supplies, maps, hiking boots, and many other things, AND YOU NEVER GO CLIMBING ALONE!

'In Cub Scouting, in order to advance along the Cub Scout trail, you also need the appropriate equipment. Your book, your uniform, your Den and Pack, and you CANíT do it alone.  I have here some of the supplies for climbing to the top of the 'Cub Scout Mountain'. (Hold up the books)

'Will ______and his parents please come forward? You will be our first climb today. Do you feel rested for the climb? (Response)   I know you are not prepared to go climbing, so here is a Wolf book. It won't get you to the top of Cub Scout Mountain, for that you will need different equipment. But, let's see how far it will help you climb. (Scout climbs a to Wolf step and faces audience.)

'I now present this Wolf award to your parents to present to you. He makes the climb seem easy, but he has worked hard to reach that altitude on Cub Scout Mountain.

(NOTE: You should start with the Tigers first. )

Proceed with the other awards, each time letting the Scouts go to their 'altitude' before receiving their award. Let them show the audience how far they have climbed rather than announcing it.  Arrow of Light recipients will reach the 'peak', and should be allowed to go to the top step, even if there are more than five steps.

You may want to have graduating Scouts climb to the top and jump off onto the stage (i.e. Boy Scouting), or back down the other side, etc.

The Third Great Step Along the Cubbing Trail,

A Bear Rank Ceremony

Heart of America Council

Characters: Cubmaster, Den Chief, Advancing Cub, Parents and Den Leaders

CM:    Will the Den Chief who has Cubs ready to receive their Bear please come forward? (Arrange in advance.) Now, will you please read the names of the advancing Cubs from your Den and bring them forward. (Den Chief announces names and presents boys to CM.)

CM:    Cubs, we are happy to see that you have made the third great step along the Cubbing trail. You have completed the Bear Achievements, and you have proved yourselves worthy of membership in our Pack. The advancing Cubs will face their fellow Cubs. I'm going to ask the Den Chief to lead the Pack in a cheer for our new members of the Bear rank.

(Den Chief leads a cheer.)

CM:    Now, Den Chief, I understand the parents of these Cub Scouts are present tonight, and I'm going to ask you to please bring them forward. (Den Chief brings parents forward and places them so that each Cub is next to his parents.)

CM:   These Cubs have done a splendid job in our Pack. They have climbed the Cubbing ladder well. But this could not have been possible had not interested parents helped.  Thank you. There are other people in addition to this fine Den Chief who have contributed to the advancement of these Cubs. I'm going to ask the advancing Cub Scouts to call out the name of their Den Leader and as the name is  called, ask the Den Leader to come forward to present the Bear Badges to the parents. Parents it is now time to present the Bear Badge to your Cub Scout. Congratulations to our new Bears.  Lead another cheer.




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