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Baloo's Bugle

February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 7

Man's Best Friend
Webelos Athlete & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 12 & 13



Circle 10 Council

Boys have a natural interest in how things work.  The Engineer Activity Badge gives an introduction to how the big things in our lives work, such as things that we take for granted in our houses and our communities.  Engineer is in the Technology group.  One of the great things about being a Webelos den leader is the opportunity to learn many things right along with the boys.  Unless you are an engineer, there may be some knowledge to pick up with this activity badge to pass along to your boys.  If one of the Webelos Scout’s parents is an engineer, recruit their help for this badge.

One of the purposes of Cub Scouting is “fostering a sense of personal achievement by developing new interest and skills” in boys.  The Engineer Activity badge probably does this more than any of the other activity areas.  Engineering is one of the most exacting of the professions and the badge includes projects, which will give a boy an insight into some types of engineering.  Keep in mind that an engineer’s job is to apply the laws of physics and chemistry to the solutions of problems in construction, industry, and other areas.




·         To introduce Webelos to a variety of engineering careers.

·         To give the Webelos some insight into the kinds of problems engineers solve.  Keep in mind that an engineer’s job is to apply the laws of physics and chemistry to solve a variety of problems in construction, manufacturing, and other areas.


Where To Go And What To Do


·         Measure the dimensions of your meeting place and include the location of doors and windows.  Show how to sketch a simple floor plan with these measurements.

·         Make a block and tackle and demonstrate its use.

·         Make catapults and have a contest.  Demonstrate for the pack meeting.

·         Have a resource person demonstrate the use of drafting tools.

·         Invite an engineer (of whatever kind) to a den meeting to tell about his job.

·         Invite a surveyor to tell about his job and tools.

·         Visit a construction site with a contractor.  Ask him to explain the use of blue prints and the order of construction.

·         Have someone explain how to read topographic maps.

·         Find pictures of different bridges and discuss the differences in their construction.


Block and Tackle Experiment


This simple apparatus shows how block and tackle increases power.  You need two lengths of broomstick and a length of clothesline.  Fasten one end of the line to one of the sticks.  Wrap line loosely around both sticks as shown.  Have two of your biggest den members grasp the sticks and try to keep them apart while the smallest den member pulls on the line.  He should be able to pull the sticks together no matter how the others try to keep them apart.

Catapult Experiment

Use a ruler and an eraser or other soft projectile.    Have a boy strike the short end of the ruler.  How far did the projectile go?  Now have him try it with half the ruler over the edge and hit it with the same force.  Is there a difference in the distance?  Why?

Bridges And Machines


1.        A flat surface over two supports _____________________                           

2.        A flat surface over three or more supports__________________   

3.        A flat surface over an arched support__________________                           

4.        A flat surface with turned up edges____________________                          

5.        A bridge with sides made up of a series of triangles___________   

6.        A bridge that appears to hang from strong strung cables_______   

7.        A pulley(s) and a rope or cable_____________________                               

8.        A slingshot or other device used to project something_________

Answers: Catapult, Pulleys, Beam, Bridge, Plank, Bridge, Truss, Bridge, Levers, Suspension, Bridge, Block and Tackle, Pier Bridge, Arch Bridge

Careers In Engineering

The Right “Man” for the Job!

Use a word from this list to fill in the correct answer.

Aeronautics, Chemical, Computer, City, Agricultural, Electrical, Physical, Industrial, Mechanical, Civil

1.        An engineer who designs plants to make water safe to drink.____________________

2.        An engineer who designs machines in a factory.______________________

3.        An engineer who tests new processes and checks old ones in a chemical plant._______________

4.        An engineer who plans new circuits and directs workers in an electrical plant.______________

5.        An engineer who designs and tests new space techniques._________________

6.        An engineer who designs and test new techniques for new equipment for industry.________________

7.        An engineer who designs and tests equipment for farmers and ranchers.___________

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