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Baloo's Bugle

February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 7

Man's Best Friend
Webelos Athlete & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 12 & 13



One of my all time (oft repeated) skits


Three Rivers

Cast: camp cook, 3 strangers, Three rivers, a boy on all fours acting like a dog


PROPS; Big Kettle or Dutch Oven

SETTING: The camp cook is stirring the contents of the big kettle when along comes a stranger.

1st Cub Scout: Whatís cooking? Sure does smell good.

Cook: Homemade stew. Want a plate?

1st Cub Scout: Yeah, if itís not any trouble. Got an extra plate?

Cook: Sure do. Three Rivers just finished cleaning some.  (The 1st Stranger picks up a plate from the pile the cook is pointing to.)

1st Cub Scout: Are you sure these plates are clean?

Cook: "Sure are, stranger. Three rivers just cleaned Ďem.

(This is the crux of the skit. Make sure the audience understands that Three Rivers cleaned the plates.)

(Two more strangers come in and get served.)

3rd Cub Scout: "Cookie, that stew was great!  To show my appreciation, Iíd like to clean up the dishes.

Cook:: Never mind about that.  Three Rivers will take care of them.  Three Rivers!!! Three Rivers!!! Here boy, come on Three Rivers!!!"

Three Rivers: (Enters, barking.)

Cubs: (Pretend to get sick.)


One day a man wakes up to find his family dog lying on the ground, not moving.  He calls the vet who promptly comes over carrying a black bag and a black box.  As the family watches the vet sets down the box and the bag and does a quick examination of the dog.  He then opens up the black box and out jumps a cat.  The cat looks up at the vet who nods his head.  The cat walks slowly around the dog and then stops and walks around the other way.  The cat looks at the vet who nods again, and then proceeds to jump back into the box.  The family eagerly awaits the vet's diagnosis.  The vet says, "Well I'm sorry but you're dog is dead."  The father says "how much do we owe you?"  "Well," says the vet, "it's $40 for the examination and $50 for the catscan! "


The Dog At The Bank
Circle 10 Council

Narrator: Our story opens as a young dog goes into the Big Bucks Bank.  (Dog goes up to the teller, carrying a large bone on a string.

Dog: Please sir, I need a loan.

Teller: You have to see the loan officer, Mr. Paddywack (dog goes up to Pack)

Dog: Please sir, I need a loan.

Paddywack: Do you have any collateral?

Dog: I have this memento from my father (Holds up bone)

Paddywack: This is very unusual. I need to ask the bank president, Mr. Bigbucks.

Paddywack: Mr. Bigbucks, there is a dog who wants a loan.

Bigbucks: Does he have any collateral?

Paddywack: He has this memento from his father.  (He hands the bone to Bigbucks, who looks at it).

Bigbucks: Thatís a knickknack, Paddywack, Give the Dog a Loan!


The Invisible Kite
Heart of America Council

Personnel: Den of Cubs

Cub 1: Hi!

Cub 2: Whatís that?

Cub 1: My kite .

Cub 2: What kite ?

Cub 1: That kite.  (points up)

Cub 2: I donít see a kite.

Cub 1: Well, itís there.  Would you like to fly it?

Cub 2: Yes (1st Cub hands imaginary kite string to 2nd Cub .)

(Continue same dialogue until all your den is holding onto the same string.)

Cub 1: So you guys really believe thereís a kite up there  and your flying it?

All Cubs: NO!

Cub 1: Then why are you pulling on the string?


Itís a ???
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 4 Cubs and as many others as you

wish to include in the dialog.

Setting : A tent is set up in the woods.  It is a very dark night.  Boys are inside tent.  This skit could be dramatized at a pack outdoor activity or on stage indoors.  It is easy for Cubs because most of the speaking is done inside a tent, out of sight of the audience, so lines could be read instead of memorized.

Pete: Hey, Ben.  You all right?

Ben: (sleepily) Yes.

Jim: Why donít you guys be quiet.  Iím trying to sleep.  (A short pause - silence prevails)

Tom: Hey. Pete.  You all right?

Pete: Sure.

Ben: Wish I had Skippy here.

Jim: A dog in a tent? What for?

Ben: To keep me warm.

Pete: Yeah, Keep you warm. Youíre  scared.

Tom: You guys go to sleep.

(A short pause - silence)

Ben: Listen!  Whatís that noise?

Pete: Just the wind blowing.

Tom: Might be something prowling around.

Ben: What?

Tom: Oh, I donít know.  A bear, maybe.

Jim: Or a panther.

Ben: A panther?

Tom: Yeah, or it could be a coyote!

Pete: A coyote?

Jim: Maybe itís a mountain lion.

Ben: Oh, no!

Tom: Hey, itís coming closer!

Pete: Whereís my flashlight?

Jim: Look out! Itís coming in the tent.

(All yell and run out of tent. Flashlights on Ben,

who is holding  a toy stuffed do  or real do )

All: Itís Skippy !

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