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Baloo's Bugle

February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 7

Man's Best Friend
Webelos Athlete & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 12 & 13



Big Idea #12 – “Make Your Own”
Circle 10 Council


This big idea can be used anytime. There is any number of theme related ideas with things to make for them.  Holidays lend themselves to any number of items. The kitchen is a wonderful place to start. Every Tiger loves to eat what they make.  Remember: No matter where you are meeting always check the area for safety issues. Are knives out of reach? We don’t need to tempt our Tigers with the potential for danger.  Use common sense if working with hot surfaces, such as stoves or ovens. Nothing puts a damper on a meeting as much as if there is an injury.


Make your own does not have to be the center of a meeting.  This theme came to be used in conjunction with any of the other “Big Ideas”.  Here are some suggestions of things you can do at a meeting:


·         Make paper bag puppets. Present a puppet show at the Pack meeting

·         Make a gift from someone special in your family

·         Make greeting cards. Send it to someone you know that is lonely

·         Make a game. Play it as part of a meeting – things to make for them

·         Make cookies. Share them with a retirement home

·         Make ice cream. Have a sundae party

·         Make salt clay. Use it to make Christmas tree decorations

·         Make a kite. Go as a Tiger Den and fly them.


Everyone loves the feeling they get whenever they finish a project.  That is the concept of this “Big Idea.” BSA wants the Tiger to feel proud of whatever they accomplish, knowing that they have worked hard to make something of their very own.  The satisfaction of completing a job and the pride of doing one’s best are feeling that one never outgrows.

BSA wants their Tiger’s to learn patience and perseverance and initiative. Sticking with a project until it is finished is not an easy concept for those first graders who have short attention spans. Because of this, it is suggested that Tigers make simple things. Letting them make their own designs or decorating their projects will provide that the Tiger will continue with their initiative. Praise from their partners will give the boost that the Tiger needs to continue.


“Look What I Made!” – The joy on the face of your “Tiger” is priceless.



Jingle Pin


Large safety pins
Red and green yarn
Four jingle bells

Cut yarn into 3" pieces (4 from green and 3 from red). Tie yarn onto pin starting with green and alternating colors.

Tie a bell on each piece of green yarn.



Fruit Monsters

A slice of pineapple for a face, lettuce for hair, olives for eyes, carrot stick nose.  I’m sure if you just plunk a whole bunch of stuff down, the boys will surprise you with their creativity.




Mix: 3 tablespoons muffin mix and 2 tablespoons water in a paper cup.  Stir until moist.

Bake: In a cup in a preheated (400-degree) electric skillet. Cook in cup with the lid on skillet for 10 minutes.  Remove and cool.  Peel off cup before eating.




Combine in a gallon zip lock bag: 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1 package rapid rise yeast, 3 Tablespoons non-fat dry milk, seal bag:  Shake and work the bag to mix all dry ingredients.  Open bag and add: 1 cup hot water (125 to 130 degrees), 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil, Reseal bag: Mix by working bag with fingers.  Open bag and add: 1 cup whole wheat flour.  Reseal bag and mix thoroughly.  Add: 1 scant cup all purpose flour  Mix until dough pulls away from the side of the bag.  Continue to knead dough in bag for 2 to 4 minutes.  Let the dough rest; form into rectangle.  Place into a loaf pan.  Can let set for 20 minutes or bake immediately.  Bake in a 375 degree oven for 25 minutes or until done.


Tiger Tootsie Rolls


Ingredients: 2 tablespoons margarine (room temp)

2 teaspoons vanilla

½ cup corn syrup

3 cups powder sugar

2 squares chocolate (melted)

3/4 cup dry powdered milk

Put all ingredients in a zip lock bag and knead until mixed. Roll into balls or log shapes.

Tiger Pull Apart (monkey bread)

Ingredients: 1 can refrigerator biscuits

½ cup sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix sugar and cinnamon together. Cut each biscuit into fourths and roll into mixture.

Place in a pie pan and bake for 15 minutes.


Card Toss: Individual or team effort. Place a hat or small box on the floor. Give the player or team a deck of cards.

Each player tosses a designated number of cards into the hat or box. Decide what point value to give. When the

player or team has tossed all the cards, add up the points and select a winner. Variation: Feed the Elephant - use

peanuts. Construct a cylinder out of poster board to be the trunk of an elephant.


Places to Go – Things to Do

Visit a bakery. Help decorate cupcakes or cookies.

Visit a pretzel factory. Try twisting those pretzels.

Visit a cabinet factory. Learn how they use those power tools safely.

Visit a nature center. Make a hot house.

Visit a museum. Try your hand at making an Indian costume replica.

Arrange a visit to a craft store. Make a special item to take home. (Check with your local Michael’s store –they have special youth activities on Saturday’s).


Big Idea #13 – “Caring For Your Home And Household”
Circle 10 Council


Tool Box Sort Out

Use an egg carton for the toolbox.  Have an assortment of nuts, bolts, screws, etc., to be sorted.  The first boy to sort by size in the proper places in the “tool box” wins.


Nail Driving Contest

Give each boy a hammer and five nails. One the word “go”, they nail all five nails completely in a round log 4 inches in diameter.  First one finished is the winner.  The adult partner needs to supervise their Tiger partner for safety.


Name The Tools

Cut different silhouettes of tools from construction paper, such as a hammer, plane, brace, bit, wrench, screwdriver,, etc.  Glue these on lightweight cardboard, and use as flashcards.


Nail Game

Tigers work with their partner for this game. Items needed: hammers, boards, and nails. Provide each team with a nail, board, and hammer. First Tiger partner drives a nail in the board. Second Tiger partner of the team tries to pull it out with the hammer.  The first team to do his game wins.


