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Baloo's Bugle

April 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 9
May 2006 Theme

Theme: Diggin' in the Dirt
Webelos: Outdoorsman and Handyman
Tiger Cub


Tiger Cub Advancement Ceremony
Heart of America Council

Setting:  Patch, pin , 7 candles in holders – 1 white (tallest) , 3 orange, 3 black

Cubmaster:    Tonight we honor our Tiger Cubs. .  (Call boys and parents forward.)

Den Leader:   (say as each candle is lit)
White is for the purity of living.

Black is for the unknown, the fear, the doubts. (one word for each black candle)

Orange is for knowledge, joy and confidence. (one word for each orange candle)

Assistant CM:   These are the colors of the Tiger Cubs.  You have searched, discovered and shared with your den members and parents.  Adults, here is the Tiger Cub award for you to present to your boys.  Tiger Cubs, here is a pin for you to present to your Adult Partners who worked with you through your deeds as Tigers.  Please place the pin on their collar.

What Do You Do Now??

By now your Tigers have probably earned their Tiger Badges and are anxious to move on up.  Two projects you may want to work on this Spring are

  • Earning the Leave No Trace Award at the Tiger Level
  • Earning their Bobcat before Summer.

If your Pack has an active Outdoor Program with two camping trips and several other outdoor activities your Tigers may be well on their way to earning the Leave No Trace Award.  The requirements are in the back of their Tiger books. 

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY – Have them complete their Bobcat Requirements before promotion to Wolfs.  Then they will have their books (My pack presents books for the next rank in our graduation ceremony) and can start the Family Activities this summer while out of school and (hopefully) taking some sort of vacation with their parent(s) or other family.  This will, also, help your life as a leader easier in the Fall when you (hopefully) get new Scouts who have to earn their Bobcat right away. 

Have the Cubmaster Challenge the Tigers in one Pack Meeting to return next month as new Bobcats.  One of my “Den and Pack Ceremonies” books has the Zulu Challenge, which I have used often for this purpose. 

Don’t just tell the boys to memorize the stuff, play games with it.  Have flash cards for parts of the Promise and Law and have the boys place them in correct order.  Have them draw posters of what the words mean to them.  BSA used to have a comic book publication – “A Cub Scout Action Book – Bobcat” with lots of games and activities to help boys learn the Bobcat requirements.  Maybe you can find a copy in your Pack Library.  Check the requirements to make sure they are still current.  Remember – WEBELOS is “WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts” not “Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scout” as it says in my 1957 book.


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