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Baloo's Bugle

February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 7

Man's Best Friend
Webelos Athlete & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 12 & 13



A what?
Trapper Trails Council


Arrange players in a circle.  Have two different object to pass around, such as a fork and a spoon.


Hand fork to player on the right and
You say: This is a Beagle.
The receiver says: A what?
You say: A Beagle.

Then he hands fork to player on his right and

Cub 1 says to Cub 2: "This is a Beagle. "
Cub 2 says to Cub 1: "A what? "
Cub 1 says to Cub 2: "A what. "
You say: "A beagle".
Cub 1 says to Cub 2: "A beagle. "

Cub 2 says to Cub 3: "This is a Beagle."


Continue around the circle always having questions come back to you.  After starting with right side also begin left side, using the spoon and the statement, "This is a Collie Dog."  This leads to fun and confusion when the two questions/statements intersect.


What Fish Is This?
Sam Houston Area Council


Equipment: Copies of the game

Directions: A fishy quiz. Tell me what kind of fish I am. (Answers are in parentheses)


1.        A prolonged crier?

2.        A choir singer?

3.        The mariners dread?

4.        As slippery as ice?

5.        Useful to birds?

6.        A persistent serenade?

7.        What we do in deep water?

8.        A weapon of warfare?

9.        A mother's pride?

10.     Sometimes known to shoot?

11.     A household pet?

12.     A swindler?

13.     What all men want?

14.     Nervous and unstable?

15.     Delightful to children?


















Animals and Their Babies
Sam Houston Area Council


Equipment: Copies of the game

Directions: Match the animal with its baby.  (Answers are in parentheses)


1.        Hen

2.        Seal

3.        Frog

4.        Cat

5.        Dog 

6.        Deer 

7.        Mare

8.        Sheep

9.        Lion  

10.     Swan 

11.     Whale

12.     Bear

13.     Goose

14.     Duck

















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