Measuring Worm

Each Tiger is measured from shoulder to feet. He assumes a push-up position with elbows and knees straight. He then inches his feet as close to his hands as possible, keeping knees straight.  The original position is left by inching forward with his hands, thus finding out the distance from one point to another, depending on how many times he has moved forward.  The Tiger with the closest measurement is the winner.


Twenty Questions

Each den has five minutes to write down twenty things it takes to build a house.  Not what is in a house after it is built, but what it takes to build it. The den that gets 20 things written down first is the winner.


Be Your Own Inspector

First, locate unsafe conditions and eliminate all hazards promptly. The following questions will aid you in making

an inspection of your home:

1. Is there a strong, safe stepladder for reaching heights available?

2. Are halls and stairways safe and well lighted?

3. Are means taken to prevent rugs from slipping, particularly on polished floors?

4. Is a rubber mat provided for the bathtub to prevent slipping?

5. Are metal boxes provided for storing matches out of the reach of children?

6. Is there a screen for use in front of open fires?

7. Are the furnace and stovepipes clean?

8. Are all gas pipes and fixtures tight, to prevent leaks?

9. It there a cabinet, which can be locked, for storing poisons and medicines out of reach of children?

10. Are emergency numbers for police, fire and poison control handy by the telephone?

Second, discover and correct unsafe habits that you or other members of the family may have.

The following questions will be helpful:

1. Are toys, brooms, soap and other articles kept off stairs and walks?

2. Are ice, snow, grease, or other slippery substances removed from stairs and walks promptly?

3. Are flammable cleaning fluids used out of doors?

4. Have the children in your home been taught the danger of playing with knives, scissors, bottles, and matches or near stoves and open fires?

5. Is the garage door kept open when the car is inside with the engine running?

6. Are appliances checked twice to be sure they are off before everyone leaves the house?

7. Is the dryer lint filter cleaned after each load?

8. Are tools used safely and stored properly?

9. Are firearms stored out of reach and unloaded?

10. Are plastic bags and plastic materials kept out of reach of young children?


Find a Word for Fire Safety

Complete each sentence below choosing a word from the list.

Panic Explode Arson Smoke Detector

Ax Emergency Escape Alarm

Extinguisher Fuse Plan Outlet

Scald Sparky Hazard Flammable

Crawl Call Drill Roll

Homes Water Exit Burn

Hose Hot

1. If trapped in smoke;___ under the smoke to safety.

2. Gasoline ___ can near a flame or heat?

3. Electrical covers protect little children from ___ shock.

4. A ___ is used to put water on a fire.

5. Treat a minor burn with cool ___.

6. Use the enclosed stairs marked “____ ” not the elevator, to escape from a burning building.

7. Have a home fire ____ now. It could save your life later.

8. Learn not to ___.

9. A fire safety dog is named ____.

10. If there is a fire, get out fast. Then ____ the fire department.

11. _________ is a crime. It is a fire set on purpose that does harm.

12. Unless trained to use a fire ____, a person should get out and call the fire department.

13. Most fires in which people die happen in their own ____.

14. A ____ is an unsafe condition that exists in your home.

15. A ____ can warn you of a fire before you might smell, hear, or see it.

16. If you smell smoke, don’t open the door.

17. Feel it to see if it’s warm or ____.

18. _________ causes more panic; set a calm example.

19. Make a home escape _____. Practice it twice a year.

20. In case of fire, you must have two _____ routes from your home.

21. A false ____may prevent fire fighters from getting to a real fire.

22. _________ liquids catch fire easily.

23. Sometimes fire fighters need to use an ____ to break through locked doors.

24. A ____ disconnects overloaded electrical circuits.

25. If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop, and _____.

26. A hot liquid burn is a ____.



1 – Crawl 2 – Explode 3 – Outlet 4 – Hose 5 – Water

6 – Exit 7 – Drill 8 – Burn 9 – Sparky 10 – Call

11 – Arson 12 – Extinguisher 13 – Homes 14 – Hazard 15 – Smoke Dector

16 – Hot 17 – Emergency 18 – Panic 19 – Plan 20 – Escape

21 – Alarm 22 – Flammable 23 – Ax 24 – Fuse 25 – Roll

26 – Scald


Tiger Tongs


Materials: 2 Tongue depressors, glue, clothespin. Paint or magic markers

Glue a tongue depressor to each side of clothespin. A rubber band may be needed until the glue is dry. Decorate

and use for grabbing the toast out of the toaster.


Tiger-Mitt Yourself


Materials: Plain hand pot holder mitt, felt of material scraps, button, yarn, thread and larger needles

Using a cool glue gun, decorate with buttons for eye and scraps for features such as hair, fins, clothes, etc. Use to

handle hot dishes, pop tarts from the toaster, etc. Could also be used as puppets.


Additional Ideas:

Household Repair Check List: Check each room for repairs. Make a list of things that need repaired. Make a

list and decide who will make the repairs. Be sure and check for clutter and safety hazards while your making your list.

Start a recycle center in a space in the garage. Label containers as such, glass, newspaper, aluminum, or plastic.

When ready to turn in your money, take the family out for a fun day.

Have a family yard sale. Spend the money on something the family needs or wants to do.

Determine the architectural style of your home. Are all the homes in your neighborhood the same style?

Discuss the reason your parents chose this house and neighborhood.

Start a Budget for yourself. Keep a record of how you spend your money for 2 weeks. Afterwards decide on how your money could have been more wisely spent. Make a chart and follow it for a month.

Create a family chore list. Support each other in completing the tasks. Reward the family with a special treat.


Broom Croquet

Materials: Brooms, balls, tin cans

Give the boy small balls and brooms.  Place empty tin cans around the room in a course.  Encourage the boys to follow the course using brooms as mallets.



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