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Baloo's Bugle

February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 7

Man's Best Friend
Webelos Athlete & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 12 & 13




Super Cub
Trapper Trails Council


Characters: Super Cub (SC) and Cubmaster (CM)


Equipment: Super hero costume, cassette player with "Stars and Stripes" march, a hip pack to hold awards, cue card with "Applause", small, disposable toothbrushes


CM: And now it's time for the greatest Cub Scout of all time to join us. A hero among superheroes, defender of justice, advocate of good dental hygiene, and friend to anything with eight legs or less. That's right - It's Super Cub!!!


[Music starts. Super Cub runs onto the stage (or front of the meeting area) as if he is flying. He stops and starts waving at the crowd, as if he is in a parade. He then poses and flexes his muscles while the Cubmaster holds up the "Applause" card]


SC: Hi There! That's right, it's me - Super Cub! The one and only, and boy are you glad I'm here!


[Applause card]


SC: I'm here for three reasons. As you know, as the chief recruiter for the Super Hero Training Academy, I'm always looking for a few good future super heroes.  Are there any here? Let me see those muscles!


[Super Cub jumps into the crowd of Scouts to test a few muscles, then jumps back onto stage]


SC: I'm also here because my Aunt Thelma needs the oil changed in her Buick, but that's not important right now. The third reason I'm here is because my uncle, Captain Super-


[Super Cub stops in mid-sentence and does several push-ups]


SC: You all know him don't you?  He called me on the Super Phone, collect, and told me that right here in Pack ___ there are some future super heroes who have earned some super awards.


[Super Cub reaches into the hip pack and takes out each award and one toothbrush in turn, calling the Scout's name.  When the Scout gets to the stage, Super Cub challenges him to a test, like doing two sit-ups each, etc. With each test, Super Cub loses, but remains undaunted. When all the awards have been handed out, Super Cub says]


SC: It's obvious that I have worn you all out!  And since I'm due back at the Super Hero Training Academy it's time for me to be on my way to fight crime, recruit new super heroes, and help Cub Scouts everywhere fight tooth decay!


[Super Cub runs around the room and jumps through the doorway, as if taking off!]


Advancement Ceremonies
Trapper Trails Council


1. Attach award to a picture of a dog with the following written on it:

"Come on Rover and hear you are one re'bark'able Scout."




"Dog gone it, your great. It is fantastic you earned your"

2. Attach awards to lumps of gold, (rocks painted gold). Place in a 'Pot of Gold' container.  "You shine like a golden Scout. Congratulations on earning your




"Your service as a leader has been a golden opportunity for our pack. Thank you."

3. Attach awards and sayings to 'Pots of Gold' or leprechauns.  "It' s not just the luck of the Irish that you earned"  Display on a large rainbow.

4. Make clovers out of pipe cleaners or green cardboard and place in a flowerpot.  Attach award and saying to a clover for each boy.  "It was a lucky day when you earned your"

5. Crush a pop can. Paint to resemble a dog. Attach paper ears. Attach awards to the dog cans.  You can display the awards in a dog bed with a stuffed dog in the center.


Rover the Rescuer
Heart of America Council


Equipment: St. Bernard dog or any dog with small barrel around his neck, Cubmaster dressed in ski attire.  Cubmaster hands out awards in “brandy barrels” made from paper tubes with plugs in ends.


(Awards Chairman runs in from side of room with dog.)


Cubmaster: Rover the Rescuer has some awards for our mountain hike . (Calls out names of boys receiving Wolf and arrow points and has them come to the front.) I understand you have finished the Wolf run and for this I have something for you.


Awards Chairman: (Hands out awards)


Cubmaster: I have been told that (calls boys’ names receiving Bear and Arrow Points and has them come forward) having mastered the Bear Ridge. We have fine awards for this great accomplishment.


Awards Chairman: (Hands out awards)


Cubmaster: Many people have been talking about the expert slope of Webelos Mountain and I would like to meet and greet these boys for their fine work.

(Calls out names and has them come forward)


Awards Chairman: (Hands out awards)


Cubmaster: It takes many hours or work and practice to be good at anything worthwhile and the survival of the world may someday rest with the accomplishments of these boys.



Personnel: Cubmaster or Awards Chairman;

others as needed.


Equipment: Draw awards from a large dog bowl.


Cubmaster: We would like to recognize those boys in our pack who have made advancements in rank during the past month. The following boys have attained the rank of Wolf by completing 12 achievements that included feats of skill, flag knowledge, conservation, religious activity, hand work and family fun.  (Read names of boys).  Will you and your parents come forward?
(Present badges to parents to give to sons)

These boys have completed 10 or more electives which entitles them to arrow points.
(Read names of boys) Will you and your parents come forward?
(Present badges to parents to give to sons)

(Follow the same procedure for Bear awards)

Our Webelos Scouts have earned the following activity badges this past month.
(Read names of boys and activity badges earned.)
Will you and your parents come forward?
(Present badges to parents to give to sons,)

These awards are the outward sign that show that our boys are really working to help make our pack “go”. Let’s give them a round of applause.

(Clap hands in a large circle motion.)



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